A Detailed Review On Infans Bassinet

A Detailed Review On Infans Bassinet

The bassinet is a product that must be present in your room before the baby’s arrival. Along with other essential products, the bassinet also holds its importance. Yes, even babies deserve a separate and calm space to sleep and relax. To think of it, a bassinet is the first space your little human owns, it is a corner for only your baby, where your little one spends the first months of life. Hence, a bassinet you buy must check the boxes of comfortability, smoothness, reliability, etc. You need extra care and attention when you step out to buy a bassinet for your child. 

In the modern world, parents are now more attracted to modern bassinets. Even though, traditional bassinets still hold their significance but with advanced times, parents want to upgrade their expectations. Modern bassinets provide the service of traditional bassinets but they also come with newer and unique features that fit your mood and also your needs. Infans bassinet is one such modern bassinet that has made parents’ lives easier with its simplicity yet amazing functionality. It ensures that your little one sleeps in peace without any interruption. Further, it also keeps your comfort, as a parent, in mind. 

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Specifications of Infans Bassinet

Infans bassinet comes with multiple incredible features that make this product one of the most attractive bassinets in the market. Its portability and simplicity are what put it on the pedestal. It is also made of the softest materials that not only add to its comfort but also beauty. Moreover, this bassinet is eye-catching and made keeping modern times in mind. Due to its sophisticated design, parents love putting their hands on this product and making it a part of their modern furniture. Besides this, it also has a perfect size for your baby to feel safe and secure.


Below are the specifications that make the infans bassinet one of the best ones. 

  • Brand                                      INFANS
  • Color                                       Beige
  • Product Dimensions                38”L x 27.9”W x 34”H
  • Material                                   Aluminum linen, Iron
  • Maximum Weight                    17 Pounds

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Best Features of Infans Bassinet

Detachable Design and Adjustable Height

One of the most special and amazing features of infans bassinet is its detachable design. Due to this feature, parents have genuinely felt a change in their lives as their nights have gotten calmer than before. At night, babies must sleep in full comfort or they start crying When a bassinet is far away from a parent then they have to leave their bed and ensure that the baby sleeps in peace again. With infans bassinet your issue gets solved quickly. One side of this bassinet can be attached to your bed. The fence gets down and now your baby is near to you for comfort. This way you don’t have to leave your bed and your baby also sleeps in full ease right next to you. This seamless design has been almost a blessing for parents.

In addition to this, the infans bassinet also comes with an adjustable height feature. There are buttons present on either side of the bed for this feature to work. Just push them and see the magic work. It is that easy! Moreover, there are four different height positions that you can adjust according to the needs of your baby and you as a parent. Another magical thing about infans bassinet is its ten-degree feeding angle. This feeding angle is a special design that can be used by a mother to easily feed her baby. This sleek angle helps the product to tilt and also prevents the baby from vomiting. 

Easy Installation

Would you like to know what makes this product highly desirable? It is how swiftly it works and the setting is not a hassle for parents. The first thing on a parent’s mind when they bring a bassinet home is its installation. Since these products are modern, their installation also requires some effort. This is not the case with infans bassinet. You, as a parent, will be relieved to know how easy it is to install this product in your modern-day room. There are no additional tools that come with this product. It does come with a traveling bag and that in itself is a sigh of relief for parents who love to travel. This traveling bag also ensures that you give your baby a safe environment. How? When you want to go out to your friend’s house or any other place, you can just pack it easily and move. Because of easy installation, you can take it with you, install it there and use it. Hence, you would be taking your baby’s most loved and safe space with you wherever you are planning to go. 

  • Infans bassinet comes with a soft mattress to ensure your baby’s comfort and to give your little one a protective space of its own.
  • It is portable so you can carry it with you wherever you want whenever you desire.
  • It is easy to carry around because it comes with a traveling bag.
  • Infans bassinet bag is popular due to its ten-degree angle which helps the mother to feed her baby at night or whenever she wants to.
  • It comes with four adjustable heights which you can choose to adjust whenever you want. There are buttons present on either side of this bassinet hence it is just easy to function.
  • Infans bassinet is made of strong aluminum alloy which is famous for its durability.
  • It has a safe and protective linen cloth that makes sure that your child sleeps without any interruption. 
  • It also keeps the baby closer to the parent and helps calm your little one in no time.
  • It does not have wheels to move it around.
  • It lacks a canopy to save your little one from direct light. 

Comparison with Maxi Cosi Bassinet

Infans bassinetMaxi Cosi BassinetDream on Me Skylar Bassinet
It does not contain a storage basketIt comes with a big storage basket.It lacks a storage bassinet.
It has a 10-degree angle design that helps feed the baby.It does not convert into a bedside sleeper.It converts into a bedside sleeper and it helps mothers feed the baby easily.
It does not have wheels.It does not have wheelsIt has wheels to move it around easily.
It is made of iron and aluminum linenIt is made of mesh material.It is made of Aluminum.

Is it Worth Investing the money?

Yes, infans bassinet is worth investing the money and it is primarily because of its ten-degree angle that helps the mother to keep the baby close. Moreover, the adjustable height feature can make a parent’s life easier in more than one way. This product is a great investment for parents who love to travel because it comes with a soft and easy travel bag. 


We have reviewed infans bassinet for you above so you can make the best choice for your little one to come. We have made sure to mention all pros and cons of this product so you know beforehand what you like and don’t. Further, we made comparisons with other good bassinets so it is easier for you to make a choice.  Hopefully, this article will help you in getting the best bassinet for your baby. Happy shopping!

Product Review


Which bassinet is the safest?

Bassinets that are placed in the room where you as a parent sleep are the safest. By keeping the bassinet close, you are keeping the baby close. A bassinet that is CPSIA approved is considered safe as it guarantees the baby won’t be sleeping in a product made of toxic materials. 

Are bassinets safe for SIDS?

SIDS is sudden infant death syndrome. No actual data clarifies that bassinets can cause SIDS but an unsafe bassinet that can trip over or suffocate little ones is dangerous.

Is it better for a newborn to sleep in a bassinet or crib?

A bassinet is a safe space for a newborn baby till 4 or 6 months. After that, the size of your bassinet might not be fit for your baby’s growth. When the baby starts to roll over that is when a bassinet is not safe for your little one. They are shallow and only suitable for the baby in earlier months. 

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