Motorola MBP36 Remote Wireless Video Baby Monitor Review

Motorola MBP36 Remote Wireless Video Baby Monitor Review

Looking for some sort of baby monitor for your kid? Motorola MBP36 Remote Wireless Video Baby Monitor review is there to help you!

It’s early morning, and the online zoom meeting of your office is scheduled soon! You decided to initially freshen up yourself and have a cup of coffee. But, then you realized that would it be safe to leave your baby in the room alone on the bed? You perceive that your child needs attention every time, but it’s very difficult for you to be with him every minute and especially when it’s meeting time.

This situation will make you feel that you should own a digital monitor! In the initial years, baby monitors came with only audio effects but now in digital times it is upgraded with video also with a variety of features in it which will decrease your stress. This will act as a multipurpose device as primarily your child will get personal attention and you as a parent will keep an eye on them.

What is the special features Motorola MBP36 Remote Wireless Video Baby Monitor has?

Motorola MBP36 remote wireless video baby monitor has attained great response on the shopping websites like due to its video on an LCD screen and wireless features which make the work for the parents simpler and easier.

This monitor comes with automatic infrared night vision which has automatic adjustable brightness video with pan/tilt and zoom feature which can be controlled by remote or manually.

It also comes with room temperature monitoring and 5 pre-recorded lullabies which are controlled from the parent unit.

The big colored LCD screen displays realistic videos and sounds in your infant’s room with a maximum of 25 FPS video playback. This helps you to keep a track of your baby’s activities visually and audibly. This product comes with infrared night vision sensors which help you to keep an eye over your baby without switching on the lights of the baby’s room. 

Features of Motorola MBP36 Remote Wireless Video Baby Monitor: –

  • This monitor can tilt and be seen in landscape view and can be zoomed in.
  • 5 popular and soothing lullabies are built-in which make your kid relaxed and calm.
  • Security is kept in mind and data encryption is also provided.
  • The audio data is kept safe and secure through encryption.
  • Helps to track your kid’s activities, both, visually and audibly. 
  • This device comes with remote camera adjustment, five LED lights which are sound activated and keep the record of level of sound in the room.
  • Comes with 200m connectivity with built in out of range warning signals.
  • One year warranty pack is also included with this product.
  • 120 V, 60 Hz power supply is required to make this device functional.

Product description

The baby monitor shows the video clearly on the LCD screen and up to some considerable distance.

You need not to be tense and run again and again to your child. This monitor can be tilted and also be zoomed in. Also, there is the feature of the infrared night version which allows you to keep an eye over your child in low lights without disturbing him. It also takes care of the baby while sleeping as it has a parent addition which gives the feeling like you are with the baby as it includes room temperature display, sound level, out of range alert, and also low battery signal. There are 5 lullabies, which have been already installed and they help to relax your child when he or she is sleeping.

This acts as a CCTV camera with audio and videos of your child with vital features like night vision, colored videos, and sound indicators.

The Motorola MBP36 video monitor also allows you to speak and talk with your child and establish two-way communication with your child remotely which is supported by a room temperature monitor for smooth functioning.

The most exciting feature of this video monitor Is that it consists of a room temperature sensor which is displayed on the receiver’s LCD display. This will help you to know if the temperature level in the room is cool or hot. Motorola MBP36 video monitor wins the race in the wireless products category.

What is the range of Motorola mbp36 video baby monitor?

This video baby monitor will work up to 200m from your baby. This device gives you a signal if you are out of range or you are very close to your child.

This gadget has a feature of a colored screen of around 3.5 inch which works perfectly fine within a distance of 200 m. If your baby is crying you will be indicated through the LED sound-activated lights inbuilt in it without any volume.

The device consists of a maximum of 4 cameras and can be seen on a quad screen that shows the view of your baby in all 4 cameras as time changes. 

This gadget has features like cameras, parent unit, storage battery, and power cords with a 1-year warranty.

The 2.4GHz FHSS technology provides a more stable connection without wire connection over past cordless technologies such as 900MHz cordless antennas. 

This solves multipurpose tasks as upgraded range and there are low chances to leave something in the baby’s room due to low network connectivity. The connectivity distance between baby and parent is around 572 feet which are quite good and provides a good connection.

 The indoor range for this unit is actually closer to 80 feet with 5 walls in the between. The average distance for the dedicated products is closer to 62 feet and 4 walls. 

The gadget has 10-12 feet night vision capability. The camera is placed far from the baby to capture good and viewable images.

The monitor consists of night images that are fairly bright to see the pictures clearly.

The parent unit goes on sleep mode to allow parents to sleep in darker areas.

How to install and use Motorola mbp36s digital video baby monitor?

This device is easy to install and implement. Parents would place the battery, which needs a screwdriver, but the camera and parent unit will be linked automatically. This device will not create any problem for parents to set this gadget also if they are not tech-savvy. The parent unit has many new vital features which will ease the parent’s stress towards the infant. It also has an alarm feature which will indicate you every time. Parents can add additional cameras to the device with 4 cameras inbuilt in it. It also tells the temperature of the baby’s room that it is cold or hot to parents which reduces the parents’ need to go in the room again and again. The parent unit has a 3.5-inch viewing screen that is larger than most of the competition

It comes with a stable kickstand, but no other features for mounting or transporting it. The parent unit can zoom up to 1x and can tilt and pan the view. The camera also has infrared LEDs for automatic night vision and it boasts 3 megapixels resolution. This device allows you to hear your baby while sleeping. This is because it has an inbuilt mic that allows 2-way communication between you and the child.

The battery life for this device is almost 5-hours, which is much better than other devices. This device is like WIFI models as WIFI models only last till 5-6 hours battery life. The Motorola device is really very good as it can be used as a wireless device. However, the battery life is dependent on the way of usage. This is the best device for parents who do not like WIFI models. If the battery is damaged or it is time to replace it so it is easily available online. The feedback from customers for this product is amazing.

Price of Motorola baby monitor mbp36

The price for the Motorola baby monitor mbp36 is $119.99 which is very much affordable to all parents. However, the accessories are not included in this price. They are supposed to be bought separately with additional charges. The device is successful in all tests which included video quality, audio, range, and it made energetic efforts in battery life and for these features, Motorola achieved the Editors’ Choice award in 2012.

The baby monitor products of Motorola in the technology sector are increasing day by day. However, it offers only local video that is without a WIFI connection requirement so it has no remote access. A popular consensus amongst the majority of its owners is towards the product’s simplicity and reliability that makes it easy to use. Some customers have complained about the charging speed and battery life of Motorola baby monitors that are common but the customer service is trying to resolve the issue.

This is all about Motorola MBP36 Remote Wireless Video Baby Monitor. I hope all queries are resolved from the above information!

Final words

The Motorola MBP36 Digital Video Baby Monitor with a 3.5 inches colored LCD screen is a good product for parents to keep an eye on children audibly and visually with many more features like night vision, inbuilt lullabies, parent unit, battery life, range, and many more.

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