Review on The Ingenuity Foldaway Rocking Bassinet

Review on The Ingenuity Foldaway Rocking Bassinet

The Ingenuity Foldaway Rocking Bassinet is a bedside bassinet, so peaceful and comforting, that it has parents in awe. This Ingenuity baby bassinet ensures that your baby is in the best care and warmth. It is soft and does its job smoothly. Who does not desire a bassinet that is perfect in size, besides your bed, soft and warm for their little one? Fortunately, all these features are present in the ingenuity foldaway rocking bassinet and more. Is there anything more desirable than a bassinet that can assemble and disassemble easily? 

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Many parents avoid buying complex bassinets because when the product arrives home neither parent can fold or unfold the product. It thus consumes their time and makes them super tired. But, it is not such a case with this ingenuity baby bassinet. It can swiftly fold away as its name suggests and can be kept anywhere you desire. It is easy to handle and fix, which is why it is loveable. Certain bassinets make it quite hard to deal with them resulting in parents discarding the product. In this article, we have highlighted the best and the worst features of this bassinet. Now, you must decide if this product is worth your money or not.

Specifications of the ingenuity baby bassinet

Ingenuity baby bassinet is rich in its features. It provides such a sleek look and luxurious touch to your modern feature that you are left with no choice but to be impressed. It has a wide space for your darling little one. The calm spacious product makes your baby sleep in a calm and loving manner.


Some of the best features of the ingenuity bassinet are stated down below:

  • Color                                   Fletcher
  • Brand                                  Ingenuity
  • Product Dimensions           37”L x 23”W x 28”H
  • Material                              Mesh
  • Maximum weight               7 Kilograms
  • Assembly Required            Yes
  • Product Dimensions           37 x 23 x 28 inches
  • Batteries Required              No
  • Item Weight                        18.34 Pounds

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Best Features of Ingenuity Baby Bassinet

Easy Assembly and Foldaway 

Ingenuity foldaway rocking bassinet is essentially admired because of its seamless work. It folds and unfolds softly and saves you time. It can be closed into a snap in a minute so you can become able to move your baby in this bassinet wherever you desire. You can thus move this easy and loveable ingenuity bassinet in the room or from room to room. In addition to this, this bassinet is perfect for parents who love to travel. No need to worry now if you are on the road and want your baby along with you, pack up the ingenuity baby bassinet and hop into the car. You can also place this product in gardens while you are having tea with friends or at your friends’ houses. It is that easy and useful. 

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Stationary Mode and Rocking Mode

This ingenuity foldaway rocking bassinet comes with two advantageous features. Does your baby cry a lot and needs you to rock at any time of the day it wants? Well, now this issue will be resolved because the ingenuity baby bassinet is a cradle and a bassinet; two in one. Ingenuity bassinet instructions display two modes, rocking and stationery.

It effortlessly sends your lovely little kid back to the realm of dreams in no time. You don’t have to stand by your baby 24/7 nor do you need to buy extra rocking equipment to fulfill your baby’s wish. This rocking feature is admired by many parents as it has helped them save their precious time. Another mode is the Stationary mode. Now, the purpose of this mode comes after the rocking mode. When your baby falls asleep, this mode comes into use and stops the movement of the bassinet. This is how the baby silently and calmly goes back to sleep without disturbing anyone. 

  • Ingenuity baby bassinet is a cozy sleeper. Your little one will not be disturbed by dull and useless sheets but will rather be on a soft mattress.
  • This ingenuity bassinet grows with the baby. Hence, you do not have to disregard it when your baby becomes a toddler. It can hold a baby until it reaches more than 15 lbs.
  • Its mattress is removable.
  • The soft mattress covers are washable.
  • It has a rocking motion which is why it can also be called a cradle. The movements of this cradle are magically calm and make your baby sleep in a few minutes.
  • It has beautiful and neutral designs.
  • Its foldable frame is easy to fold and fold. It effortlessly expands itself in a snap so you can move the ingenuity bassinet anywhere you like.
  • This bassinet is incredible for parents who love to travel and be on the road. It is also easily fitted in most places.
  • It has mesh sides. Mesh sides provide parents with clear-cut visibility and a cooler safe baby environment.
  • It has a modern and luxurious design that fits right into the modern houses of present times. The style is simple yet elegant.
  • Ingenuity baby bassinet has a rocking mode to turn on when the baby requires a cradle.
  • It also has a stationary mode when the baby requires it during snoozes.
  • Some parents believe ingenuity foldaway rocking bassinet is too spacious for a newborn baby as the baby can just roll around.
  • It should be taller so it can level with the height of the bed.
  • It does not have wheels.
  • Ingenuity bassinet does not have a canopy. 

How to Assemble and Disassemble it?

The ease that the ingenuity baby bassinet provides to fold and unfold this product is what makes it the best luxury bassinet. Assembling this product is easy as it has two legs and you just have to pull them down to make a stand. Furthermore, these two legs are also used to turn this bassinet into a product you can take away with you when you are traveling. There are no complex techniques and multiple parts that you have to join together to make this product work its magic. Similarly, disassembling it is easy as well. 

Is it worth investing the money?

Ingenuity foldaway rocking bassinet is worth spending money on. It not only serves the duty of the traditional bassinet but also cradles the baby with its smooth rocking mode feature. In addition to this, it has an aesthetically pleasing design that attracts the modern eye quickly. The elegance of its style makes it a perfect fit in modern houses. Ingenuity baby bassinet is one of the best bassinets in the market because it is portable and greatly loved by parents who love to travel often. Ingenuity bassinet instructions tell parents to use two modes available in this product; rocking and stationary. Rocking mode cradles the baby and stationary mode stops when it snoozes. Due to its simplicity and seamless working, it is greatly admired and desired by the parents of newborn babies.

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Product Review


Ingenuity baby bassinet is one of the most useful and in-demand bassinets in the market. It is mainly due to its simplicity, easy folding and unfolding, and rocking features. It is the kind of bassinet that ensures the safety of a baby but also the comfort of parents. This article mentions the pros and cons, features, and ingenuity of bassinet instructions for your ease so you can make the best choice before you go shopping for the bassinet. 


How long can you use Ingenuity bassinet?

One of the most intrinsic advantages of this modern ingenuity bassinet is that it can be used until your baby is 5 months old or more than 15 lbs. It grows with your little one which is why parents love it a lot.

Does the Ingenuity dream and grow bassinet come with a mattress?

Yes, the ingenuity dream and grow bassinet come with a very comfy mattress. It is washable and it is also removable. Due to this, it is included in one of the best portable bassinets in the market. 

What size is the Ingenuity bassinet mattress?

The mattress side of the ingenuity bassinet mattress is 16 in. x 31 in. It has a soft mattress that ensures serene sleep for your little one. 

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