Why bassinet mattresses are too hard?

Why bassinet mattresses are too hard?

Why baby bassinet mattresses are so thin? The simple answer to this question is sleep safety and the life safety of babies in every house. However, there is more information to tell you about the reasons behind the hardness and thinness of the mattress of the baby bassinet. Because you do not have proper knowledge/guidelines about sleeping safety, so, we are going to make you able to take an informed decision about your baby’s mattress

If you are looking for an excellent mattress for your baby bassinet. We will recommend using organic mattresses in your baby’s bassinet.

Facts about bassinet mattresses

Most bassinets come with a mattress already. If your bassinet doesn’t come with a mattress or you aren’t pleased with the one included, you’ll need to consider the purchase of a new one separately.

Bassinet mattresses come in different thicknesses this range starts from ¼ inch up to 1½ inches thick. For the safety of your little one, the thickness of the bassinet should not be thick than one and a half inches thick. This will stop the baby from sinking into the soft surface of mattresses and will keep the baby safe from suffocation, it also prevents an unhealthy sleep environment for the baby. Thin mattresses allow the baby to breathe even if he lies on his stomach while sleeping.

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According to the American Society for Testing and Materials, (ASTM), a thin or hard mattress in a bassinet may reduce the risk of, sudden infant death syndrome (SIDS).

Thin and hard mattresses also help with the proper development of the baby’s posture. Baby’s bones are so soft and in the developing stage. Their backbones and spines require support. The hard mattresses of bassinets do their work in this context.

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How to tick bassinet mattresses are harmful to babies

Thick mattresses blankets, quilts, and pillows for a baby’s sleep can block his/her airway and can lead to suffocation. It can also increase the risk of sudden infant death syndrome (SIDS).

The baby’s bones are soft and just beginning to develop. In particular, her spine needs much more support than adults. A thick mattress can disturb the proper development in the right direction develop. A tick mattress cannot provide sufficient resistance to babies when they started to scroll and it affects the baby’s development.

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Other safest basic features of a bassinet mattress

There is a quick look at the safest feature in a bassinet mattress for babies. It will be beneficial for you when choosing the mattress for your baby


Baby needs rigid/firm sleeping support for three important reasons.

  • A firm bassinet mattress prevents the risks of SIDS
  • A firm sleeping mattress helps to better bone and muscle development
  • A firm mattress provides sufficient resistance when the baby starts to scroll and scream.

Snug fit

The mattress must fit in the bassinet perfectly, it should not leave any space

  • On the sides, otherwise, your baby can stick into the space and may cause suffocation.
  • Make sure the proper fit installation of the baby bassinet mattress.

Easy to keep clean

To deal with countless messy affairs such as diaper soils, spit-ups, drooling, and sweating, you need a mattress that can be cleaned easily. So, go for waterproof mattresses. Where you only need to clear and wipe away the dirt instantly it will be ready to use at the spot.

Made with natural and non-toxic materials

While selecting a mattress for the bassinet, you must avoid options for mattresses that contain harsh chemicals. Because babies are so fragile that harsh and toxic material can create and increase the risk of asthma and SIDS and other allergies.

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Flat and Smooth

Most babies sleep on their backs so the bassinet mattress surface must be flat and smooth to put babies on their backs the flat and smooth mattress is the safest place for your newborn to sleep or to roll over it.


Now you must have understood why bassinet mattresses are thin and hard. But you must keep in your mind all the other safety for the safety of your baby. In mattresses that are thick and soft babies might have to sink their heads in it, through which the risk of suffocation may increase and may compensate for their lives. It’s the major reason for suggesting a firm and hard mattress for your baby, to set free from fear of suffocation, even if a baby lies face down. So, thin and hard mattresses are best for small babies and newborns.


What type of bassinet mattress is best for babies?

The bassinet mattress is the firm mattress that comes with your bassinet and is best for your babies.

Is it safe to use the mattress that comes with the Bassinet?

Yes, bassinet mattresses are safe, because the mattress that came with the bassinet are safety tested.

Do all bassinets come with mattresses?

All bassinets that meet safety standards are sold with mattresses. This means that if you purchase a safety-standard pass-test bassinet, you do not need to purchase a bassinet mattress separately.

How thick the bassinet mattress should be?

In a bassinet, the mattress should be no more than 1 and 1/2 inches thick.

Is it Safe to put a blanket over the mattress to make the mattress too soft?

No, it is not safe, everything you need is a mattress, its protector, and a fitted sheet over the top.

How is the softness of the mattress can be checked?

To check the mattress of the bassinet with your hand, just press your hand in the center of the mattress, it gets pressed easily and then comes back to its place easily. It means that the mattress is soft. 

Is a firm mattress comfortable for the baby?

Yes, of course, it is comfortable, the mattress of the bassinet doesn’t have to be hard as a rock. They are comfortable enough for babies

Can you use two bassinet mattresses?

No! Never place one mattress on top of another, even if both are original and of the correct dimensions.

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