6 Best Tips On How To keep A Cat Out Of The Bassinet?

6 Best Tips On How To keep A Cat Out Of The Bassinet?

To be a cat lover is good quality but how to keep a cat out of the bassinet is a question for many parents. Because many people not only love cats but they want to keep them inside their houses, spend a lot of time with them and share everything with them and not restrict them from anything.

So, if you are a cat lover and also a parent of a baby, you must be conscious of your baby’s safety. Because in your house you must have a safe bassinet for your baby and you know that cats love to climb and search for a soft, warm, and comfortable place to sleep. Now you need to change the pattern of your cat for example do not give them access to a bassinet, to keep the cat out of the bassinet.

In this blog, we’ll discuss all the tips you can use to keep your cat out of your baby bassinet without making your cat angry.

Why do cats get into a baby bassinet?

There are some facts about why cats go in the baby bassinet.

  • Cats like to climb on things.
  • The time they are curious to check things so, to satisfy their curiosity they climb and observe things.
  • Cats always sniff things so they jump up on them.
  • Sometimes they get into the baby’s bassinet while they are sleeping to get cuddles.
  • There may be a little possibility of jealousy in cats with babies because they may lose your center of attention, some cats may show their behaviors of jealousy by jumping into a baby bassinet.

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Tips on how to keep a cat out of the bassinet

  • Must use a bassinet with a canopy

Invest your money in the bassinet with a canopy for the sake of your little one. It will not only protect your baby from your four legs friend but also save him from insects/ bugs and direct access to light. So, you must use a canopy to keep the cat out of the bassinet.

  • Keep them out through the system of reward

This tip required consistency, whenever you find your cat in the bassinet remove her immediately and place her in her place.  When the cat starts to sleep in her place reward her with prizes. This tip will work for your cat.

  • Deter your cat with aluminum foil

You can deter your cat by placing aluminum foil in the bassinet when the baby is not there. The cat will jump out back because of its sound within seconds from the bassinet.

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  • Train your cat

Train your cat not to sit in bassinets before your baby arrives home. For the training, you can also use a pet training mat, which produces a harmless pulse to stop the cat

  • Make space for cats in a baby room

Cats like soft, cozy, and spacey places to sleep. So, bring them their furniture and place it in your baby’s room. This will keep your cat happy and keep out of your baby’s bassinet

  • Use double sticky tape

Put this sticky tape around the edges of the baby bassinet. It will irritate the hairs of the cat’s paws and prevent the cat to get into the bassinet.

 Is your baby safe around cats?

No, your baby is not safe around cats, there are many reasons for it, for instance,

  • They may fall asleep with your baby or on your baby and it can suffocate your baby because babies do have not the ability/ energy to move quickly on their own, so keep your cat away from babies while they are sleeping.

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  • There is the possibility of cats getting violent and they can scratch and hurt your baby’s face.
  • Cats like to lick the baby’s face and may transfer the bacteria/ germ which is very dangerous for your baby.
  • Cats’ fur may irritate your baby’s cozy skin, and they can get skin rash.
  • If your cat poops near the baby or in the baby’s bassinet then you must know that the cat’s urine contains a high amount of ammonia which can cause respiratory problems for your baby.
  • Moreover, if your baby is suffering from asthma, he/ she is at more risk. This is another reason to keep a cat out of your baby’s bassinet to avoid this type of misshape.

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Accessories to keep a cat out of the bassinet

  • Bassinets with canopy or bassinet cover for cats

The canopy is a great way to keep pets out of the bassinet. Cats in particular are known for their curiosity and love to climb up high places. This will keep your baby safe from any potential harm.

  • Aluminum foil

Cats are often attracted to the sound of babies crying, which can lead them to try and get closer to the source of these cries

Aluminum foil is a material that is useful to keep cats out of bassinets by creating an unpleasant environment for them. 

  • Screen door

The screen door has a dual purpose. It not only keeps the cat away from the baby bassinet but also lets in fresh air and light.

A screen door is a type of door that lets in fresh air and light while keeping cats out of the bassinet and bugs too.

  • Pet pan/ furniture

Pet furniture can be a great way to keep cats out of the bassinet. It will give them a place of their own that they can enjoy and also provide a safe place for the baby.

  • Training pet mat

The training pet mat is a device that is designed to teach cats to stay off of furniture. It has a mat on the bottom and a motion detector that will cause the mat to vibrate when it detects the cat’s weight. The vibrations are not strong enough to hurt the cat, but they are strong enough to startle it and make it think that it’s being chased by an animal. The mat also has a motion sensor at its top, which detects when the cat jumps onto furniture. This sensor will cause the mat below to vibrate as well so that the vibration becomes associated with jumping onto furniture.

  • Double-sided sticky tape

The tape will stick to itself, and your cats will have a difficult time pulling it off of any surface. If you want to keep your cat away from an area in your house on which you might not want them to pee or poop on, use double-sided sticky tape with a piece of paper towel or newspaper attached.


To be concluded, keeping the cat out of the bassinet is not a difficult task. You can do it using different and very simple means. Such as selecting a modern bassinet with a canopy, installing a screen door, or keeping cat furniture in the baby room by creating a separate space for the cat. Deterrence devices also can be used for restricting your cat’s access to the bassinet. To make sure that the cat will not get into the baby’s bassinet, close the room door of your newborn baby especially when the baby is asleep


Do cats suffocate babies?

Yes, they can suffocate babies while sitting on the face or chest of a baby, because babies cannot move themselves or they do not know how to remove a cat from their face or chest.

Why does my cat sleep in my baby’s bassinet?

Cats always like soft, cozy, luxurious, and warm places to sit and sleep and there is nothing more soothing and cozier than your baby bassinet or crib. That’s why your cat sleeps in your baby bassinet.

Should babies be kept away from cats?

Yes, you should keep away your baby from cats for the baby’s safety. Giving baby a small space that is out of the cat’s approach

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