Joovy spoon walker review [2021-22]

Parents always tend to be confused about Baby Walkers. There are thousands of choices in the market but choosing the most appropriate one for the baby is very important. Here in this article, we will tell the most genuine and detailed reviews regarding one of the most popular and comfortable walkers i.e. Joovy Spoon Walker. 

Now you don’t need to be confused among others, let’s dive in and talk more about Joovy Spoon Walker.


What is a Joovy spoon walker?

Joovy spoon walker is one of the popular baby walkers available today with a comfortable high chair that helps the baby to be engaged and your baby can easily learn to walk.

Manufactured while keeping safety in mind as safety is one of the top features that parents are looking for when buying a baby walker. The design of the walker is simple and beautiful. The soft seat and round corners make the walker more comfortable for a baby. Tray in the walker allows the baby’s little soft hands to rest and helps while feeding. Sometimes it can act as a holder for a baby’s toys.  Walker is easy to clean as the walker’s material is soft and washable. The material is very durable and washes well in the washing machine.

Joovy spoon walker is non-toxic and safe for babies. Its special features allow the baby to play constantly and also improve his/her motor skills. Its white color and vibrant seat color are perfect for your baby.

After mealtime, your child can have fun with the features provided in the chair. This fun with the chair will provide leg strength and help the baby to walk their first steps.

It is available in 6 different colors- Red, Green, Purple, Charcoal, Blueberry, Blue.

How to use a Joovy Baby Walker safely?

  • Never put anything sharp or harmful on the tray.
  • Cover all the outlets with outlet cover.
  • Close the door of the places where you don’t want the baby to go.
  • Always keep an eye on the baby.

Specifications of Joovy Baby Walker.

  •  Measurement of the  walker is (H) 18″ * (W) 25 1/2″ x (D) 27 3/4″ .
  •  Folded Walker measures (H) 9″ /25 (W) 1/2″ x (D) 27 3/4″ .
  •  The distance between the seat and tray is 9 1/2″.
  •  Weight= 12.3 lbs.
  • Maximum weight of the infant = 30 pounds
  •  Height of the infant should be up to 331/2 inches.

How does Joovy Baby Walker help in brain development?

The walker helps in brain development. It is seen that a walker also helps in observing things and making decisions. For example, when the baby realizes that there is a wall or a door in front of him/her, he/she rotates the walker and changes his/her direction. This shows that the baby is developing motor skills as well as learning new skills.


  • The Front Oversized tray is removable and can be easily washed in the dishwasher.
  • Base of the walker is wide enough to ensure safety and protect the baby’s finger from pinching between the wall. 
  • Seat is comfortable and soft and can be easily washed in the washing machine.
  • Walker can be adjusted into 3 position in accordance with height 
  • Size of the wheel is big for easy grip and it doesn’t scratch the wooden floors.
  • The staircase doesn’t slip.
  • Foldable and easy to pack and unpack.

Pros of Joovy Baby Walker!


Tray present in walker help babies to eat their meals and sometimes act as a holder in which baby can lie down when he/she feels tired.

The tray can hold the baby’s toys, water bottles, metal plates, and toys. The tray can easily be washed and cleaned after a meal. When the infant grows the walker will support and provide strength to the baby’s legs and will help him/her to walk.


When your child jumps or stands, the broad base will help the walker to maintain it’s correct position; its base is very still and virtually drops resistance and also it controls the baby’s movements. The non-slip pads provide great protection. Bumper guard right is present in the walker that prevents any damage or injury to the baby.


The seat cover and wide base of the seat is durable.

The seatback, wide base, and seat pad are very comfortable. The child can jump and walk with comfort. Material is very soft


The tray and seat are easily washable in a dishwasher.Tray is easily washable in the dishwasher. Easy to fold and unfold and cover less space.


Height of the walker can be adjusted to 3 units while standing or sitting. While sitting, the flat feet of the baby should be maintained.

The walker comes almost settled and assembled. You just have to snap on the front wheels, pop in the seat insert and it will be ready to use. Provides a warranty of 2 years from the date of purchase.


The seat is occupied with comfortable soft cushions and a soft padded backrest. Your child will always be in their comfort zone. If you are looking for a small or large baby walker, the joovy spoon baby walker is the best recommendation with adjustable heights with built-in safety measures. 

NOTE-The JPMA baby products exceed all government-scale safety and compliance standards.

However, parents must supervise their children while using the product and put a door in the staircase to access the baby to go there.

Cons of Joovy Baby Walker!


The seat covers if not changed regularly may create problems like an infection to the baby and can create hygiene problems. So, it should be changed regularly.

Initially, wheels are a bit stiff but as more and more babies walk through it, it will be fine and children will be adjusted with them.


There are no built-in toys in the walker but it provides the baby an extra-large tray that can act as a holder for toys.

Feedback of Joovy Baby Walker!

Overall the Joovy spoon walker is very effective, stable, and durable. According to the parents, the walker is very easy to use and handle. The overall feedback is positive enough. Many Parents commented that the oversized tray is very helpful as they can keep the toys of the child on it and make the child busy in playing and entertaining him/herself and enable parents to do their household or office work. But on the other hand, some parents commented that it doesn’t work on the carpet with deep pile rugs but moves smoothly on every kind of floor. But still, if you feel like viewing alternative walkers you can check out anytime!


The joovy baby walkers which have a variety of colors and are elegant is the point of interest for those who are looking for baby walkers. Your toddler will be in the comfort zone and safe in this walker. The walker provides almost every feature that every parent needs as per their child like mobility, stability and much more would be the money Worthy product. Plus you don’t need to keep buying walkers again and again, suits for every age. Tray is removable as when baby wants a free space tray can be removed. Walker rolls on every kind of floor well. Overall product is worthy and safe for baby.

Joovy Walker is available on AMAZON if you feel confident you can buy it anytime!

You can check out the video too!

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