Detail Review on Juno Bassinet

Detail Review on Juno Bassinet

Bassinets are one of the most important baby furniture that not only makes your little one happy but also as a parent makes your life easier. When the news of your baby arrives, the second thing after getting the baby’s clothes and diapers is getting a small space for your baby. A separate space for your baby that can ensure safety and provide warmth to your little one is a necessity. Since it’s a necessity, it should be a piece of furniture that fits right into the modern furniture of your house. 

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Juno Bassinet is a kind of bassinet that not only works well but is also suitable for your and your baby’s mood. It comes with admirable features and amazing specifications that not a lot of bassinets can promise to you as a parent. The sleek and simple design of this product is what puts it in front of the most incredible bassinet on the market. You would not need to worry about the comfort and perfect space for your child after getting it. However, we are reviewing this product for you so you, as a parent, can make a better choice for your newborn baby.

Specifications of Juno Bassinet 

Juno Bassinet is one of a kind when it comes to offering reliability and durability. Its portability is also what makes it desirable for parents of newborn babies. It is a very light product and that only adds to its beauty and comfort. Many parents are tired of heavy bassinets which are good at work but it is a hassle to move them around. In this scenario, Juno Bassinet wins easily.


Below are more specifications of this bassinet:

  • Color                          Wave
  • Age Range                 Baby
  • Construction Type      Foam Construction
  • Item Weight                11 Pounds
  • Batteries Required     No

Features of Juno Bassinet

Portability and Breathability 

One of the best things about this product is that it only weighs 11 lbs. It is made of light materials which is why heaviness is not an issue you as a parent have to deal with. You have work to do in your first child’s separate room but you can’t leave the new baby alone? No worries, you can swiftly and easily move Juno Bassinet around and fix it wherever you want it. You have a party to attend in another city but you just turned down the invitation because there’s no sign of a safe and comfortable space for your baby there? Juno Bassinet solves this issue of portability well. It comes with a traveling bag which is why you can easily fold this bassinet and carry it wherever you want with you. Additionally, this bassinet and its traveling bag have soft colors that look pleasing to one’s eye. Overall it’s minimalistic and just easy to handle.

Additionally, this bassinet ensures breathability for your little one. The mattresses used in this product are organic and allow the air to flow easily. Thus, there is no danger for your baby and you can be assured that your baby is safe and sound in this bassinet. 

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Strong and Simple Design

Another important thing about a Juno bassinet is how strong it is. Even though the product is lightweight it can still prove itself as a strong bassinet. It does not matter if your product has to deal with drips and spills, it will stand strong and you can use it for as long as you wish. Keep in mind, this bassinet is not made of toxic materials. It has a protection that is made of nontoxic materials and that fact in itself excites parents. It is good when the bassinet checks the boxes for comfortability and minimal design but it is applaudable when it also checks the box of ‘made from non-toxic materials. It’s significant not only for your child but is also an excellent choice if you care for the environment. Products made of non-toxic materials are ideal because we as a society must think about our environment.

  • Juno bassinet offers organic cotton sheets. It is soft and ensures the safety of your little one. 
  • It comes with a travel box. If you are a parent who loves to travel or who has to travel for work then this bassinet is best for you. 
  • It comes with a travel box. If you are a parent who loves to travel or who has to travel for work then this bassinet is best for you. 
  • It is made of non-toxic materials. TIME added it to the list of 100 best inventions of 2021 because it is made of recyclable elements. 
  • It is GREENGUARD Gold Certified meaning it has zero harmful emissions.
  • Juno bassinet offers 100 percent breathable bassinet. 
  • It does not give modern facilities like vibration and music.
  • It does not have wheels or a canopy. 

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Is it Worth Buying?

Juno Bassinet is a quite decent product but it depends on your taste and your needs if this product suits you. The best part about this product is quite literally how lightweight it is. Hence, it is easy to move around. This bassinet does not have features like music and vibration, something you can find in many modern bassinets. However, it does its job perfectly and ensures breathability. So, yes it is a great investment and also a good product that will stand the test of time. The beautiful design of this product has attracted a lot of customers. It is not a hard fact to digest that packing affects our choices to a reasonable extent. In the area of looks, this product has made its name in the hearts of parents as well. 


Juno bassinet has made the list of best baby bassinets in such a short time. Parents love the comfort and durability it offers. Due to its lightweight and perfect size, it indeed has made parents’ life easier. It has many pros that have been stated earlier. These pros are excellent enough that you can overlook their cons. With the juno bassinet, you do not have to worry about portability. You can take your baby wherever you want wherever you need. It’s not a hassle to pack and unpack as this beautiful bassinet comes with a comforting travel bag. Additionally, this product just suits your modern design due to the alluring design it has on it. We have reviewed this new product for you with its pros and cons so you can make the best choice for your little one. Hopefully, this will help you and you will decide with full knowledge. Happy Shopping!

Product Review


What is the highest-rated bassinet?

An ideal bassinet is a perfect size for your little one. It must offer ultimate portability and ease your life as a parent instead of making it difficult. According to the Forbes list, Halo Bassinet Premiere Swivel Sleeper is the overall bassinet that checks all the boxes and is just perfect. 

Is it OK for the bassinet to rock all night?

Babies don’t sleep at night as adults do. It is unrealistic to believe that they won’t wake up in the middle of the night. Rocking bassinets in this scenario can be of great advantage but they should not rock all night if a parent is not keeping an eye on the baby often. It also depends on the kind of sleep your little one has so you must set the rocking according to that. 

Is a co-sleeper bassinet worth it?

It is not a necessity but it is good to have a co-sleeper bassinet for your little one. It is recommended especially when your baby is in its earlier months of life. As soon as your baby outgrows the bassinet, its size becomes smaller for the growth of your child. Hence, parents should keep a check on that.

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