Chicco Lullago Bassinet-Detailed Review

Chicco Lullago Bassinet-Detailed Review

Bassinets for a newborn baby are a necessity and choosing a baby bassinet that aids you as a parent as well is also important. Bassinets provide babies with a safe space of their own. While you are out there shopping for your baby’s bassinet, you must ensure it is something you are comfortable dealing with. It should do its job properly so your little one can grow in great comfort and peace. The Chicco Lullago bassinet is one of the modern bassinets that are very easy to deal with and fulfill their job in the best manner. 

Chicco bassinet comes with the most impressive features and assurance to benefit you in the best way possible. The best feature of the bassinet Chicco is that it is travel friendly. It is excellently suitable for parents who love to be on the road. Moreover, it is easily packed and unpacked, thus it saves you time and effort. It comes with a huge bag that can easily store the parts of this product. Just put the straps over your shoulder and move the bassinet with you, wherever you want, wherever you please. On the other hand, it is not that good to fly with. It does not have a zip so you need another bag to carry this bassinet especially if you are traveling by plane. 

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It is a product that will make you happy and also provide serenity to your little one. However, like everything else, it has certain bad sides too. In this review, we will list the best and worst things about this product so you can make a good choice for your baby.

Specifications of Chicco Lullago bassinet

The Chicco lullago bassinet has impressed parents due to its smooth and top-class specifications. While looking for a bassinet, parents have eyes mostly on products that are safe and are made of mushy materials. If the product does not guarantee long-lasting effects and good sleep for your child then what is the point? However, the Chicco bassinet wins this round because it is made of mesh material and has body parts that can easily attach and detach. 

  • Color                            Iris
  • Brand                           Chicco
  • Material                        Mesh, Metal
  • Finish                           Metal
  • Frame Material             Metal
  • Batteries required         No
  • Item weight                  14.5 pounds
  • Product dimensions     35 x 21.5 x 28.25 inches

Features of Chicco Bassinet

Ultimate Portability

The Chicco lullago bassinet is a product that will accompany you while you travel. There’s a party at a friend’s house? No worries, detach the parts of your Chicco bassinet, pack them in its provided bag and you and your little one are ready to leave. Got a wedding in another city? Pack your baby’s products and don’t forget to take your bassinet Chicco because your baby needs it the most. Packing it is trouble-free and takes very less of your time. The fabrics of this bassinet are also removable. Its ultimate portability is what makes it most desirable and why it is one of the best products in the market. Your baby will sleep in peace indoors and outdoors when you have a Chicco bassinet by your side.  

Easy Set-up and Homely Design

The Chicco bassinet is a good bassinet that gives you comfort not anxiety. There are many complex baby bassinets in the market that frustrate parents. The very first stage when you open your brand new baby bassinet is its setup. If the setup goes smoothly, half of your issues are already solved. It gives you a thumbs up that in the future you don’t have to be entangled in the complexities of folding and unfolding your baby’s bassinet. However, if the first step is a big problem itself then it damages the reputation of the product. In this round, Chicco lullago bassinet wins again. In its instructions, it’s mentioned that you need not more than some seconds to fold and unfold this product. 

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Moreover, the bassinet Chicco has a simple and elegant style. It fits perfectly into your modern decor house. It will compliment your furniture and your rooms. The product in itself looks quite homely and it gives a warm vibe. Further, its elegant design does not crowd your room but rather compliments it. 

  • Chicco bassinet is large which is why your baby stays in its full comfort zone as it gives the baby a free space of its own to sleep.
  • It is made of mesh side panels. Mesh sides are important because they ensure visibility and breathability. You can easily keep a watch on your child because of these mesh sides.
  • Chicco lullago bassinet has easily foldable and metal legs. To set up this product, you don’t require a lot of time or effort. 
  • This bassinet has a storage bag. Storage bags are essential because you can keep the most important baby products of your little one near you. 
  • Chicco bassinet has a soft mattress.
  • All the fabric used in this product is machine washable.
  • The best feature of this product is its ultimate portability. Since its fabrics can be removed, that makes it easy to unpack. Just take some seconds, unfold the bassinet and its legs and you are good to go with your little one.
  • Chicco baby bassinet has a very useful travel bag. The size of this travel bag is admirable. It is neither too small nor too short. It is just perfect to store your bassinet and carry it on your shoulder. Due to the bag, your product is easy to carry around and as a parent, you look presentable as well.
  • This bassinet does not have wheels that can drag your bassinet from one room to the other.
  • It does not have a canopy and some parents would love to have it as an important part.
  • Chicco bassinet has a foldable mattress which parents find troublesome as it fails to give a flat surface. 

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Product Review


Chicco lullago bassinet has its good points and flaws but it is upon you as a parent to check for the things you desire in the bassinet for your baby. You must know the pros and cons of each product before you shop for your baby’s bassinet. A bassinet must fulfill its job but at the same time in the modern era, it should have modern features too for the little one’s comfort. This is why we wrote this review just for you so it is easier to make a good choice. A comfortable and serene bassinet is significant for your newborn babies because their sleep is the most important thing. Good sleep satisfies babies or they stay uncomfortable the whole day. Hence, make sure you make a good choice by looking at our review. Happy shopping for your baby!


How long can a baby use a Chicco bassinet?

Chicco bassinet can be used until your little one surpasses 15 lbs. Before that, it is a comfortable and calm space for newborn babies who need a good and soft area to sleep in.

How do you close a Chicco Lullago bassinet? 

The best thing about the Chicco Lullago bassinet is how easy it is to handle. Firstly, remove the mattress from the product. There is a buckle lock. Look for it and then use zip to pack it. Secondly, there is a release button on the leg, you must press it for smooth removal of the leg parts. The easy assembly makes this product a smart bassinet in the market.

How tall is the Chicco Lullago bassinet?

The size of the bassinet holds utmost importance. Chicco Lullago bassinet is 35 x 21.5 x 28.25 inches long. It is important to have a long bassinet so it can sit perfectly beside your bedside. If it’s beside your bedside, then you can keep an eye on your baby from the mesh sides as they provide visibility. 

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