Detail Review on Rattan Travel Bassinet

Detail Review on Rattan Travel Bassinet

Bassinets are one of the most essential products that your baby will need for the very first few months into this life. Bassinets are the first space where your precious little one will sleep, have fun, and live its few early months in ease only if you make the best choice. We have committed to giving our best while reviewing the following rattan bassinet with its pros and cons so you can make the better choice. 

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Before buying a bassinet, you must understand the necessity of this product. An excellent bassinet is one with modern features but it would not matter at all if the modern product fails to do its traditional jobs. Even though a modern bassinet is a luxury, it can not be stated that every parent needs to buy it no matter what. There are bassinets with few modern features but they work so well that parents can’t help putting their hands on them and adorning their rooms with such products. One such bassinet is rattan bassinet. It is one of a kind and due to its amazing features, it has won the hearts of many parents. 

Specifications and Features of Rattan Travel Bassinet

Rattan bassinet has laudable features that will excite you as a parent and its amazing features would make you feel secure. These incredible specifications are what make this product desirable as it promises to give your child the best care and the sweetest space to exist. It will ensure that your baby’s time in this product is the best without any kind of interruption. As a parent, you will be satisfied with this product.


Below are the specifications of the rattan bassinet

  • Brand                            Vory
  • Material                        Rattan
  • Assembly Required      No
  • Batteries Required        No

Ultimate Portability

Many bassinets in the market can promise parents comfort and durability but nothing compares to the bassinet that is lighter in weight, knowing the weight limit on bassinet is the primary factor while buying these bassinets.A light weighted product that can be carried anywhere is a blessing for people with babies. It is such a hassle when you have a baby to take care of and there’s work on top of that. You become entangled into two worlds but if you have a bassinet that you can carry with you then the world seems a little burden less. Doesn’t it? Do you have a party outside, you have a gathering at a friend’s new apartment, or a wedding to attend? If you have a portable bassinet that offers comfort to your baby then you are good to go.

The Rattan bassinet is a traveling bassinet. It is made light so you can easily carry it and move wherever you like whenever you please. In this way, it can be stated, that this bassinet not only cares about the needs of the baby but also the parents. This is why parents get attracted to traveling bassinets or portable bassinets. Moreover, no one more than traveling parents or people who would love to be road needs to have this bassinet on their side. 

Comfortability and Reliability

One of the best things about rattan bassinet, besides it being a traveling bassinet, is the level of comfort and reliability it has to offer. This product is made of soft and mush materials and it makes sure that our little one is in a warm and sweet place. You do not have to worry about your baby having a peaceful sleep in this bassinet. The soft covers it comes with are reliable and safe. They are soft for the baby’s small human legs and arms. Your baby will be in the ultimate loving space when you lay it in this bassinet. 

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Canopy and Easy Handling

In addition to all that has been stated above, the rattan bassinet offers a canopy. This beautifully designed canopy is not only essential but soothing to the eyes as well. The canopy is important especially if you have pets at home. Moreover, the canopy saves your little one from direct sunlight. Another important thing to mention about the rattan bassinet is that this product can be handled quite easily. It does not require a complex assembly. You do not need to be entailed in stuff with nails and other technical complexities. It is a very simple and minimalistic design. Perhaps, it is this simplicity that has won the hearts of parents. 

  • It comes with a canopy that saves babies from direct light or sunlight.
  • Rattan Bassinet is a traveling bassinet meaning you can take it with you anywhere you want because it is simple and easy.
  • It has a perfect size for your baby to feel easy and comfortable while in it.
  • It does not require any kind of difficulty assembling.
  • It has an aesthetically pleasing design that would fit right into your modern rooms.
  • It doesn’t have wheels in case you want to not pick it up. However, it has a handle that can help you carry it.
  • It lacks modern technologies like music and vibrations which some parents find soothing for their little ones. 

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Is it Worth Buying?

Every product has its pros and cons. Multiple bassinets in the market come with modern technology such as Bluetooth, batteries, music, and vibration features but some parents would rather buy a simple bassinet. Similarly, some bassinets are traditional but parents would love to have a more modern touched product to match their modern taste. Hence, it all comes down to your taste and most importantly what suits your baby. Rattan bassinet is a good investment because firstly it offers a good size and portability. Secondly, it’s light and can be used for years which is why it is worth buying. However, zt the end it is your choice to make because you must choose according to what you want and what you think will make your baby’s time in the bassinet calmer and easier. 


In this article, we have reviewed the rattan Bassinet by mentioning the pros and cons so you can make the best choice for your baby. The article aims to mention the rattan bassinet’s best features that make it one of the easiest and most desired products for parents. The best part about this bassinet is its minimalistic design and that it can be easily carried wherever you like. It helps ensure that your little one sleeps safe and sound and you as a parent feel relieved rather than in complexity while dealing with this product.

Product Review


How long is it safe to use a bassinet?

 A bassinet is used to ensure that your little one sleeps in peace and has a soothing time. It is meant to be a safe bassinet for your babies, not a dangerous place so you must know that bassinets can be used till 6 months from birth maximum. Additionally, when your baby crosses 15 lbs. then you must stop using this product. 

Is it ok for a bassinet to rock all night?

Yes, it is okay that your baby is in a rocking bassinet all night. Babies do not sleep all the time during the night. They get up as they get hungry etc. It is also okay for the bassinet to rock all night because rocking soothes the baby and helps your little ones sleep without any outside interruption. It almost works like magic for babies because as long as they are in a rocking bassinet they get safe and sound sleep. 

Is a wicker bassinet safe?

Wicker bassinets are to some extent safe but it can not be said with full confidence. Wicker bassinets have little holes and that can affect a baby’s little soft features. Thus, in that way, they are unsafe. Besides that, wicker bassinets do fulfill their duty of providing the baby with a calm space where it can also have a peaceful sleep.

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