Bright starts roaming safari walk-a-bout baby walker Review

Bright starts roaming safari walk-a-bout baby walker Review

Bright starts roaming safari walk-a-bout baby walker is an animal-themed baby walker perfect for your baby. And we will review this baby walker in detail in this article. 

Babies are also commonly known as ‘daring little creatures’ due to their daring habits. They are very enthusiastic and always on to something mischievous and creative which is sometimes out of their reach or can cause injury.  

The biggest achievement of a baby is when he or she learns to walk and roam around freely with confidence and without any hesitation. The process of learning to walk is a very big task in itself. Your baby faces many challenges and obstacles during this period. In this article, we will cover the review of Bright starts roaming safari walk-a-bout baby walker. Which is one of the best baby walkers in the market. 

The feeling of joy and happiness of parents when they see their toddlers walking and taking Little Little Steps is precious. Every effort of your baby from wriggly crawls to multiple attempts to stand is a part of its learning.

It is very much understood that while achieving this achievement, your kid can hurt himself. So to guarantee that your child is protected at their first walking experience, it’s the sole responsibility of you as a parent or a guardian to provide them the finest support in learning to walk, the Bright Starts Walk-A-Bout Walker is the top prospect.

Essentials of a good baby walker?

Baby walkers are one of the best alternatives that one can choose for your baby in order to make them learn how to walk. One of the major benefits of a baby walker is that it helps to guide a child’s steps while running or walking which in turn reduces the risk of falling for the baby.

Buying a baby walker can be intimidating as they come in so many shapes, sizes, and features. We have written some of the articles according to your baby’s traits or your requirements. 

Baby walkers have similar functionality as the training wheels of a bicycle have, i.e., providing support and maintaining a balance of the rider. A child can learn to walk very easily and quickly if he is provided with a good walker. 

Baby walkers will provide full support to the baby and will never hinder a child’s development until and unless you and your child damage it or use it constantly.

The only ill effect of a baby walker is that if it is used on a daily basis, then it will cause spinal column issues to your baby.

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One main point to note is that, don’t make your child habitual to the walker. Let the child move, crawl, sit and stand on his own. This practice should be followed even when the walker is in use. This will help the baby to increase his joint strength and mobility.

The major function of a well-designed baby walker is to keep your child engaged when you are busy with your daily work or other responsibilities without having any tension with your baby’s safety.

The primary objective of using a baby walker is- to help parents with daily tasks while providing the baby his or her own room to move and explore many things around rather than being in a crib and remaining stationary.

Freedom is the other factor that is provided to a baby while walking with the help of baby walkers. As time passes, children gain the confidence to push their walkers on their own and walk independently. As the child gets assured and gains trust in himself, he will finally learn to walk on his own feet and discover the world in his or her way.

The bright start walker gives you a sense of comfort and you can live without stress due to its safety features. Also, it is designed to keep your baby amused due to by the theme of the walker, toys and would roam around freely and easily without the risk of falling or getting hurt. There is no chance of losing balance even if the child gets tired or exhausted.

It is sure that your baby will learn how to walk without any problem with the help of a baby walker. There are many types of baby walkers in the market, one of those is walking wheels that help to inculcate a sense of stability and balance in babies to make them understand the basic crucks of standing and moving on their own two feet.

What makes bright starts baby walkers different from its competitors?

The idea is clear behind bright start’s baby walker. This walker comes with a wheeled structure wherein you make your child sit in a harnessed suspended wheelchair.

This wheelchair makes your child’s movements smooth and assists your child’s balance and stability stronger. Making a wise choice for a baby walker is a very difficult task.

There are many aspects that ensure that your kid is comfortable and happy with the walker. You should be vigilant enough while selecting a walker as it makes your child learn how to walk and provides him or her with the initial lessons of moving. You must choose the best out of all for your child. We absolutely prefer Bright Start’s walker for your kid.

As there is so much variety in the market, our aim is to provide you with the best recommendation of all. That’s why this review is aimed to provide you the most superior product of all, i.e., Bright Star baby walker. 

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Bright Start Walker’s price when compared to its competitors-

Bright start walker is reasonably priced at $54.99. At the time of writing this review, there is a deal going on and you can get the bright start walker for just $49.99

Just to give you some more options here are the biggest alternatives or competitors of bright starts baby walker –

Joovy Spoon walker – $109.99 (Folds flat for easy storage, 3 height positions, non-slip stair pads, machine washable)

Disney Ready Set Walk 2.0 – $59.99 – BEST FOR GIRL BABY (Machine Washable padded seat, plenty of room for snacks, Disney toys)

Safety 1st baby walkers (For tall kids) – $44.99 (3 child developmental toys, 12 charming songs & flashing light, 3 different height levels)

The Dino Discovery (Removable toy bar with toys, Large surround tray for food or toys, 3 position height adjustable, 15 melodies & light, walk behind bar)

Chicco baby walker for tall kids – $89.99 (Brake pads help stop the walker, 3 height positions, tray can be removed and used as stand-alone toy)

Features of Bright Starts Walk-A-Bout Walker

The Bright Start’s Walk A Bout Walker Roaming safari comes with a wide-framed baby walker. Its overall weight is manageable, it weighs around 11lb. Being so lightweight, it still has the capability to carry a baby of around 15lb to 26lb.

This walker comes with a safari theme and consists of battery-powered toys on the front. The battery backup of the toys is around 20 hours which are powered by 3AAA batteries.

It’s clear that kids will be kept engaged with this walker and will feel happy. This walker also comes with adjustable seat heights with 3 levels. This allows the walker to rise and move with your kid’s movements. This walker clearly makes the learning experience of the baby very exciting and fun-filled.

Attractive and lovely Design

The aesthetic and eye-catching design of this baby walker drags everyone’s attention towards itself. The overall look is very sweet and tiny. 

The colors of the walker are very vibrant which would be loved by your baby every time. The addition of toys that is made to the walker is truly worth it as the toys keep the child engaged and happy. The walker provides full protection to the baby. There is no chance of tripping down. The quality of the walker ensures its stability, support, and balance. The parts used to make this are of good and reliable quality.

Your child will feel amazed after getting this walker. The attractive toys would definitely drag his attention towards themselves, making him engaged all the time. This walker will surely provide an overall development experience to your baby. It has been made keeping in mind the liking of kids and providing all the things that can make the child happy and playful. No doubt, this walker can become your kid’s best friend. 

Safety Features

Overall, your baby’s safety and wellbeing should be the topmost priority. It is not possible for you to always be around your child and look after him or her. As said before, Bright Starts Walk-A-Bout Walker has the tendency to support the weight of a kid, the material used to make it is very solid and durable. Majorly, the walker is made up of Steel and polyester.

The walker is capable to uphold the baby’s weight and also is capable to endure the baby’s feisty bounces and motions.

The walker comes with three height adjustments options that are designed to provide protection and security to the child. A rubber brake also comes along with this walker that discourages the movement of the walker if it comes in contact with rocky or rough surfaces.


The entertainment level of the child while using this walker will never decrease and the kid will remain busy with it for hours. For a working family, if the child is happy and not feeling lonely at home, it is some sort of a miracle for the parents. Keeping a child amused most of the time is difficult for the parents. 

The bright starts walk-a-bout walker comes with a portable toy station that contains a variety of fun games and exercises inbuilt in it to keep children entertained. There is a variety of lighting and volume controls to control the volume of tunes and sounds. The toy station also has a dedicated wheel that acts as a switch to turn on lights and sounds. Since this toy station is portable and can be taken anywhere, kids can play with it anywhere, be it on the floor or a bed or can take it everywhere they go.

Why to choose Bright Starts Walk-A-Bout Walker?

Despite offering so much, the Bright Starts Walker is a super affordable and pocket-friendly walker designed for your child. The quality is good and also has numerous amazing features. Also, it is easy to clean and has a very bare minimum cost of maintenance. This walker not only keeps the child happy but also the parents have a feeling of content for the product. 

The amazing features of Bright Start’s walker make it to the top of the list of all budget walkers. No other walker offers so much in this price bracket like songs, lights, sounds, and durable quality. These all features help the child to build his overall personality and development. As a cherry on a cake, each toy comes with dedicated volume control functionality.

The walker has a very cheerful style and theme. You can’t doubt the quality and consistency of this walker as it is made up of ABS rubber, POM, TPR, Polyester, and steel. Additionally, the battery backup of the toys is around 20 hours that can keep your child engaged and amused for a long time. Even the braking feature is also very handy and reliable as it stops the movement of the walker if it comes in contact with rough surfaces. This ensures additional safety for your toddler.

How Bright Starts Walk A Bout Walker Roaming Safari is parent friendly ?

Parents find a product for their child which will not trouble them or create chaos after purchasing it. Due to the amazing features offered by Bright Start’s walker, it makes the life of parents easier and less chaotic. Even if the walker is not in use, it can be easily folded and stored anywhere without consuming much of the space.

The Bright Start’s activity walker is of negligible maintenance and can be cleaned easily. The seats and frames of the walker are easily wipeable, which reduces stains, dust, and scratches on the body of the walker.

The manufacturer of this walker has taken utmost care to remove difficult to clean crannies that hinder its cleaning. Bright Start’s walker is easy to clean and store without any hassle.

Competition Analysis

Other baby walkers in the market can’t achieve our standards due to lack of features and cheap making quality. Poor material is used in the construction of other walkers. The most important feature of baby walkers is safety, which is neglected in other baby walkers.

Bright Starts Walk A Bout Walker Roaming Safari Pros-

  • The Bright Starts Walker is an unbiased product. Best suited for a boy or a girl.
  • Capable of holding a baby up to 26lb of weight.
  • Whopping battery life of 20hrs of toys.
  • Best option amongst its competitors. Have numerous features and a strong body.
  • Portable toy station which keeps your child engaged and amused.
  • Several exciting themes.
  • Removable activity tray.
  • Replaceable batteries.
  • Low maintenance and easy to store and clean.
  • Extra protection offered by brakes that are applied on rough surfaces to avoid crashes.

Bright Starts Walk A Bout Walker Roaming Safari Cons-

  • Washing it with hot water will damage the walker. 
  • It is not stationary.
  • Can’t be carried anywhere.
  • Carpets hinders the movement of this walker.
  • Lack of spare parts availability.

Final thoughts

In the end, you must have ample knowledge about this amazing walker. This review would certainly help you to make a wise decision and realize that if you have a child in your home who is learning to walk, this walker is the best choice for him or her. Apart from making a child learn how to walk, it also takes care of the child’s happiness and amusement as it has various features to do so.

Moreover, Bright Start’s Walk-A-Bout baby walker is so much affordable which is not heavy on your pocket as a parent. The major USP of bright starts walk a bout roaming safari walker is the toys that come along with this walker which produces sounds and has dedicated volume controls.

So, if you are still in a dilemma that which baby walker is the best fit for your kid, then you can choose Bright Start’s baby walker without any doubts. You will not regret your purchase. Provides amusement to kids, is easy to clean, easy to store, has superb durability, and comes with many exciting features.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does a bright starts baby walker roll smoothly on the carpet?

My personal opinion is that it does not work well on the carpet. I can assure you that from my personal experience. The wheels are small and face difficulty in rolling on the carpet. Here are all the pros and cons of the walker.

Can the wheels of this walker be locked to discourage moving?

You can easily make the baby walker stationary due to its rubber wheel stopper. You can easily fix it on one side when you are trying to feed your baby and stop its motion. Check out all the pros and cons of the walker.

Does both the front and rear wheels of bright starts walk a-bout baby walker swivel?

Only the front wheels of the waler swivel while the rear wheels don’t. Check out all the pros and cons of the walker.

Is the bright starts walk a-bout baby walker foldable?

Bright starts baby walker is easily foldable. Yes, you can easily fold it to fit it into compact spaces. Check out all the pros and cons of the walker.

Is the activity tray of bright starts roaming safari walker removable and can its batteries be replaced?

Yes, the activity tray is removable you can also use it as a feeding tray. It has 3AAA batteries that can go on for up to 20 days and are easily replaceable. Check out all the pros and cons of the walker.

Can bright starts walk-a-bout walker roaming safari baby walker is suitable for feeding?

The plastic material used is baby-friendly and does not cause any harm. It also has an activity tray that you can remove and use as a feeding tray. Check out all the pros and cons of the walker.

Is replacement of toys and parts for bright starts walk a-bout safari baby walker possible?

No, as there are many cheap parts installed in this walker, it is not possible for the manufacturer to have the replacement parts handy with him. Check out all the pros and cons of the walker.

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