What to do when your toddler climbing out of crib? Safety Tips

What to do when your toddler climbing out of crib? Safety Tips

Cribs are important baby furniture that must be present in your baby’s room. When you go out shopping, as a parent, you look for the best bassinets, strollers, baby mobiles, baby crib sheet, etc. You want the best for your child but it is also important that you learn about the baby’s development stages. A child does not always use a crib, bassinet, or stroller. Babies also need to change with time and age. They grow fast and according to that growth, they require different kinds of training. Sometimes your baby will grow into a healthy toddler and want to experience everything all at once. Toddlers love to play around, run, touch everything and climb out of the comfort zones parents have set them in. Furthermore, you will see a lot of toddler climbing out of the crib activity that can become troublesome for you as a parent. 

So, we need to check multiple safety boxes when this occurs. This is why we are bringing you this article addressing what to do when your toddler climbs out of the crib. Hopefully, you will have a lot to learn from here.

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What are the reasons that your Toddler is Climbing out of Crib?

Toddlers are at the age where they want to try the world out. They will attempt to walk, move their bodies, and to climb out of the crib. A toddler climbing out of crib is not a new thing it is actually quite common. The danger is serious because this is the age when the toddlers are developing motor skills and would unfortunately hit their heads on the floor or the sides of the crib while attempting to climb. First, it is important to know why your toddler wants to climb out of the crib, and then we will discuss the prevention and safety tips to save them from any kind of danger.


  • First, the toddler climbs out of the bed at the age of 10 or 11 months. It is the age when your babies need to grab onto subjects and, as mentioned before, try new things out. Escaping the crib is also an activity that gives them satisfaction.
  • Another reason is that your baby is hungry or wants their parents right next to them. It’s nothing toxic, they just are used to you being around all the time that it takes time for them to understand that you can be away. This might also happen later at night than in the morning, so you must be vigilant about your baby’s habits. It is also good because your baby will change behaviors at this age.
  • There can also be a toddler climbing out of the crib to sleep on the floor. This means that you should know to change the location of your baby from the crib. Your babies, as said earlier, need different things at different ages. Another reason could be that they have been moved out of the crib earlier than needed. 

Safety Tips When your Toddler Climbs out of the Bed

Below are some safety tips that can be used to refrain your baby from climbing out of the crib. You can only use them late at night so you can sleep in peace.

  • You can buy a soft and thick mattress to lay it on the floor right next to your baby’s crib. This way, even if your toddler climbing out of crib you can ensure safety because he would fall on the mattress, not the floor. You will save your toddler from hitting its head or any other danger.
  • Make sure there is no dangerous furniture around your baby’s crib that can be troublesome. Remove the furniture until your baby learns how to climb out of the crib easily without hurting itself.
  • Remove electric wires from the floor. You don’t want your baby to get entangled in these wires. Baby’s hands and legs are small and they can easily get trapped in these wires so make sure to remove them.

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Products to Stop Babies From Climbing Out of Cribs

If at home safety tips do not help, you can check out products that can stop toddler climbing out of crib. There are baby crib tents available online that can help you. There are also bed rails that can help.

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Crib Safety Canopy


Product Details

  • Zippers                            Yes
  • Breathability                    Yes
  • Includes                           4 Pocket bags
  • Mesh Safety Boundary     Yes

FBS Mesh Tent


Product Details

  • Brand FBS
  • Material Tulle
  • Color Yellow
  • Skin Safety Yes
  • Color Grey, Yellow and Green

Aussie Cot Net


Product Details

  • Easy Setup Yes
  • Safety Meets CCPSA Standards
  • See Through Yes

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When You Should Go Buying a Toddler Bed and Why You Should Not Rush for it?

Peaceful sleep for children matters a lot, which is why it is necessary to keep a check on your baby’s needs. Normally, a baby transitions from a crib to a bed before 3 years of age but it can take longer. Eventually, it all depends on the baby’s preference and growth. There is no exact age where you should transition your baby so there is nothing to worry about, however, you should not hurry this decision up. Certain times, parents decide too early and expect a baby to sleep in a bed which leads to negative effects on its growth and most importantly sleep.

If your toddler climbing out of crib has become a routine then it is a sign that your baby is at the age where a bed is needed. Even on the bed, do not expect your baby to get comfortable all at once. Change takes time and that happens with your little ones too. 

Expert’s Opinion

Our mental health expert, Maida Saoud Baig, says that it is good to quickly consider safety tips when you witness your toddler climbing out of crib. It is better to react quickly and find a solution because you don’t want your child bumping his head on the floor. 


We have written this article to guide parents about a child’s development stage where they want to try new things like walking, grabbing and climbing out of crib etc. All these activities can make parents anxious but there is nothing to worry about as it is normal. We have discussed the reasons why toddler climbing out of crib is an issue, what safety tips you must consider, and how to solve this problem at home with ease.


What is the safest crib for a baby?

The safest crib is the non-toxic one. A good crib is made of good materials that are durable and reliable. Furthermore, they should, first of all, ensure your baby’s safety. They should be easy to deal with. Packing and unpacking certain cribs becomes a hassle for parents. A good crib must be efficient and simple. Also, it should be washable and it should have wheels. It is important because then parents can easily slide the crib from one room to the other. Lastly, they should be lightweight and must not take up a huge amount of space in the room.

What type of cribs are best?

Cribs that can pass all the safety standards are the best ones because the safety of your baby must always be a priority. A poorly made crib can open possibilities of danger which is why it is important to buy a crib that ensures the safety of children.

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