Milliard Bassinet Review

Milliard Bassinet Review

Bassinets are small beds that are designed for babies to sleep in. They are usually placed next to the parent’s bed. Bassinets have been used for a long time and be very useful for babies who cannot yet move on their own or roll over. A bassinet is one of the most necessary investments that you have to make and it is a product your baby needs. Babies deserve to be placed in a comfortable and warm place for their sleep or even when they are awake to play with you. Bassinets are mostly utilized for babies that are up to 4-5 months. When your baby crosses this age then the bassinet becomes a small place for them as now they can move their legs and arms. There are large and small bassinets for different kind of rooms and spaces you have at home. One of the best bassinets in the market is the Milliard Bassinet. 

Milliard Bassinet has multiple laudable features and incredible specifications that you would be satisfied with as a parent. The best things about any good bassinet are comfort and reliability. Fortunately, this elegant bassinet comes with both of these features and even more for your babies. We have written this article reviewing the milliard bassinet so you can know all the pros and cons of this product.

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Specifications and Features of Milliard Bassinet

An excellent and useful bassinet is known and appreciated because of its good specifications. Milliard bassinet offers top security because of its mesh sides. It is a good size for all babies. Milliard bassinet has a breathable mattress. It offers good air circulation and comfort. It also has a canopy and locking wheels.


Below are the specifications of Milliard bassinet:

  • Color                               Gray Mesh
  • Brand                              Milliard
  • Product Dimensions       41”L x 27”W x 40”H
  • Material                           Mesh
  • Assembly Required         Yes

Two Modes and Side Storage Pockets

Milliard bassinet comes with storage pockets. These storage pockets come in handy and parents have been loving this additional help. You can store your baby’s products in these pockets. In this way, you do not need to worry about walking towards cupboards and getting your baby’s toys or wipes as you can store all these things in this bassinet’s pockets. Moreover, the milliard bassinet comes with two modes. You can utilize this as a stand-alone bassinet or a side sleeper bassinet. Further, this product comes with bed straps so you can tie the bassinet and it makes your baby safer and more secure. Another important point to be mentioned is that this bassinet is quite easy to handle. There are many times when parents do not buy even good bassinets because they do not promise easy handling. A bassinet needs to be easy because the purpose of this product is to make the lives of parents easier not to put them in more trouble.

Promises Safety and Comfort

Milliard bassinet is a bassinet that is made from the finest materials. It has several features that make it stand out from the rest. For example, it has a breathable mattress that provides the baby with air circulation and comfort. It also has several safety features, such as an adjustable canopy and locking wheels. 

The mattress is made with 3 layers: 

  • memory foam
  • Cotton
  • polyester fiberfill

Is uppababy bassinet safe for overnight sleeping?

This design ensures that the baby will sleep comfortably during the night and not be disturbed by any movement or noise in their surroundings. The canopy is designed to provide shade for the baby while they are sleeping by blocking out light and providing privacy for them to sleep soundly without being disturbed. A good canopy ensures that your baby is safe from direct light. Milliard bassinet also has locking wheels. They are designed to keep the bassinet stable at all times, which prevents it from moving around when you’re moving around in your bedroom or when you have pets running around your house.

  • The bassinet is made of a light and durable polyester fabric. The fabric is easy to clean and can be removed for washing.
  • It has an elegant design perfect for your modern furniture and rooms.
  • It can be turned into a side sleeper bassinet and a stand-alone bassinet.
  • Milliard bassinet is made of mesh walls that offer breathability and security to your babies.
  • The bassinet has an adjustable height system, which allows you to adjust it to the perfect height for your baby.
  • Milliard bassinet also has a removable canopy that can be used to shield your baby from the sun or wind, depending on the weather conditions.
  • It does not have moving wheels to move it around the room. We can’t say that this product offers good portability.
  • The bassinet does not have padding or sheeting to keep babies warm. 

Comparison with Ingenuity Dream & Grow Bedside Bassinet

Ingenuity Dream & Grow BassinetMilliard Bassinet
It has two modes; one is a bassinet and the second one is a crib alternative.It has two modes as well but they are different. This can be a stand-alone bassinet and a side sleeper bassinet.
It has soothing sounds for comforting babyIt lacks soothing sounds.
The maximum weight recommendation is 25 Pounds.The maximum weight recommendation is 20 Pounds.

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Is it worth Buying

As a parent, it can become hard when you have to choose the best bassinet or any other product out of many options. It all depends on what specifications you need but a good bassinet can offer durability and security. Milliard bassinet is a great choice if you want a stylish bassinet that will last for years to come. The metal frame is sturdy and the wood is durable. It also has a large, comfortable mattress, which will be perfect for your baby’s first months of life. It comes with adjustable heights which you can set according to your and your baby’s needs. 

This type of bassinet has many advantages over others on the market, but it also has some disadvantages. It may not be as practical as other options because it doesn’t have wheels or an easy way to take it around the house. For some parents, especially the ones that love to travel, milliard bassinet is not that suitable because it cant be carried around. Also, since it doesn’t have wheels, you have to keep it in one room. 


We have written this article to help you understand the good and bad about the Milliard bassinet. It is one of the most popular and good bassinets out there. We have mentioned its pros and cons as well. Eventually, it depends on you as to what you want in a bassinet. We have also mentioned product details and specifications so you don’t need to research as we have provided all the information. We hope this will help you make the best choice for your baby. Happy shopping for your little ones!

Product Review


How long can a baby sleep in a bassinet?

A bassinet is made for babies that are below six months old. Besides this, a baby can sleep in a bassinet for as long as they need to. Make sure the bassinet you buy is made of non-toxic materials to ensure your baby’s safety and for the safety of the environment. It is up to the parents to decide when it is time to stop using the bassinet.

When should I stop using the bassinet delight?

It is recommended that parents use the bassinet delight as a temporary sleeping solution for their newborns. It should be used for up to six months. This is because babies need to be able to breathe freely while they sleep. The bassinet delight can help them do this by giving them more headroom and space. However, once the baby can roll over or push up on their hands, it is best if they stop using the bassinet delight. If you want a bassinet that suits your baby then you can check out bassinets with weight and size limits.

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