Sense2Snooze Graco Baby Bassinet Detailed Review

Sense2Snooze Graco Baby Bassinet Detailed Review

The prime purpose of the baby bassinet is to keep the baby safe and provide it with sound sleep. A perfect baby bassinet is supposed to fulfill not only the baby’s needs but also the parents’. In this modern era of technology, multiple baby bassinets have been produced with newer and more advanced features that help parents to keep their baby safe in the best ways possible. Moreover, these technologies are surpassing features of rocking and music as nowadays we also have cry-detection baby bassinets. 

Graco sense2snooze has come forward with a bassinet that can detect your baby’s sound of cry and react quickly. Is that not amazing?

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You do not need to stand by the side of your bassinet till your baby falls asleep or after that. Graco sense2snooze bassinet got you covered and you would be happy about its other features as well. Let’s face reality, constantly waking up in the middle of the night to rock your baby is a hassle and you would be grateful to find a solution to it. This Graco sense2snooze bassinet review aims to provide you with all details about his incredible invention.

Specifications of sense2snooze Graco Baby Bassinet

Sense2Snooze Baby bassinet is a modern bassinet that offers not only new technology but fulfills its traditional role of providing peaceful sleep to babies in the perfect sense.


Below are some of the features and specifications of Graco sense2snooze:

  • Product Dimensions                                    19 x 26 x 41 inches
  • Item model number                                      BJ15457
  • Minimum weight                                           5 Kilograms
  • Maximum weight                                          20 Kilograms
  • Material Type                                                Mesh
  • Material composition                                    Polyester
  • Style                                                             With Cry Detection
  • Item weight                                                   23.7 Pounds

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Best Features of Graco Sense2Snooze

Cry Detection Technology

This advanced technology is not present in the traditional baby bassinet. It has a special built-in microphone installed inside it that detects the baby’s cries in an instant. It is specifically designed in a way that it captures the sound of the cry and before the baby starts crying fully, it performs its duty. The microphone in Graco sense2snooze baby bassinet quickly and automatically adjusts its setting to soothe your baby and aid him in a serene and calm sleep. How convenient and useful! Now, you can go to your kitchen to fetch a water bottle or sit in your living room to play board games without having to constantly worry about your little one. 

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Head-to-toe Motion

Graco sense2snooze bassinet with cry detection technology has a system of head-to-toe motion. This feature is specially designed for when a baby starts crying. The microphone detects the baby’s cries and sends a message to this system. That is when the magic begins! Graco sense2snooze bassinet then moves the bassinet in head to motion. The smooth gliding movements of these bassinets send your little one back to sleep as peaceful and calm as before. The motion continues and the baby slowly gets sleepy. Its soft sheets and sleek structure also provide comfort to the baby. Moreover, the design of the Graco sense2snooze is aesthetically pleasing. It will fit right into the modern setting of your rooms. 

  • Graco sense2snooze bassinet has a special arrangement for speed. There are three different levels of speed that you can choose from.
  • It has a canopy, Which is reversible. Once again, it will not only care for the needs of the baby but of the parents as well as the canopy can help shield the baby whenever required.
  • Graco sense2snooze has air mesh sides. These ensure visibility and breathability.
  • It has 2 very useful wheels to glide your baby wherever you are in need in the room. They are smooth and function properly. 
  • This baby bassinet has integrated storage. It is one of the best features a bassinet can provide to parents. Storage unit aids parents in keeping wipes, baby powder, diapers, and other baby products.
  • It has a Parent Mode. This model is designed to aid parents. With this feature, you can save the settings for your baby. The constant change can burden you. 
  • Graco sense2snooze with cry detection technology detects your baby’s cries and sends it back to peaceful sleep.
  • It has music and nature sounds.
  • It also has the feature of white noise.
  • Some parents have found it complex to deal with.
  • It is expensive.
  • The sound is abrupt and does not work for all babies.
  • The height is not adjustable.

How to Assemble and Disassemble it?

This product is not that complicated to assemble and disassemble if you once get the hang of it. It has one screw and you must open it. It will be divided into two pieces. There is a canopy, its four legs, and some other parts. Overall, you just need to open the screw and then pack the parts. It is an excellent portable bassinet that you can take with you on road. 

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Is it worth investing the money?

Yes, it is worth investing the money. It has provided comfort and a great help to innumerable parents around the world. Graco sense2snooze is a good investment because of its modern features and its promise of fulfilling its traditional role as well. As stated before, the Graco sense2snooze baby bassinet with cry detection technology makes it an essentially valuable product. Parents buy it for their first baby as bassinets are a need and then keep it in use for their other little ones to come in the future. Moreover, its rich features such as white noise and fun sounds that are available in 10 types just add to its beauty. 

Furthermore, parents are attracted to its smooth working. Parents also admire the rocking feature as many babies go to sleep when they are rocked. It can also be given as a perfect gift to new parents for their first newborn babies. 

Graco sense2snooze baby bassinet additional pockets are just heavenly. How many times have you wanted wipes and baby products right next to you but could not? Well, now is the time to invest in Graco sense2snooze and make your life easier. This Graco sense2snooze review has explained the best of this product, its cons, and also reviews from other users so you can make the best decision for your little one. 


Graco sense2snooze is one of the best baby products on the market. It is greatly loved by the parents, especially of the first newborn babies. This bassinet and its modern features have made their lives better and calmer than before. Graco sense2snooze with cry detection technology has proved to be one of the most significant features and has successfully attracted many customers. This Graco sense2snooze review wanted to list all the bad and good things about this product so you, as a parent, are satisfied while you go out to shop bassinet for your baby. Hopefully, this review will help you make a good choice for your little one.


How do you use a Graco bassinet?

Graco sense2snooze bassinet can be adjusted by a parent mode that is installed in the product. Due to this Parent Mode, you can adjust motions, sounds, and vibrations that can be saved and help your baby fall asleep in the calmest manner. It has meshy air sides that ensure the safety of your baby. Moreover, they help provide visibility and breathability. It also has wheels which is why you can smoothly glide this product from one corner to the other indoors and outdoors as well. All these features make it a modern bassinet as well.

How does Graco Cry Detection work?

Graco sense2snooze Cry Detection technology works effortlessly when your baby cries. It has a microphone installed that detects the noise of a baby’s cries. It then quickly responds by soothing the baby automatically. It adjusts the motion and vibrations to ensure that the baby goes back to peaceful sleep. This feature makes it a smart bassinet.

How to use Graco sense snooze?

There are two buttons. One is represented by a star, it is Graco Mode. The other one is represented by a heart, it is Parent mode. In Graco mode, when baby cries are detected, the sensor indicator will turn green, and the bassinet will go through five different soothing sequences. When it detects that crying has stopped it will turn off in ten minutes. It will then turn on the white noise and that can stay for 8 hours. Secondly, the Parent Mode helps parents adjust settings according to their baby’s taste.

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