Best organic crib sheets – A complete guide to finding the best non-toxic crib sheets 

organic crib sheets

Parents try their best to provide quality sleep to their babies. A baby’s skin is very sensitive, and it is essential to pick the suitable fiber for their clothing and bedding material. It is crucial to provide them with organic bedding material along with best crib. One of the things to help you with that is a non-toxic crib sheet. You cannot just buy an organic mattress, and then lay a chemically polluted sheet over it. That will only nullify all the money spent on the baby’s crib. Babies are very sensitive to their surrounding environment. So, taking good care of your baby is important.

Flooded with questions? Is an organic crib sheet the right choice or not? If yes, where do I find the best ones? The article below is to help you in every way to find about best organic crib sheets

What is an organic crib sheet? 

A non-toxic crib sheet must be made of all-natural materials grown, harvested, and then processed. These materials include mainly cotton. Other than that, there are also some other plant materials like hemp, jute, and linen. There is no place for synthetic material here. The raw fibers in organic sheets must be unmodified. The raw material is not to be mixed with synthetic pesticides or fertilizers. 

Sensitive skin and organic crib sheets

Best Organic crib sheets are good the sensitive skin, all babies have sensitive skin and they need a soft and non-toxic bedding sheet. Organic crib sheets and baby skin is the best combination.

Organic certification – meeting the right standard 

The fabrics that are marketed as organic must meet specific criteria. Throughout the world, the standards set for organic fiber are high. The certification of textiles is approved after a step-by-step process.

If you are looking for the best organic crib sheets, check the certification of USDA (United States Department of Agriculture) and GOTs (Organic Textile Standard).

The two certifications define the fabric to be up to 95% organic. Any textile material has to undergo a rigorous process and comply with its standards to be approved. 

The need and importance of crib sheets 

The layer above the crib mattress is the crib sheet. Non- toxic crib sheets are designed not just for the baby’s safety but also to protect the baby’s mattress. Your baby’s bedding must be the safest place for them to spend most of their time there. With fitted crib sheets, you no longer have to worry about the baby’s comfort. The following two reasons explain its importance;

  • The crib sheet is the only surface continuously in contact with the baby’s skin. A good quality non-toxic crib sheet keeps the baby away from any chemicals and ensures a healthy environment. There are also organic crib mattresses available in the market which can be good for your baby’s health.
  • Some babies have more sensitive skin compared to others. The residual chemicals of the mattress will get directly absorbed in the skin. The last thing you need for your baby is to get a skin rash, irritation, or discomfort. It can disrupt the sleep cycle. To avoid that and ensure that they have safe and quality sleep, you need best organic cotton crib sheets

Some problems with an organic crib sheet

Yes, organic sheets are surely a better option than traditional sheets. Chemical sensitivity is real, and it affects many children in today’s age. As you know, organic sheets are mainly made from cotton. Then what are the health issues? 

  • The cotton crop is not free from the toxins of pesticides and insecticides. According to research, almost the world’s 10% of insecticides and 25% of pesticides are sprayed over cotton crops. The residue of these chemicals stays inside even after the processing. 
  • You do not know how many chemicals have made their way into these organic cotton crib sheets. Babies continuously contact the crib sheets as the baby’s skin is relatively thin and less resistant. The chemicals hence, easily get absorbed, leading to pesticide-related health problems. 
  • Another reason why parents do not prefer organic sheets is the price. They are much more expensive, almost 2x the price of conventional sheets.

Still, they are a better option than non-organic sheets that are polluted with various harmful chemicals. 

A quality sleep with the best organic crib sheets 

Newly born babies can sleep up to 18 hours a day! It only means more worry for you. Because you have to make sure that during these hours the baby gets quality sleep. They should be sleeping on organic mattresses and sheets. Here’s why:

  • Crib’s bedding fiber is the key to the quality of sleep. Organic sheets are more breathable. As you know, newborn babies cannot regulate their body’s temperature independently. As a result, they can get sweaty and overheat quickly. The organic sheets have a better airflow that improves comfort level and breathability. The moisture also gets cooled off readily. 
  • The organic sheets are porous. Babies mostly sleep on their stomachs. They should be able to breathe through the bedding fiber; otherwise, they will suffocate. The airflow ability of organic sheets allows your baby to breathe safely if they turn over during their sleep. 
  • The conventional sheets you buy from the market aren’t an exact fit for the crib. These loose sheets can easily come off the crib mattress leading to an increased risk of SIDS. Organic sheets come with a precise fit. The product is labeled with all the specifications, by reading them, you can choose the exact fit, providing a safe sleep for your baby. 

The material of crib sheets 

The materials used in organic sheets are mainly cotton, hemp, bamboo, linen, and silk. The most commonly used materials include cotton, hemp, linen, and bamboo. 

Organic cotton 

The textile industry mostly uses organic cotton. But there is a difference between conventionally grown cotton and organic cotton. Organic cotton crib sheets is readily available and maybe the material of our dreams. Here are some pros and cons of best organic crib sheets

if you are confused about adjusting the crib’s height then read this article to get help


  • The organic cotton crib sheets used in crib bedding is the most durable and breathable material. 
  • Production of organic cotton takes place without any use of harmful chemicals like pesticides and insecticides. It makes them free from any toxins that could otherwise harm the baby. 
  • Since best organic cotton crib sheets are growing in popularity, they are readily available in the market and online. 
  • They are easy to care for and easily washable too.
  • The non-toxic crib sheets are GOTs certified. It means that the production is done under strict ecological and social criteria before they can receive the GOTs label. The cotton must be organically grown and free from chlorine bleach, harmful dyes, formaldehyde, and other harmful chemicals. 


  • One of the drawbacks is that some brands sell synthetic cotton in the name of organic cotton. The sheets might seem eco-friendly, but they will have a lot of harmful chemicals hidden in them. Make sure to check the GOTs certification before buying the sheets. 
  • Another drawback is related to organic cotton production’s impact on the environment. A vast quantity of water is used for yielding a healthy organic cotton crop. 

As we did research and analyze that the best organic crib sheet is NoJo Photo Op , because it is made up of 100% pure cotton , flexible enough to fit on standard crib and its floral design makes it look more refreshing

Organic hemp and linen 

Hemp and linen are two more natural, breathable, and sustainable materials used in organic sheets. Hemp is naturally resistant to pests. So, no pesticides are used in its yielding. Hemp sheets are quite soft and comfortable, and stronger than cotton sheets. It makes them more reliable. 

Linen sheets are another excellent choice. They grow without any chemical input according to organic standards. Linen crib sheets are sustainable and chemical-free products with the most comfort.


Amongst other bamboo-based products, bamboo crib sheets have also become popular. Here are some pros and cons of bamboo sheets.

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  • They are good in water absorption and wicking. 
  • Bamboo crib sheets have antibacterial and natural anti-odor qualities.
  • Bamboo grows quickly, uses less water, and does not require the use of any pesticides. It makes bamboo sheets a fantastic eco-friendly choice. 


  • As we know that bamboo is a strong material. It has to undergo much processing to make it as soft and useful as the fiber material. Mechanical processing uses a lot of harsh chemicals like sulphuric acid and sodium hydroxide. 
  • Bamboo rayon, present abundantly in sheets, is harmful to babies and the environment.

Buying the best organic crib sheets on amazon 

NoJo Photo Op Cotton Fitted Organic Crib Sheet 


Product Details 

Color – Floral
Material – Cotton
Size – 1 Count (Pack of 1)
Fabric Type – 100% Cotton
Pattern – Floral


  • The designs are unique and printed.
  • A perfect fitted sheet for your baby’s mattress.
  •  Elastic and can exactly fit a standard crib size.


  • The print is off-center. 

Final Verdict 

The organic fabric of this sheet is exclusive and a perfect fit for the crib of your little ones.

 Product Review

Burt Bees Baby Crib Sheets 


It is Amazon’s best seller, available at an affordable price. 

Product Details

  • Color – Counting Sheep
  • Material – Cotton
  • Size – Crib sheet
  • Fabric Type – Cotton
  • Pattern – Animal Print


  • The organic sheet is premium elastic, providing extra stretch for best fitting. 
  • There is an extra fiber overlap at the bottom edges. 
  • The 360 elastic prevents the sheets from getting out so your baby can rest easy and get better sleep. 
  • The product also has GOTs certification, hence a safe option for your baby. 


  • The size of the fitted sheet is not exact sometimes. 
  • Shrinks and fades if not washed with extreme care.

Final Verdict

Burt Baby is known to produce 100% organic cotton fibers. Hence, the product is comfortable and a preferable option for newborns. 

Product Review

American Baby Company Crib Sheet


Product Detail

  • Color – Ecru
  • Material – Cotton
  • Size – 1 Count (Pack of 1)
  • Pattern – Solid
  • Item Display Dimensions – 8.2 x 7.4 x 1.2 inches


  • The sheet is 100% cotton.
  • It has a high thread count, giving it more softness.
  • It has an elastic trim to hug and cover any standard crib mattress. 
  • It can be washed in the machine, durable with a long lifetime.
  • On Amazon, the product has a variety of colors and patterns available. You can browse and match the style of your baby’s crib. 


  • Some organic crib sheet materials are mixed with synthetic linen or polyester. Check GOTs verification before making a purchase. 

Final Verdict 

Another best seller on Amazon, known to be most comfortable and soft, takes good care of your baby’s skin. 

Product Review

American Baby Supreme Jersey Knit Sheet 


Product Details 

  • Color – Turquoise
  • Material – Jersey, Cotton
  • Size – 28x52x9 Inch (Pack of 1)
  • Pattern – Solid
  • Dimensions – 1.25 x 28 x 52 inches


  •  100% Cotton Jersey, very soft and comfortable.
  • Available in a number of colors to match any style.
  •  Snug fit quality, with 9-inch pockets and has an elastic trim.


  • Quality will be affected by machine wash.

Final Verdict

Best fitted crib sheet of all brands, entirely organic and has a number of colors available.

Product Review

HonestBaby Organic Cotton Fitted Crib Sheet


Product Details 

  • Material – Cotton
  • Fabric Type – 100% Cotton
  • Pattern – solid
  • Brand -HonestBaby
  • Item Dimension (LxWxH ) – 28″ x 52″ size


  • Made from 100% soft cotton.
  • Very soft and comfortable, most gentle for your baby’s skin.
  •  fit both standard crib and toddler mattress.


  • Print might be affected if not washed with care.

Finals Verdict 

A perfect fit for your little one’s soft and sensitive skin.

Product Review

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

Are organic sheets better? 

Yes, of course. Organic sheets are made with all plant-based materials. The cotton used is also organic. They are better than the ordinary crib sheets in the market, usually made of synthetic fibers with many chemicals. 

Is it worth buying organic sheets? 

If you can afford organic sheets for your baby, surely go for it. They might seem like an expensive items, but you will be satisfied and away from any worries. Your baby will have the most comfortable and safe sleep. 

What type of sheet is the healthiest? 

Organic sheets that are made of pure organic cotton are the best and healthiest option for your baby’s sensitive skin. 

What are organic sheets made of?

The material used in making organic sheets includes organic cotton, hemp, bamboo-based material, and linen. These are grown without any chemical fertilizers or pesticides. 

Final Statement 

A baby’s skin is very delicate and can absorb almost anything it touches. To provide them with good care, search for the GOTs certified sheets that are completely organic and keep the bedding’s surface safe and comfortable. 


12/09/22 product and prices are updated

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