Best mosquito Nets For Baby Cribs

Best mosquito Nets For Baby Cribs

Babies are indeed the purest and most sensitive creatures, therefore as the parents embark on the lovely journey of parenthood they want to keep their child safe and protected. Parents search for the best things so their baby is not deprived of comfort. They look into every detail from the bedding of the baby crib to the grooming kits for the baby.

One of the things that parents should never miss is the mosquito nets for baby cribs. Getting a crib and its accessories is the most exciting part when decorating a nursery. The kind of mosquito net for the crib you buy influences the whole vibe of your baby’s nursery therefore it should be comfortable and yet add beauty to the surroundings.

Why there is a need of mosquito net for crib

Babies are sensitive and insects or mosquitos can very easily harm them. Especially mosquitoes as they cause serious diseases like malaria or dengue which can be more deadly for children under the age of five.

The mosquito net for cribs has been proven to be one of the most effective methods of protecting children against malaria as it hinders direct contact with your baby and a mosquito. The protective barrier is a must to ensure that your baby sleeps peacefully without getting irritated skin and health because of a mosquito bite.

There are many areas where mosquitoes stay all around the year, whereas in some areas they come on a seasonal basis to make babies as well as adults sick. A baby sleeps most of the hours in a day and stays in a crib. It is very important that those hours are comfortable as well as peaceful for the baby, and to ensure that a mosquito net for a baby crib is a must. 

Many people use alternative ways to kill mosquitoes and insects such as they use chemical sprays, coils, electric rackets etc. These things are not safe for the baby to get in contact with, therefore a mosquito net for crib is the best safety option for the parents as it is non-toxic and safe.

Advantages of mosquito net for crib

  • The mosquito net for crib is a non-toxic protection for a baby.
  • It is the best alternative to chemical sprays done to kill mosquitos.
  • Mosquito net for crib has mesh which allows the air to pass through hence it’s breathable and keeps babies comfortable.
  • Mosquito cribs are not just the protectant against mosquitoes but also against many other insects and pets that can disturb babies again and again.
  • The different styles and colors of mosquito nets also acts as a crib accessory adding beauty to the baby’s nursery.
  • The net keeps the baby safe from all dangerous, life-threatening diseases like malaria 

and dengue.

Expert’s Opinion

Hana Adler, a practicing pediatrician and mother of two beautiful babies says “ Parents must consider using mosquito net for cribs as the safest option of protection from mosquitoes and insects. I have used a stretchable and breathable net for my baby bought from Amazon and it worked great. I used it on the crib as well as on the stroller. Through netting, it is easy to see the baby along with keeping them protected from any harm and also ensuring peaceful and comfortable sleep. Therefore I suggest adding mosquito nets for baby cribs as a must have”. 

Reviews on Amazon

Mosquito nets for cribs available online

Dreambaby Insect Netting

Netting of good quality is very important for your baby to sleep safely and comfortably. The elastic and breathable net makes the work easier and better.


Product detail

  • Brand: Dreambaby 
  • Material: Nylon
  • Color: Stroller 
  • Item Weight: 0.07 Kilograms 
  • Item Dimensions: 8 x 6 x 2 inches
  • Protects baby from mosquito and flying insects.
  • It is stretchable.
  • Easy to clean as it is machine washable.
  • Easy to assemble.
  • Fragile.

Final Verdict:

Dream baby insect netting safeguards your child from mosquitoes and flying bugs. It fits standard carriages and cribs. It is made of strong, dependable 100 percent nylon, with flexible sew to hold it set up.

2: RuiHome Princess Dome

Mosquito net is a great protector against insects and mosquitoes but it can also add beauty and colors to the baby nursery with its unique cuts and flares. 


Product detail

  • Brand: Rui Home 
  • Material: Polyester
  • Color: Pink
  • Style: Modern
  • An easy opening to reach the baby anytime.
  • breathable.
  • Protects from bright light.
  • Add colors to the baby nursery.
  • It is for baby girls.
  • No proper closing.

Final Verdict:

RuiHome princess dome let the baby rest quite peacefully in the crib. The Ribbon trim attached below offers a pretty look. 

Check here the beautiful bedding crib sets for a baby girl.

3: Yosoo Mosquito Net 

Mosquito nets that are stretchable works great as multipurpose. Parents can use them on cribs, strollers or prams and keep the baby safe and comfortable everywhere.


Product detail

  • Package Dimensions: 13 x 6.5 x 0.05 inches
  • Item Weight: 0.16 ounces 
  • Manufacturer: Yosoo
  • Easy to attach because of elasticity.
  • No need to assemble.
  • Fine quality net.
  • Suitable for mini cribs.

Final Verdict:

Yosoo mosquito net for baby cribs is a great purchase. It is durable, flexible and keeps the baby safe and sound.

The drawback of mosquito nets for crib

  • The net can have a specific smell sometimes, which can affect the aura of the nursery.
  • The baby can get stuck in the net if it falls by any chance.
  • If the net is not made of non-toxic material it can cause irritation or cough.
  • Babies can get stuck in the net which sometimes can lead to suffocation.


There is no doubt in the fact that a baby’s safety is the most important thing. Mosquitoes and insects can be harmful in any season in any part of the world. Babies can not talk and share their discomfort because of these annoying insects. Therefore, it’s best to get a mosquito net for your baby which is non-toxic and breathable. Make sure that it is attached properly to the crib in order to avoid any accidents.


Is netting around the crib safe?

Netting can be a leading cause of suffocation in babies. Between 1983 to 2012 it became the reason for 77 deaths. Therefore netting around a baby’s crib can be dangerous if not fitted or attached properly.

How do you attach a mosquito net to a crib?

The mosquito net for a crib comes with an assembly frame. Make sure to clamp that frame with the rails of the cot. Attach the mosquito net with its opening to the front. Spread the netting outside of the cot. In some cases, the netting is even installed with the help of nails.

Are mesh crib tents safe?

Mesh crib tents are made up of non-toxic material and lead-free materials and are safe to consume but can have the risk of leading to suffocation and death.

Can newborns use mosquito nets?

The mosquito net for a crib protects babies from deadly diseases like malaria and dengue therefore it can be used for newborns but in a proper and safe way.

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