Detail Review Of Babybjorn Bassinet

Detail Review Of Babybjorn Bassinet

A newborn must be welcomed in the most wholesome manner on his/her first day. While you, as a parent, will keep a check on products such as baby wipes, baby clothes, and undergarments you must also keep in mind to set a portable and efficient bassinet for your little one. The best bassinet is the one that not only fulfills the traditional role of providing the baby with peaceful sleep but also with modern technological advancements such as rocking, sleeping on smooth vibration, and a sweet sound system for the baby’s comfort. The most important and necessary part of a good modern bassinet is its feature of portability. The bassinet should be able to move so you can take your baby anywhere with you while also ensuring its safety. 

Babybjorn bassinet is one of a kind product in the market. These products are machine washable and portable. Their reliability is unmatchable. Most importantly, it’s their simplicity that reminds parents of old comfy bassinets while also keeping in touch with modern needs. Its mattress has gotten great reviews admiring its authenticity and soft functioning. This review will list the pros and cons of Babybjorn products so you can make a good decision before buying the best bassinet for your little one. 

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Specifications of Babybjorn Bassinet

Babybjorn bassinet comes in multiple designs that provide parents with different functions and comfort in their own ways. The best part of this product is how smooth and easy it is to handle. This smoothness is the reason why hundreds of its customers admire it. On top of that, its specifications are laudable with its lightweight winning the hearts of parents on first glance. Additionally, the classic white gives it a radiance that a baby would love dearly.


Specifications of babybjorn bassinet are down below:

  • Color                                       White
  • Product Dimensions               31”L x 23”W x 26”H
  • Material                                   Polyester
  • Brand                                      Babybjorn
  • Size Map                                 One Size

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Features of Babybjorn Bassinet

Smooth Cradling 

Babybjorn bassinet has one of the best simple and soft movements to provide your child. It aims to lull your baby to a gentle sleep with swift and serene movements as if your little one is in your arms. This cradle has ensured to deliver the best function as it is made of mesh fabrics. The sleep of your newborn baby will not be affected by this bassinet. Your little one will be covered on the sides in the smoothness of the material used for this product. Moreover, the finish of this product is polyester and steel. These materials ensure the protection of your newborn baby to the best of its ability. Babybjorn bassinet does not compromise on its quality and design. This product has a modern design that would perfectly suit your modern furniture. It would also provide aesthetic beauty to your room, something a lot of parents wish for. 

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Washable Product and Ultimate Portability

Another laudable feature of this babybjorn bassinet is its easy handling. It is machine washable. Owning a bassinet is one thing but keeping it neat and clean is also important. Cleanliness matters the most in the case of newborn babies. They are ought to sleep in comforting, sweet, and clean places so a safe sleep can be provided to them. This product, unlike many other bassinets, can be washed in a machine with little to no effort. Hence, your time will be saved and you can invest it in any other work related to your baby. Additionally, this product is not heavy hence, it is very easy to move from one room to the other. 

Portability is one of the best features a bassinet can provide to a parent. There are many times in a day when a parent wishes to be in the kitchen but can’t devote full time to cooking because they have to set their one eye on the baby. Or in other instances, sometimes you would want to sit in another room to complete some work tasks but won’t be able to do so. However, a portable bassinet with easy movements can be of ultimate help as it can be moved wherever you want whenever you desire. 

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  • It aims to provide gentle and soft movement to your child.
  • Its portable functionality lets you move this product wherever you desire.
  • It’s made of mesh material hence your baby feels safe 34/7.
  • Babybjorn bassinet has soft and breathable sides.
  • Its padding is hundred percent polyester. 
  • It’s made for babies from newborn to 6 months old. 
  • Its legs are made of wood and steel thus it provides safety and reliability.
  • It does not have bars or small spaces that usually traps or hurts baby hands, legs etc. This is a basic but important thing about this product as it ensures your baby’s safety at its finest.
  • It does not have a large space. Certain parents love big bassinets because it provides a good space for their little one to move around.
  • Babybjorn bassinet does not have a canopy for safety purposes or to prevent the child from direct light.
  • It lacks a basket for baby products.
  • It doesn’t have music or vibration for entertainment or soothing purposes.

Is it Worth Buying?

Babybjorn bassinet is a great investment for a parent who loves simplicity but also the aesthetic beauty of the bassinet. This product can remind you of classic bassinets because it does not operate with difficulty. You just have to place your little one in it and then rest is the work of its gentle rocking movement feature. Now, you can go ahead and complete your pending work while your baby sleeps peacefully in the babybjorn bassinet. In addition to this, this bassinet is made of mesh fabrics. Fabric is important as it is the main thing holding your baby. It must be soft and breathable so your baby can enjoy a sweet sleep without any kind of interruption. 

Product Review


Babybjorn bassinet is a product that can make your life easier based on the reliability and simplicity it provides. We have reviewed this product for you above with its pros and cons so you can make the best choice for your baby. Furthermore, we have highlighted its specialties, functions, and specifications so you can trace on your own the good and bad things about this product. As mentioned earlier, the best thing about this product is that your newborn baby is as safe as a mother holding a baby. Hence, it can be stated that your worry as a parent lessens with this special product. 


How long can baby use babybjorn bassinet?

A baby can utilize a babybjorn bassinet from the age of newborn to six months old. A newborn baby that is 8 lbs. to a six-month-old baby that weighs 17 lbs. can easily be used this bassinet. Its perfect size for such babies.

Does babybjorn bassinet rock?

Yes, babybjorn bassinet rocks. Its smooth and reliable rocking is what makes it one of the most desired and loveable bassinets on the market. The product is quite easy to use and a parent does not need to entangle oneself in the technicalities of this bassinet. 

What does a halo bassinet do?

A halo bassinet is a product essentially made for mothers with a C-section and for mothers who breastfeed. This product allows the parent to have a close bonding with their little one and it is also safe. This bassinet has a 360-degree swivel that helps to keep the baby close. This is the only bassinet with this feature which makes it important. Furthermore, as a parent, you can easily take care of your baby as it keeps the baby and the parent close. 

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