Chicco Close to you bassinet Review

Chicco Close to you bassinet Review

The Chicco Close To You Bassinet is a great option for parents looking for a safe and comfortable place to put their baby. The bassinet is made of breathable mesh that allows air to move through it and the mattress pad is made of memory foam. The bassinet also has a removable and washable cover, which makes it easy to keep everything clean and fresh.

The Chicco Close to You bassinet is a bedside bassinet that offers a safe and comfortable sleeping space for your baby. It is the perfect travel companion for parents who want to be close to their baby at all times.

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Chicco Close to You features

The Chicco Close to You  have many unique features:

 A padded mattress

 Padding can be used in the bassinet to provide support for the baby. A mattress pad is also used as padding on the bassinet to provide support and cushioning for the baby.

The mattress pad is made from 100% cotton and is machine washable for easy cleaning.

 Breathable mesh sides

Mesh sides are a great way to keep your baby safe and secure inside the bassinet. These sides can be adjusted to fit any size of bed. The mesh sides on bassinets are also great for airflow, which is essential for keeping your baby cool and comfortable at night.

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 A nightlight

Nightlight is great for babies who are afraid of the dark. Nightlights in bassinets help babies sleep better and feel safe. Chicco Close to you bassinet comes with a nightlight which is great for parents and children. 

Two-speed vibration

The Chicco Close To You Bassinet has a two-speed vibration feature, that can be used to soothe your baby. The vibration is operated by the push of a button and it can be turned off with another press of the button.

 Timer function

The timer function is a useful feature in bassinets that helps parents to keep their babies on a schedule. It can be set to go off at specific intervals, such as every two hours.

The timer function works well for parents who want to make sure their baby is getting enough sleep during the day and night.

Optional MP3 player with lullabies.

It is not uncommon for parents to be disturbed by the sound of their baby crying in the middle of the night. A bassinet with an MP3 player with lullabies can be a great solution to this problem.

The MP3 player can play soothing music to put the baby to sleep and it can also play white noise, which is a great way to mask other noises that might disturb your child’s sleep.

The Chicco close to you bassinet has been designed according to the needs of modern parents


Benefits of the Chicco Close to You

The Chicco Close to You is a revolutionary baby carrier that offers many benefits. 

  • It is the most comfortable carrier on the market. Its ergonomic design makes it easy and natural for both parents and babies. 
  • It can be used from birth up to 3 years old. 
  • It is an all-in-one carrier that parents of any size or shape can use.
  •  It is perfect for breastfeeding mothers because the baby’s weight is transferred to the parent’s hips and back instead of their chest.
  •  This carrier has a breathable mesh panel that provides excellent ventilation for both parent and child during hot weather or when exercising.
  •  It comes with a variety of features such as an adjustable headrest and shoulder straps that are padded with memory foam.
  •  This carrier has a 5-point safety system (5-point harness) which ensures your child’s safety at all times.

What we like about Chicco Close to You

The Chicco Close to You Bassinet is a portable, lightweight bassinet that has been designed with a modern look in mind. The bassinet is made from breathable mesh and the fabric is easy to clean. It also has a matching fitted sheet and a removable bumper pad for added comfort.

The Chicco Close to You Bassinet has been designed for newborns up to six months old, providing them with the perfect sleeping environment. It can also be used as an overnight bed when traveling or away from home.

This bassinet has a calming nightlight that can be activated by remote control or from an app on your smartphone, giving parents peace of mind at night time.

Is it Worth Buying a Chicco close to your bassinet

Yes,  Chicco Close to You Bassinet is worth buying. It is a bassinet that is made of breathable mesh fabric with a soft and cozy cotton lining. The bassinet has a wide, stable base with four wheels for easy mobility.

It is worth investing the money in buying the Chicco Close to You Bassinet because it has all the features you need for your baby. It can be moved quickly and it is made of breathable material.

Limitations like age & weight limit of Chicco Close to You

The Chicco close-to-you bassinet is a beautiful and elegant design that is perfect for parents who want to keep their babies close. It has a weight limit of 25 pounds and an age limit of six months

Another bassinet has a maximum of 18 pounds of weight limit, besides those bassinets, the Chicco close to your bassinet has a weight limit of 25 Pounds. 

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The Chicco Close To You Bassinet is a wonderfully economical way to provide your baby with a safe, cozy place to sleep. It features an adjustable height that can be adjusted for newborns or toddlers, as well as the ability for the bassinet to attach directly to the parent’s bed. This bassinet also has a nightlight and two-speed vibration so your child can get some rest in any environment.


How long can you use the Chicco bassinet?

A bassinet is a bed for babies that is usually placed next to the parent’s bed. It can be used from birth until the baby reaches six months of age.

How do you use a Chicco bassinet?

  • First, assemble the bassinet. You can use the bassinet either as a stand-alone product or attach it to a bed.
  • Second, place your baby in the bassinet. Your baby should be at least six months old and not exceed the weight limit of 20 pounds.
  • Third, adjust the height of your baby’s head by raising or lowering the mattress pad
  • Fourth, make sure that your baby is comfortable by adjusting the height of their feet
  • Fifth, use a fitted sheet to keep your baby warm and comfortable.

Which bedside sleeper is best?

Chicco close to you bassinet is the best bedside sleeper for your baby. The best bedside sleeper is the one that you feel most comfortable sleeping on.

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