Is It Safe to Put a Crib In Front of Window?

Is It Safe to Put a Crib In Front of Window?

While decorating the nursery for your baby in a bedroom. Many parents put a crib in front of window. But unfortunately, windows have a significant risk for babies and toddlers. There are many cases of injuries related to window falls and curtain cords falling. So, it is not safe to put a crib in front of the window. It may cause serious injuries to the baby.

Whenever parents want to decorate a nursery for their baby, they always want to give them all the facilities of life. They want to give them a sound sleep in the crib, want to keep them close. Putting babies where they have all facilities fresh air, and sunlight has many health benefits. Parents found tips here and there to give the baby a sound and peaceful sleep, and want to give them a view of the outside which makes them fresh and joyful. For this, they often choose a place near the window. 

All parents want to give their babies a perfect sleep. for this they choose different types of cribs, i.e. mini cribs, big cribs, movable cribs, etc. but where to put them in the room is also a question that is addressed in this blog

Crib Specifications

Here are a few specifications which should be considered before buying a crib 

Static sides

A crib is a bed for an infant or toddler. The child sleeps in the crib, which is placed in a bedroom or other area of the house. A crib must meet safety standards set by law in order to be sold in the market. The most important feature of a crib is that it has four sides that are fixed and do not move, so there is no risk of entrapment or strangulation by loose bedding, cords, or other items in the crib.

No Drop-down side

It is a widely accepted fact that cribs should be equipped with no drop-down side. A crib with a drop-down side can be dangerous for an infant. If the infant gets stuck in the corner of the crib, it can lead to suffocation or strangulation.

Cribs should be sturdy

Cribs should be made of sturdy materials. If a crib is not sturdy, it could collapse and the baby can get hurt. All cribs should have a guardrail on at least two sides of the mattress. This way, if the baby falls out, they will not fall to the ground and hurt themselves.

Non-toxic paints

The cribs should be made of non-toxic paint. Children often chew the crib bars and the paint could cause health problems for infants and young children. Non-toxic paints are paints that don’t contain toxic substances or chemicals. 

Blunt sides 

Cribs should have blunt railings. Instead, if there were sharp edges on the side with which your child could injure themselves with if they were to roll into it while sleeping or sitting up in their bed and leaning against it.

Appropriate width

The size of a crib can be a factor in determining the width of the railing. For example, a crib that is narrower has less space to be grasped and may require a narrower railing.

Firm mattress

A firm mattress is the safe and best option for a crib. The firm mattress will help prevent any injuries to the baby. The firm mattress will also help keep the baby in place and not rolling around when they are sleeping.


A crib should have wheels that can make its portability easy. Portable cribs make crib convenient and a lock wheel option to makes it more secure for the baby. 

Is it safe to put a crib in front of window?

It is totally unsafe to put the crib in front of window. So, while arranging the room for your baby it should be kept in mind that the crib should not be near the window.

Even, the American Academy of Pediatricians prohibits putting cribs in front of windows.

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Why are you not supposed to put a crib in front of the window

Putting a baby crib in front of window can be risky as 

Falling off from windows

Here are many reported injuries from falling from a window, if you put a crib near the window you allow your baby to climb on the window. Babies love climbing and putting their cribs near window increasing the risk of falling out from a window. 

Unwrap the cord

Babies love to pull things when they saw a cord hanging. They will push the cord which can cause a risk for them. Although the cords are wrapped but by keeping the crib in front of the window gives easy access for the baby to unwrap the cord and creates a hazard for them.

Blinds can fall on the baby

Although the curtains are well organized, they didn’t hold excessive weight. Almost 50% of injuries reported are related to a window-blind child bit into something and falling on a curtain which can cause injury.

Long curtains pose a suffocation risk, and sometimes if you put the crib in front of the window, the baby pulls the curtain into the crib and creates a hazard. 

Where should a crib be placed in a room

Here is the question that arises in the mind of many parents which is the safe place for a crib in a room, Here is the details answer to the safest place for a crib

Crib against the wall 

Putting your crib against the wall is the most convenient and safe place for your baby. It is safe on most premises, but safety concerns should also be taken in this also

 Before putting a crib against a wall few things should be kept in mind.

Power boards

All power boards in the room should have safe plates. It should be tried that there is no power plug near the crib. 


No cords and curtains is near. The crib should be far away from the room window.

Wall decorations

It should also keep in mind that the wall against which you are putting a crib should have no heavy wall decorations. It can also cause injury. 

Other furniture

Cribs should also be kept away from the other furniture. To keep your baby safe from climbing and getting trapped.  

In the middle of room,

It is not a hard and fast rule to keep the crib against the wall, you should keep the baby’s crib in the middle of the room. 

Keeping the crib middle of the room makes it more beautiful. It looks stylish and all above it keeps you safe from any hazards.


It is noted that putting a crib in front of window can create hazards. It is dangerous for babies. And it is also mentioned which are the safe places to put crib of your baby. Crib specifications help you to buy the best crib and where to keep that crib is also briefly discussed. Stay informed and keep your babies safe by following these instructions. 


Should you hang things above the crib?

The answer is yes. You should hang things over your baby’s crib because it helps them to develop their motor skills by reaching out and touching the objects.

It also helps them to better understand their environment and what they can find in it.

How many pillows should my baby have?

pillows is one of the accessories of the crib that parents buy for their baby. You should not introduce a single pillow to your baby until age reaches two years old. After 2 years of age, a pillow should be introduced to the baby for a comfortable sleep.

What is the weight limit of baby crib?

It’s difficult to answer the weight limit of the crib. It depends upon the crib. different cribs vary in carrying weight. its average range is 35-5- pounds. it is extremely rare that a crib can carry a weight of more than 50 pounds.


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