How Long Can A Baby Sleep In A Bassinet? Best Answers To Your Questions

How Long Can A Baby Sleep In A Bassinet? Best Answers To Your Questions

Expecting the baby is one of the most joyful feelings, filled with utmost excitement, either the first time or the second the element of excitement is always there. One of the most exciting parts of the journey of parents-to-be is baby shopping, bassinets are available in a variety like portable bassinets, and bassinets for twins they try their best to get their hands on every teeny-tiny thing to all the major things their baby will be needing.

One of the major things on the never-ending baby shopping list is to find the best non-toxic bassinets for babies .

First-timers must be curious to know what a baby bassinet is. how long can baby sleep in a bassinet?

What are the features of a luxury bassinet for babies , and till what age their baby can use it? how long can a baby sleep in bassinet?

This article will give insight on many related questions eventually leading you to some great options for your baby as well as a clearer mind to make a more thoughtful purchase.

What is a baby bassinet?

A baby bassinet is basically a baby bed that is small in size. The baby bassinet is much lighter in weight and easily portable, so it can be moved around without disturbing the peaceful baby’s sleep. 

Its boundaries are smaller in height so one can easily place a baby in it. The bassinet comes with a mattress that fits in it according to its size.

Bassinets can be kept closer to your bed so the child’s need is met anytime in the night, more easily.

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how long can baby sleep in a bassinet?

Before purchasing a baby bassinet, one for sure thinks about how long can baby sleep in bassinet.

Well, bassinets are great to give your baby a cozy feeling for better long sleep more specifically from their early moments of birth till the baby grows up to a few months.

Age limit

how long do you use a bassinet for? Bassinet also has some limits, as when your baby reaches the age where he or she achieves new milestones like being able to turn aside, able to sit, and sometimes even stand for a moment, that’s when they are supposed to move out of the bassinet. This happens somewhere between 3 to 6 months.

Baby starts rolling

how long can you use a bassinet? the answer to this question is that baby bassinets have smaller bed space and boundaries, so it becomes difficult to use them for a longer period of time. Once your baby starts rolling,  the boundaries are not high enough to protect the baby. 


Parents, who ask how long do you use a bassinet for? our answer is that the most suitable time period between which a baby bassinet can be used is from 0 months old till your baby turns a minimum of 3 months and a maximum of 6 months.

When your baby can stop sleeping in a bassinet

According to the American Academy of Pediatrics, your baby should have outgrown their bassinet by six months old. how long can you use a bassinet is the major concern of every parent whose child is growing.

It is advised to keep your baby in your room for at least six months as it will decrease the risk of Sudden Infant Death Syndrome (SID) in infants by 50%. Your baby is most vulnerable between 2 to 4 months.

The bassinet is best for these early months but after that, your baby can start sleeping alone out of the bassinet.

Studies show that babies who sleep alone tend to sleep longer and stay calmer at night.

What to do once your baby stops sleeping in a bassinet

When a baby outgrows the age of 6 months,  they can be shifted into the crib, the best baby crib is a larger space where your baby can have a better and more comfortable sleep. 

The boundaries are higher hence your grown-up baby is safer there.

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What is a baby bassinet made up of?

While choosing your baby bassinet you will come across many options, each one different from the other either on the basis of material or its functions. 

So, to make a better decision one should know about the variety of options there are before purchasing an essential bedroom item for their newborn. A baby bassinet frame is usually made up of wood, metal, or plastic. The surrounding walls are made up of either mesh or cloth and sometimes it is completely made up of wicker or rattan.

Some baby bassinets have smart technologies installed in them which makes their use easier.

 Important features of baby bassinet  

Right after birth, your baby is going to spend the earliest and crucial days of development and growth in the baby bassinet.

So it’s best to get the one with all the important features mentioned below.

Safety standards

Before buying a baby bassinet it is better to check if your product has a seal from the Juvenile Products Manufacturers Association(JPMA). The seal gives certification and assures the validity and safety of the bassinet after lab testing. It is preferred to buy a product that meets the safety standards because the safety of a newly born baby should never be compromised.


You can’t always sit with your baby and keep an eye, nor can you carry your baby and do house chores or spend a Sunday evening in the backyard peacefully. Therefore, to deal with all these problems you can have the best rocking bassinet for your baby.

  • Due to being lighter in weight, it can be moved around easily and you can keep your baby close to yourself.
  • Some bassinets have a handle that helps you to carry them from place to place.
  • Some have casters that are able to roll it around.
  • Some bassinets are foldable and can be used while traveling.

Canopies and toys

Some baby bassinets come with a canopy, which can help to block unwanted light, especially when it is interrupting a baby’s peaceful sleep.

A canopy is also used to attach some detachable toys with it which can excite the baby during the playtime in the baby bassinet.

 Comfortable bedding

Bedding which includes a mattress, sheets or a pad (must be no thicker than 1½ inches) should be very soft and comfortable for the baby. In the early days, the baby sleeps for 14-17 hours and therefore they spend most of the time in the bassinet, so they need the best organic bassinet mattress so that the bedding should be as comforting as possible.


Bottom storage is very essential in the bassinet where you can keep diapers, wet wipes, and bibs for your baby. Having storage makes it easier to carry the necessary things along with the bassinet.


The bassinet should be built properly to carry the weight of a baby, its base should be sturdy enough that it holds its place in case of any jerk or bounce.

Additional Features

The latest best baby cribs have some more unique features to enhance the comfort level of the baby.

There is a mechanism of vibrations and music that gives the baby a sense of calmness even when left alone.

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Pros of baby bassinet

Lesser space

A baby bassinet is very convenient for families with limited space at home. They can just place the bassinet anywhere in the room even close to their own bed as it will occupy very little space.

Easy mobility

Baby bassinets can be easily moved around the home and can be taken along on traveling as they have multiple mobility options.


Best smart bassinets are smaller in size and also less costly than a crib.

Easy to bend over

The walls of a bassinet are not too high so you do not have to bend down much to place a baby in it.

Cons of baby bassinet

Tripping Hazard

Due to the high center of gravity and small size of the bassinet, it has a risk of tripping.

If the baby sits or turns a side in a bassinet it may get imbalanced and fall.

Small span use

A bassinet can not be used for a longer time as the age limit till your baby can use a bassinet is a minimum of 3 months and a maximum of 6 months.

Weight limits

The maximum weight limit of most bassinets is 30lbs. Once your baby gets bigger he can no longer be kept in the bassinet.

Top baby bassinets available online

1. Slumber Deluxe Portable Rocking Bassinet


The Go With Me Slumber is a great travel crib. It’s designed with convenience in mind as it can be taken out of the home, and it also has some gorgeous design features – like the customizable canopy that fits in any situation. It’s sleek & modern so it will look great indoors or out

Product Details

  • Color- Charcoal Tweed
  • brand- Baby Delight
  • item dimension- 34 x 24 x 37 inch
  • material- Fabric
  • maximum weight limit- 20 Pounds


  • it is compact, portable, and convenient
  • The Slumber fitted sheet is JPMA certified and has been designed to be safe for your baby.
  • It is made using a charcoal tweed fabric, making it sleek and modern, while remaining breathable
  • Bassinet can be locked in a stationary position
  • The mesh wall offers increased air flow and breathability.
  • This material, which is also machine washable and ships with a carrying bag


  • Doesn’t have the option of height adjustment.

Final Verdict

Life takes people on many different journeys, so we designed this portable bassinet fold-up and fit into a travel bag.

This bassinet is perfect when you need a quick but convenient place to rest during your travels. This bassinet so it can easily fold up and fit into a small carry bag. It is perfect for when you need to travel but your baby won’t go down for a nap, or if you just want something small & portable to take with you on vacation.

Product details



The BABYBJÖRN Cradle is a safe and comfortable place for your baby to sleep anywhere in their home. It comforts babies with gentle rocking motions while being lightweight enough to be easily moved from room to room.

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 Product details

Color– White
Brand– BabyBjörn
Item dimension– 31 x 23 x 26 inches
Material– Polyester
Finish– Steel.


  • It helps your baby to sleep peacefully.
  • it can be easily moved from one place to another.
  • it is washable and easily cleanable.
  • Soft breathable and airy sides.
  • This mesh gives you the option to give the best care to your child.


  • it can only be used for a few months.

Final Verdict

This product is loved by everyone who buys it. this is not only qualitative but also light in weight. Here I want to recommend the baby Bjorn if they focus on size and give customers a little bit bigger size then people will love it.

Product Details

3. SNOO Smart Bassinet


The SNOO Smart Sleeper is a bassinet designed with sleep induction in mind. It features nifty features such as automatic rocking motions that promote sound sleep and soothing white noise to fall asleep to. It can also be used as a bedside crib, which is ideal for newborn babies to 6 months old.

Product Details

Color– White
Brand– Happiest baby
Item dimension– 35.83 x 18.9 x 32.28 inches
Material– Cotton
Maximum weight – 20 pounds


  • A bassinet that plays clips of womb-like music softens your baby’s and helps them transition seamlessly into the outside world.
  • It automatically detect cries, and start soothing baby like a mother
  • It is the only bassinet which give prevention to a baby from rolling.
  • you can return it if you are not comfortable with 100% cashback


  • It is very expensive.

Final Verdict

Although it s expensive bassinet but it is worthy buying, because it helps you get a better night’s sleep Baby responds well to.

Product Details

5. HALO BassiNest Sleeper


Product Details

Color- Mosaic
brand- HALO
item dimension- 18.5 x 33.5 x 7.5 inches
Form factor- sleeper
Maximum weight – 20 pounds


  • A commuting gift for parents who need some help with their infant.
  • you can lower the bedsides.
  • Glide the carry harness with your baby and let it take you around to different sleep locations.
  • A tailored and machine-makeable fitted sheet provides maximum protection against moisture.


  • Its difficult to assemble.

Final Verdict

It’s a revolutionary machine that can help you nurse your baby from the comfort of your bed! It has an ultra-soft side wall and automatically returns when you’re done using it.

Product Details


Right after the womb, coming into the bassinet would give the baby a similar feeling of warm little space rather than getting into a crib that is bigger for the newly born baby.

The most important thing to keep in mind is to check that the recent safety standards of bassinets are met.

Think wisely before making the purchase, about what features you would like to have in the baby bassinet ie. the size, weight, and you are buying bassinet for twins or for single .

But be very careful about the age limit till which a baby can use a bassinet and remember to shift your child in a crib somewhere between 4 to 6 months.

It is a good purchase for the early days of your baby and can be kept for use in the future if you are planning to have a big family.


How long can babies stay in a bassinet?

Babies can stay in the bassinet from their birth till they turn a minimum of 3 months or a maximum of 6 months. You should read more about the guidelines related to bassinet weight limit and size here.

When should babies stop using bassinet?

 Babies should stop using the bassinet once they are able to turn sides or sit as it will disturb the balance of the bassinet and it can fall.

At What age do babies go from a bassinet to a cot?

Babies usually outgrow their first beds somewhere between 4 to 6 months. That is the right time when they are shifted into a cot.


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