Best Baby Walkers For Your Girl Child: A buying guide with reviews.

Best Baby Walkers For Your Girl Child: A buying guide with reviews.

The modern market is very dynamic to the extent that we get to see newer and newer walkers especially for baby girls and ideas come to life almost every day. In this kind of changing market, we experience the task of choosing the products that suit us the best time and time again.

One such dynamic market is the market for kids’ toys. There is a huge variety of toys your toddler can choose from while you, as a parent, always need to make sure the product your child chooses is safe for him/her and also for the environment.

Every year or even every month new products get introduced in the toy market that facilitates your child’s growth. One of those products is a baby walker. 

In this blog, you as a parent will get the answer to every single question that might come up in your mind while you are planning to buy the best walker for your girl child.

So, let’s begin.

How to select the best walker for your baby girl?

The most asked question in a parent’s mind while buying a walker is ‘Will my baby love this walker?’ or ‘Is this walker the safest choice for my baby?’. Don’t your parents worry. All your questions related to these will be answered as you read along.

Among the numerous varieties of walkers available like plastic walkers, rubber wheel walkers, wooden walkers, girls baby walkers etc. it becomes very difficult for parents to choose the most compelling and the safest walker which isn’t only safe for the child but also for the environment.

There are all kinds of girls’ baby walkers in the current scenario, different materials like wood, fabric, etc., different shapes like a car or a bike, ones with musical instruments, mini-games, building blocks, legos, etc.

There are also different kinds of activity walkers that have various toys that your baby can play with while using the walker. Though most of the girls baby walkers have all the basic safety measures inbuilt, they still need to be used under supervision. So it is highly recommended that a person is with the baby using the walker.

Let us bring to light the different types of girls baby walkers.

Types of girls baby walkers

  • Seated walkers or sit-in walkers
  • Convertible walkers
  • Sit-to-stand walkers or Push walkers

Seated walkers or sit-in walkers

Seated walkers have a circular frame made either of plastic or steel, with a cushioned bottom with holes through which the child puts her legs.

These walkers have some disadvantages of their own like being made out of plastic, not eco-friendly and the baby’s legs are not completely free when using a seated walker and she won’t be able to see her legs.

The panel of the walker has attractive and colorful toys that the child can interact with. 

Want to give something good to your babies with taller height , click here to get walker for tall babies

They can be used by a child weighing 7-12 kgs between 6 and 15 months of age, but it is never recommended that you let a baby of over 18 months of age use a seated walker.

Convertible girls’ baby Walkers

Convertible walkers are seated walkers that can be converted to become a sit to stand walkers. These walkers are designed so that it can still help your baby even when she learns to stand up or even walk.

A convertible walker is a more practical choice when you want it to grow with your growing child. They are also made for the parents who consider money as a selling point.

They also have the activity panel just like the seated walkers, with toys that the child may want to play with.

Sit-to-stand walkers or Push walkers

Push walkers are designed for babies who have already learned to stand up on their own with a straight posture. A push walker is a walker which has a four-wheel structure on which the baby can lean and push it at any speed he desires, which in turn improves the stability of the child when standing or moving around.

The baby can also sit and play with the activity panel at the front of the walker or stand and push it as she learns to walk.

According to our experts the best baby walker for girl child is Disney Baby MINNIE MOUSE PeekABoo Activity Jumper , as it provides great support to the baby and have variety of built in toys.

The following are some other kinds of baby walkers for girls

Walking straps

Walking straps are straps that are worn by parents to hold their children. These straps are placed under armpits.

Walking straps earlier came into use for children who had motor development problems but later came into use for adults suffering from back pain and for developing babies.


A ride-on is a vehicle in which the child is seated and advances by propelling himself with his feet. It favors the child’s motor skills and allows her to gain confidence by being more stable.

Now let’s begin with finding, you concerned parents, the best baby walkers for your baby girl.

Top 5 walkers for your baby girl

VTech Sit-to-Stand Learning Walker


VTech baby walker helps to develop baby’s motor skills with the help of technology. It is a very affordable walker too. While using this walker, your child will have an amazing experience and will stay amused. This walker is a 2 in 1 walker as it can be used by children for playing while sitting and also helps in moving by becoming a walker. It has an activity panel that can be used by children to play.

This is the best rated and the most customer favorite walker on amazon. This walker comes with an activity panel that is removable. It develops motor and creative skills in the child. It also has an early learning center consisting of 5 piano keys that play music and encourage creativity. The wheels of this walker are of good quality, they can roll easily on the carpet and hard floors. Other useful things that come with this walker are 2 spinning rollers which are very attractive, 3 shape sorters, and 3 buttons that light up.

This crawler is functional with the help of 2 AA batteries that come with this walker. This walker is a complete package for your child to make him learn how to walk and develop creative and thinking skills. With over 70 sing-along songs, music, sound effects, and fun phrases, it definitely makes the growth of your baby girl a fun journey. V-tech sit-to-stand walkers are meant for babies and toddlers from 9 months to 3 years old.

Product Review

  Disney Baby MINNIE MOUSE PeekABoo Activity Jumper.


That one thing which is common between Minnie Mouse and your baby girl is that they both love to play. Surprise your baby girl with a peek-a-boo game that will make her laugh every time. Twelve toys and activities create a world of surprises where your baby can play with her favorite Disney friends.  The seat of this walker can be rotated 360 degrees to give your child a 360-degree fun-filled experience.

It comes in pink color which your baby will never get bored of. The dimensions are 31x27x34inches weighing about 6 kilograms. The walker(or you could say Minnie mouse) magically makes giggles which are music to the ears of your baby girl or anyone else.

Product Review

Fisher-Price Animal Wonders Jumperoo/Walker.


Your baby will love playing with this Jumperoo. The rotating seat of this walker gives little ones 360-degree access to activities, toys, and animal pals, including a rollerball, bead bar, teether, mirror, and many more. As your little champ discovers all the fun, their every jump is rewarded with soothing music, bright lights, and playful sounds which excite the child. 

By using this jumperoo from fisher price, your child will learn to jump, balance on his little toes, and do some exciting activities which will help your child to develop motor skills. With numerous bright colors, lights, a variety of sounds, and different textures help stimulate your baby’s developing senses. Your child will learn many skills from the beginning as this product from fisher price helps your child to build moving skills, stimulates creativity and curiosity in your baby child. 

It comes with color options like blue, white, and pink. The dimensions being 37 x 32 x 32 inches, it is the perfect size for your baby. Colorful toys include a light-up chameleon, bat-at panda & elephant, lion slider, alligator flipper, froggy teether, beaded giraffe, and more. Plus, it will be delivered to you with 2 take-along toys. The toys on the panel are removable and the cushion pad is washable.

Product Review

Disney Music and lights walker, Pink.


The Disney music and lights walker provides happiness and amusement to your child every time she plays with it. The wheels of this walker are designed to roll smoothly even on carpet floors and the grip strips reduce the walker’s movement on hard and rough surfaces which prevents it from tripping and falling.

The tray which is attached to the walker contains Disney characters that your child will love to play with and see. This tray can also be used as a snack tray for little treats. The cleaning of this walker is also hassle-free as it comes with a machine-washable seat. With dimensions as 25 x 28.5 x 22.5 inches and weighing about 12 pounds, it is very convenient to store and carry around. This walker can be used by any baby aged 6 to 20 months.

Product Review

Delta Children Activity walker


The Delta children’s first Exploration 2-in-1 Activity Walker is an amazing choice for your growing child. This is a 2 in 1 baby walker which can become an activity walker and a walk-behind walker at the same time. The seat of this walker is padded and at a perfect height which provides extra comfort to the child As an activity walker. Your child can play for hours while sitting in this walker.

The toy tray strengthens your baby’s visual and auditory senses while playing music, lights, and a steering wheel–it is easily removable so Baby can play with it anywhere she wants. For any snacks or treats, the tray comes out easily acting as a table for your child. Once your child starts taking his steps, move behind and this walker acts as a support as it has a handle to hold. It provides balance for beginner walkers.

This walker is very compact with dimensions of 22 X 25.2 X 23 inches and its weight is around 7 pounds, which makes it easy to store and carry.

Product Review


There are hundreds of girl walkers available for your parents to buy and choosing the most suitable one might become a bit of a task. So, I have saved you all some time and did the research myself to enlighten you people about the different kinds of walkers available and bring you my top 3 picks for your baby that she will absolutely love.

So, according to what you think is the best and the safest for your baby, use this information and choose the best baby walker for girl out of the 3 listed here. Or you can also visit if you feel like you need to look at some other alternatives.

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