When to lower your baby’s crib – A complete guide 

Putting your baby in a crib for sleep and during their playtime doesn’t mean they can’t climb up the crib. being a first-time parent isn’t easy, taking care of your baby’s health and making sure they dont get hurt while they sleep and play in a crib is a difficult task. Convertible Cribs are considered the best bed in which your baby can play and take naps and you need to adjust the height of the crib and mattress as your child grows. Most parents dont know when to lower your baby’s crib, because that is their first time. 

when baby turns 6 months old or when they started crawling, they try to climb up on everything with their little feet. Every crib is different in size and shape like mini cribs and standard cribs some are and have their standard height adjustment, as a parent you should be aware of that at the time of buying. 

There are usually different crib levels, most cribs come with adjustable heights .which are highest, middle, and lowest. we will discuss below which height is best for which age.

Highest crib setting 

This kind of setting is best for newborns who are not likely to move on their own. So this height adjustment of the crib suits them.

Middle crib setting 

This kind of setting is suitable for babies when they are 3 to 5 months in which they can just roll around the mattress, and you dont have to worry about your baby.

Lowest crib setting 

When babies are  7 to 8 months old their height also grows with time and they become energetic and fearless, they start crawling and climbing up the blankets so they reach the crib, at this time keeping your cribs height at the lowest is the best safety step you can take to prevent your baby from getting any injury.

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Apart from crib height adjustment there comes a special factor which is cribs mattress height. the height of the crib’s mattress is as important as the crib’s height. some parents unconsciously buy crib mattresses that are quite higher in length than usual. some are more soft and springy which also causes safety issues. Here the main question for parents arises which is how to lower the crib mattresses.

When to lower the crib mattress height

About 70% of the baby’s injuries are due to unadjusted heights of the cribs, and bassinets. The most frequently asked question by parents is how they that which is the right time to lower the crib mattress. 

The main indication of when to lower the crib mattress is when your baby starts setting without any support, or when they start crawling very fast. Because that’s when they begin their little adventure to explore the crib area. The best age for crib adjustment is when your baby is 6 to 8 months old.

How to lower cribs mattress

 When it comes to the adjustment of the crib height, the main factor which plays an important role is the height adjustment of the crib mattress. To know how to lower a crib mattress you need to follow the manufacturer’s guide, which will help you to set the mattress height according to your need.

Always choose a crib that is made of organic material.

Also, go for organic crib sheets as these are unharmful for your baby.

Before setting the height of the cribs mattress, always keep other extra things (blanket, toys, feeder) out of the crib. Dont leave any extra space on the side of the crib mattress which can cause strangulation for the baby.

Best Cribs with adjustable heights are available online 

We have mentioned below some of the best cribs with adjustable heights, which also include adjustment of the crib mattress. 

Babyletto Hudson 3-in-1 Convertible Crib with Toddler Bed Conversion Kit in Espresso, Greenguard Gold Certified



  • Color; Dark brown color
  • Level ;  3 levels for adjusting the height according to your need.
  • Material;  pure Newzealand pine wood.

STORKCRAFT Portofino 4 In 1 Fixed Side Convertible Crib Changer, Gray



  • Color ; available in different colors ( Grey, pebble grey, espresso )
  • Level ; 3 adjustable heights 
  • Storage ; 3 drawers 
  • Material; high-quality pine wood 

DaVinci Fiona 4-in-1 Convertible Crib in Grey, Greenguard Gold Certified



  • Color; Grey
  • Level; 4 adjustable positions for mattress
  • Material ; wood
  • Style ; Modern Midcentury 
  • Conversion Kit ; Available 

Babyletto Gelato 4-in-1 Convertible Mini Crib in White and Washed Natural, Greenguard Gold



  • Color ; white 
  • Style ; crib 
  • Material  ; pure pine wood 
  • Level ; 4 adjustable settings
  • Conversion kit ; Available

Sweetpea Baby Red Wood 4-in-1 Convertible Crib in Weathered



  • Color ; white 
  • Style ; crib 
  • Material  ; pure pine wood 
  • Level ; 4 adjustable settings
  • Conversion kit ; Available


 We hope that reading this article helps you to understand when and how to lower the crib, and how to adjust the crib mattress height. Lowering your baby’s crib does not always depend on their height and age, you need to be more active and pay attention to baby growth and his/her activity. Some babies dont climb up or crawl fastly even if they are 7 months old, but some are hyperactive when they are 6 months old .Make sure to be ahead of their development, so you can provide a safe place to your baby to sleep and play. 


Can you lower the crib mattress to the floor?

 It all depends on the crib’s position. if the crib is at the lowest level and there is still a little space between the floor and crib, just remove the base of the crib so that mattress can move to the floor all away.

What level should a crib mattress be? 

Convertible crib comes in different heights mostly with 4 levels.Pay attention to your baby’s growth and activity like how much they can reach the crib rail.Some babies are tall even when they are 6 months old.It does not always relate to the baby’s age. Adjust crib height according to your baby’s need .

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