Best Graco Pack and Play Bassinets- Review and Guide

Best Graco Pack and Play Bassinets- Review and Guide

With the news of a new baby, parents become thrilled to buy new baby products to give their little ones the best care possible. The bassinet is one of the most essential products that must be present in your room when a newborn baby arrives. It must check the boxes of comfortability, reliability, and efficiency. Modern bassinets have made their name in the market by putting forward unique and advanced features. The Best bassinets are the ones that have made the lives of parents easier than before. However, the bassinet’s classic job is to ensure that the baby sleeps in utter peace and is safe while asleep. 

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Although buying a bassinet with technologically advanced features is an investment, these products are expensive. However, a good bassinet can consist of many features and it is possible that it comes with a reasonable price. For instance, Graco Pack ‘N Play is a masterpiece. This bassinet is known well for its portability and eases it provides to the parent of the newborn baby. Moreover, it is not complicated nor is it a hassle to utilize this product. It just aims to provide serenity to your child and you at the same time. 

Specifications of Best Graco Pack and Play Bassinets

Graco pack n play is one of the best products in the market due to the multiple functions it promises to provide. It has numerous features and perfect specifications that make you desire this baby product. Many times, parents get tired of finding a product that would be perfect to be used for multitasking but unfortunately, they fail to do so. However, Graco pack-and-play bassinets ensure your baby sleeps in the sweetest environment but it also checks on your baby’s entertainment and cleanliness. This pack and play with bassinet will also appear as one of the best additions to your modern furniture.

Features of Graco pack and play

Newborn Seat

Grace pack and play have surpassed a lot of modern bassinets by introducing a newborn seat in their product. This newborn seat has such a calming and peaceful effect on your growing baby because of the way it just cuddles your little one. When a new baby arrives, it deserves to be cared for in the most loving manner. A baby seat is an excellent choice to be placed in a bassinet because its softness and warmth can help provide the baby with the peace it needs from time to time. Moreover, this pack and play bassinet has a sound system with a vibration setup. 

Entertainment Features

It contains five natural sounds and five classical songs. Further, it has two vibration modes, one in the napper and the other in the bassinet. By turning on any of these according to your baby’s mood, you will be playing the ultimate parent’s role. You will make your little one’s childhood days one with this pack and play bassinet.

Built-in Storage Shelf

Graco pack and play have a big built-in storage basket. It has sufficient space and its size is larger than what you would get in normal bassinets. You don’t need to divide your baby’s products and keep them in different corners of your room. Just collect the essential items and stack them all in this big space provided by the pack and play bassinet. If all the things are stacked near you while your little one sleeps in this bassinet then handling the baby would be easier. Furthermore, it can save you time and your space in the room would look cleaner.

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Large Diaper Changing Station

This pack and play bassinet also contains a large diaper changer area. Have you wondered how easy it’d be to clean your baby in one place and easily just shift to the bassinet? Does that not sound convenient? Well, now it is possible. Even if your baby weighs up to 30 lbs., this changing area would work perfectly fine. You will be relieved to know that this changing spot in the pack and play with bassinet is very convenient and simple. 

  • Graco pack and play have a smooth fleece seat to keep your baby wrapped in warmth.
  • It has a classic but bigger storage shelf. 
  • It has a comforting softness that gives the best time to your child.
  • It also has a sound system with vibrations.
  • Pack and play bassinet has a changing system in it. 
  • The changing pad is portable meaning you can just move it around when you wish.
  • Pack and play bassinet also has a full size playard for your baby too where safe play is guaranteed. 
  • It has a canopy as well which shields babies from direct light and keeps them calm. 
  • The napper material is hand washed only.
  • It is a bit complicated to set up and you need time to understand its specific functions. 

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How to Use

Graco pack-and-play needs good care and you must ensure that if you wish to keep your little one away from germs or dirt. Firstly, you must clean it with soap and warm water. Secondly, don’t use bleach. Thirdly, remember if your pack and play bassinet playard gets sandy, you must remove all sand particles as they can ruin the top rail lock. Lastly, wash this product in the machine in cold water. Drip dry later. Once again, remember to not use bleach. 

To set up the playard, you need to focus a bit more but it will be done in no time. It is easy to assemble as you can easily pull the four sides up and then the center down. The napper and changing table side by side are set to make the lives of parents easier to pack and play with bassinet products

Versions of Graco Pack and Play

Graco Pack ‘N Play On The Go Playard 

This Graco pack and play are best known for the wide space it provides for the baby to play in. Furthermore, it is easy to use features and simplicity make it quite desirable. This product is easy to break down into parts as there are not a lot of parts to handle. It’s truly not a hassle to pack and unpack this product which is why it’s suitable for traveling. Furthermore, this pack and play bassinet comes with soft toys to entertain your little one. 



  • Color                                 Kagen
  • Brand                                Graco
  • Item Weight                       21.21 Pounds
  • Item Dimensions               39.5 x 28.25 x 29 inches
  • Maximum Weight              20 Kilograms

Product Review

Graco Pack ‘N Play Newborn Seat DLX Playard

Graco Pack ‘N Play Newborn Seat Playard has made parents’ lives easier by introducing a newborn seat installed within this bassinet product. This pack and play with bassinet have multiple features including a music and vibrations system. All of these make it an incredible modern product. It also has a canopy to ensure your child’s safety and a changing table to make sure you are at great ease.



  • Color                           Manor
  • Brand                          Graco
  • Maximum weight         30 Pounds
  • Maximum Height         35 inches
  • Batteries                      4 product specific batteries required
  • Battery life                   3 hours
  • Item weight                 19.91 Pounds
  • Style                            Minimum Storage

Product Review


Graco pack and play is a product that you will cherish for years if you have a plan to be parents to more children. It is truly a good investment based on the fact that it has multifarious features and aims to make your life easier than before as a parent. It’s best features as stated before include changing stations and transitions it provides from seats to changing areas. Additionally, it comes with entertaining features which are essential and add to the beauty of pack and play bassinet. 

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Can you use Pack N Play instead of the crib?

Yes, it is perfectly safe for your little one to use pack-n-play instead of a crib. Pack ‘n plays are designed in such modern ways that it serves multiple functions. Your baby can easily sleep either in the upper bassinet or the lower part of the product.

How long can a baby stay in Pack N Play?

Pack and play bassinet grows with your babies. They can be used from birth till your baby turns into a toddler. It can be safely utilized and give your little one the comfort it needs.

Are pack’n plays worth it?

Pack and plays provide babies with a good space to play which is why they appear large and full of functions. They are also stylish and of the perfect size. Moreover, they have essential entertainment features like vibration and sounds. Hence, they are an excellent investment and definitely worth it.

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