Can Baby Sleep in Uppababy Bassinet?

Can Baby Sleep in Uppababy Bassinet?

Many parents might be wondering, “can baby sleep in an uppababy bassinet?” The UPPAbaby bassinet is a wonderful way to keep your twins snug and secure after traveling or during nights spent away from home – which is exactly what we saw when we had the chance to test it out. 

It can be used for both homes and on-the-go in the Uppababy stroller system, though most impressive of all are its capabilities in that it can accommodate newborns up until around five months old, depending on how much space you’re willing to sacrifice by folding down the backrest as your baby grows! 

Since receiving our UPPAbaby stroller system, we’ve been incredibly happy with everything – from the quality of materials and design (it seriously looks adorable), right down to their excellent customer service team who have helped ensure everything’s running smoothly.

Does the uppababy bassinet sleep is safe?

Before we ask ourselves the question “uppababy bassinet sleep safe” we need to know a few key pieces of information about it. 

Firstly, the best baby bassinet from Uppababy is just meant to be used for infants up to 5 months of age, it’s not suitable for use beyond this time period. However, once removed from its base, you can move around and take it with you very easily and even transfer it between strollers using only one hand. 

This model is extremely lightweight as well – weighing just 14 pounds, making this a great piece of kit to keep in your car while on the go or when you need to make an emergency run to the grocery store!

Enough Capacity

Every baby grows differently. It is only natural that they will not be the same size in their infancy since they are at different stages of their lives and will require different types of attention as such. This bassinet measure 32.3 x 17.7 x 7.7 inches, making it large enough for a child to rest comfortably without having to incur any discomfort in the process. 


According to the guide to bassinet’s weight and size the size of this bassinet is standard, allowing it to easily fit into environments where it is required most, such as hospitals and homes alike because of how light and portable it truly is!

Product Review

uppababy bassinet

Safe For Your Baby

As any parent knows, safety is the most crucial element when it comes to buying a product intended for use with your new baby or toddler. This company has designed and manufactured its highest possible quality standards, with a metal handle that feels comfortable in one’s hands, and sturdily built wheels to provide portability.

Whether parents wish to wheel this bassinet around themselves or have another person push the product via its rear caster wheels without having to lift it, this bassinet is designed for versatility and convenience.


The UPPAbaby bassinet, like every other product from the company, is well-made. The quality of the materials used to make their products is excellent, making everything that much more comfortable on all fronts. 

Whatever you see on the inside of the bassinet is very soft but fairly breathable thanks to its quality material construction, so you can feel at ease using it with your baby. As for the outside, this is a sturdy yet soft kind of material that feels great in your hands and has a nice overall design, too. 

The sunshade pulls out easily from beneath the top level and clicks into place when set up properly after having been set down from above, making it easy to operate

Features a Rotating Cover System

This best smart bassinet meets ASTM regulations and can be turned to face the sun or to the side in order to protect a newborn from direct sunlight. The rotating sun canopy pivots from SPF 50+ to a UPF 50+ protective rain hood in seconds, with just one hand. You can also quickly engage or disengage the canopy to allow fresh air in on clear days.

Can a baby sleep in an uppababy bassinet? For and Against

Here is the debate on is does the uppababy bassinet sleep safely.

Safe for Sleeping

According to the UPPAbaby website’s support section, the best baby bassinets come with a variety of features intended to keep your child safe and comfortable making the UPPABaby bassinet safe for overnight sleeping. However, several important elements are vital to consider when it comes to the overall safety of using a baby bassinet, including breathability, mattress type, and airflow. 

Breathability and Air-Flow

Unlike most bassinets nowadays, the UPPAbaby bassinet does not have mesh sides for increased breathability. However, it doesn’t mean that it isn’t breathable at all. It’s important to note that this product can be used both at home and on the go. 

As a result, it is designed to be sturdy enough for a variety of activities without concerns about leaning or tipping over. The inside material is incredibly soft and breathable; acting as an effective barrier between the outside and inner materials for added safety.

Mattress and Canopy

Although the mattress is thin, it is extremely comfortable and well-ventilated. Although thin, the mattress itself manages to be both firm and soft and scored highly in Uppababy compression tests.

Large holes in the material allow for airflow – which is much welcomed when camping with a baby or toddler. The top part of the canopy can be lowered or unzipped to allow for better air movement. It also provides 50 SPF sun coverage for your baby’s face to ensure that he won’t get burned whilst being outside or inside a bright environment. 

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Sleeping Surface

The Uppababy bassinet provides a firm and soft sleeping surface that has been standardized for an infant. This mattress adheres to strict regulations of sizing and design to ensure your baby is laying in the correct manner after being born at a hospital.

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Although the manufacturer tested and approved the uppababy bassinet sleep safe, some parents claim that it’s intended to be used for naps outside. This design is more focused on protecting children from the elements, which this bassinet excels at. 

However, parents are concerned that this design will make it unsuitable for overnight sleeping. This is a narrow product; its liner is padded and may not provide enough airflow and airflow. Because babies tend to breathe differently during slumber than when awake, the lack of open space may prevent babies from having proper sleep. 

If your baby happens to rest too close to the mesh material. There’s also no mesh material, so you’ll have to closely monitor your sleeping baby by keeping him or her in arms’ reach.


It’s normal for parents to want to know if a product is safe for their baby. Parents need to feel confident that the product they are using is going to keep their babies safe at all times. You may feel worried that whether the UPPABaby bassinet is safe for sleeping and if it is, then is the UPPABaby bassinet safe for overnight sleeping 

However, the UPPAbaby bassinet is safe for your baby. The bassinet is made with strong materials that are going to keep your baby comfortable. We hope you enjoyed our blog post about the safety of the UPPAbaby bassinet.

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Can you use the UPPAbaby bassinet for overnight sleeping?

The UPPAbaby bassinet is a great choice for a newborn baby. It’s comfortable and spacious, and it comes with a firm mattress that is perfect for sleeping. Many parents wonder if it’s safe to use the UPPAbaby bassinet is the best baby bassinet for overnight sleeping, and the answer is yes, it is perfectly safe. The UPPAbaby bassinet meets all safety standards and is designed for overnight sleeping. It is made with breathable materials and has a sturdy base, so you can rest assured that your baby will be safe and comfortable all night long.

How do I set up my UPPAbaby bassinet for sleeping at night?

The UPPAbaby bassinet is safe for overnight sleeping and provides a comfortable place for your baby to sleep at night. Here’s how to set it up:

  1. Choose a level surface on which to place the bassinet. The surface should be firm and level.
  2. Place the bassinet on the surface.
  3. If using the UPPAbaby bassinet stand, attach the stand to the bassinet.
  4. If not using the stand, place the bassinet on a bed or other surface where it will be at least 20 inches from the floor.
  5. Make sure the bassinet is away from any windows, drafts, or other sources of heat or cold.

Can I use my pram bassinet for sleeping?

While the pram bassinet may be convenient for carrying your baby around, it is not designed for sleeping. The bassinet is not as sturdy as a cot and does not have a firm mattress, which can increase the risk of Sudden Infant Death Syndrome (SIDS). If you want your baby to sleep in the best non-toxic bassinet, be sure to put in a firm mattress and follow all the other guidelines for reducing the risk of SIDS. Do not use pillows, blankets, or other soft items in the bassinet, and keep the bassinet away from any other potential hazards such as cords or electrical outlets.

Can the UPPAbaby bassinet be used without a stand?

Yes, the UPPABaby Bassinet can be used without a stand.


9/9/22 Product and prices are updated.

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