A Detail Review On Maxi Cosi Bassinet

A Detail Review On Maxi Cosi Bassinet

Bassinets along with other baby products are essential. It is a baby’s own little space in the room. A bassinet is a cradle that aims to put your child to a peaceful sleep on its soft mattress. There are various bassinets present in the market that serve the same traditional purpose. However, due to technological advancements, multiple products with new features have been introduced. The aim behind these modern bassinets is to make a parent’s life easier. There are many times in the lives of parents when they have to ignore their daily tasks or compromise their life choices because they have to be present 24/7 with their newborn baby. But with new and modern bassinets, parents have been able to invest their time in themselves. 

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Maxi cosi bassinet is one of the modern products that ensure provide your baby with the comfort and ease it deserves in the earlier months of life. A baby desires peace because that is all babies want. As a parent, comfort for your little one should be your priority. This is exactly what the maxi Cosi bassinet aims to promote it all comes down to the comfort of your child eventually. We have brought forward maxi Cosi bassinet reviews

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Specifications of Maxi Cosi Bassinet

The main goal of the Maxi cosi bassinet is to ensure that your little one sleeps in a protected and loveable manner like no other place. The material that is used to build this bassinet also provides a parent with reliability, assured of safety and comfort. We want the best for your little one and you as a parent that is why we are presenting you with maxi cosi bassinet reviews.


The specifications listed down below are the reasons why parents are attracted to buying this product.

  • Color                                     Essential Graphite
  • Brand                                    Maxi-Cosi
  • Product Dimensions             40.55”L x 22.44”L x 7.28”H
  • Material                                Mesh
  • Maximum Weight                 9 Kilograms
  • Batteries Required                No

Features of Maxi Cosi Bassinet

Ultimate Portability and Easy Packing

Maxi Cosi Bassinet guarantees portability based on the fact that it is easily folded and can be taken wherever you like whenever you please. Portability in a bassinet is a feature that most parents wish for. It is not only for the parents who love to travel and be at different locations in one day. It is also for the parents who want to just go to their friend’s house or a dinner or a tea party in a garden somewhere. Maxi cosi bassinet comes with a compact fold. Because of this feature, your bassinet can be taken anywhere and packed safely in a bag. Now, you just have to pick it up with the rest of your stuff and move wherever you like. This is how your little one stays safe and satisfied. And if your little one is satisfied, you are satisfied. 

Height Adjustments and Storage Basket

Maxi Cosi bassinet checks the box of comfort in more than one way. It makes sure that your baby is close to you at night whenever it wants to be. For this purpose, it has various height adjustments. When at night, your baby cries, due to this height adjustment feature you can just pull the bassinet towards you and bring your little one closer for comfort. Maxi Cosi bassinet comes with five different positions that you can choose according to your and your child’s needs. The customized fit can make your nights easier than before and you would just love its smooth functionality. 

Additionally, the Maxi cosi bassinet comes with a big storage basket right under the bassinet. This bassinet is big in size and provides sufficient space. A storage basket is not just important but rather a need. How many times have you stressed yourself running from the corner of the room to your baby to get your baby’s products while changing? Or how many times have you wanted baby wipes or toys near you? With the help of a storage basket, you can store all the necessary products right under your bassinet. Moreover, with these functions, the maxi cosi bassinet provides unique slide positions. There are 3 positions that give side-to-side functions so you can easily slide your little one near you. 

  • It has a travel bag so you can easily move from one place to another while keeping your baby’s safety and comfort in mind.
  • Maxi cosi bassinet has a soft mattress that allows your little one to have a calming sleep without any interruption. 
  • It is made of mesh sides which are necessary for breathability. Moreover, due to these mesh sides you can check on your baby from outside and ensure safety.
  • Maxi cosi bassinet has multiple height positions which you can set according to your own needs.
  • It provides parents with a big storage basket that can provide you with sufficient space to keep all the baby products near you. 
  • It does not come with sheets.
  • It does not have wheels to move it around.
  • Maxi cosi bassinet does not come with a canopy to protect your little one from direct light.

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How to pack a Maxi Cosi Bassinet?

To pack a maxi Cosi bassinet, you just have to remove the parts slowly. It is an easy process. Firstly, take out the mattress. Secondly, start with its storage basket. You need to open the zip from the sides and it comes out. Pack it and place it on one side. Now, move on to the legs of the bassinet. For this, turn the maxi Cosi bassinet upside down. Push and pull four times on the sides and it comes out. Just pack all of these parts together in the provided traveling back and your task here is complete. 

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We have placed forward Maxi Cosi bassinet reviews for you in this article so you can make the best choice for your little one while you are out shopping for the bassinet. This article has highlighted the best features of this product ensuring to list all the pros and cons. It has also placed forward specifications that make the maxi cosi bassinet admirable for the customers. In addition to this, we have made sure you must know in what areas the maxi cosi bassinet wins. Moreover, the highlighted features show that parents are in love with this product and believe it is best for their little ones. However, you are the one who will eventually make the choice. Before you go and buy the bassinet, make sure you have gone through the good and bad sides of this product. Happy shopping!

Product Review


Is the Maxi-Cosi lora bassinet Greenguard Certified?

Maxi-Cosi lora bassinet is not greenguard certified. 

Is the Maxi-Cosi lora breathable? 

Yes, the maxi-cosi bassinet is breathable. It is made of mesh sides. Because of these mesh sides, air can flow through thus ensuring breathability for your little one. It is due to these sides, a maxi cosi bassinet is a safe option for your baby.

What sheets go on the Maxi-Cosi bassinet?

The specially designed maxi-cosi lora bedsheet goes on the mattress of the maxi-cosi bassinet. These sheets fit the size of the bassinet. They are made of a hundred percent cotton material. It also has elastic edges for comfort. 

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