Best Wicker Bassinet for Babies

Best Wicker Bassinet for Babies

A bassinet is a baby product that plays quite an important role in the growth of your child but also defines how you as a parent welcome your baby into the world. Adults have their own space, their land, where they practice freedom and do what they want, just like children and babies also need a space of their own. A bassinet, we can state, is the first space that a baby takes fully in. It is the space where your baby will sleep, wake up, cry, get changed, etc. So, should not such a place for your little one be perfect? Yes, indeed. Now, to make sure of it you must buy the best possible bassinet for your baby. It should have a perfect size and it must be portable.

Wicker Bassinet is beautiful in looks, as it is designed with delicacy and serves the purpose of protecting your child’s sleep in the best manner. Indeed, a wicker bassinet is a product that will shine in your room and give it a vintage taste that everyone will admire. Moreover, a good wicker bassinet vintage will make your life easier by ensuring that your little one is in its safe and secure space. 

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Features of Wicker Bassinet

The features of wicker bassinet are incredible which is why parents keep their eye on these products for their little ones. A classic wicker bassinet does the traditional job of a bassinet in the best way possible. You don’t have to worry about durability and protection with these products. Not only for traditional purposes, but many wicker bassinets offer modern facilities such as ultimate portability, wheels, smooth design, etc. 

One of the best features of wicker bassinets is easy portability. Multifarious wicker bassinets in the market serve more than one function for your little one. Some bassinets come with wheels and that is an admirable concept because you can use this product as a stroller if you like. Now, that would be a two-in-one product. Wouldn’t it just make your life easier? In addition to this, nothing can compete with the sweet and delicate design wicker bassinet vintage has. It alone just melts your heart into buying and bringing it home to match your furniture. 

Moreover, there are wicker bassinets in the market with leather handles. This will bring a smile to the faces of parents who love portable bassinets and want to carry their baby with them to grocery shopping or at the mall etc. These leather handles are comfy and the best thing is that you will be carrying this pretty designed bassinet with you while your baby sleeps in the comfortable sheets inside. 

  • It is lightweight.
  • It’s very easy to carry around thus it offers ultimate portability.
  • It is handmade and offers reliability.
  • It can be used as a basket when no longer in use for the baby.
  • Some parents have an issue with the sizes in which they come.

Top Wicker Bassinets

Burton and Burton Baby Gift Bassinet

The specialty of this wicker bassinet is the simplicity it has to offer. We live in an era where minimalistic designs are desired and this product just suits that aesthetic very well. Even though due to its simplicity this product does not have a lot to offer, it still serves the purpose of providing your little one with a safe space to sleep. However, parents might have an issue with its small size.


The specifications of this wicker bassinet are down below:

  • Assembly required                no
  • Color                                     White
  • Material                                 wicker
  • Furniture finish                      white
  • Brand                                    burton and burton

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Baby Doll Bedding Pique Moses Basket

This wicker bassinet has the most loveable design that just attracts the eyes. There are two ribbons on the side of this bassinet giving it a wicker bassinet vintage look. It assures that your little one will sleep in soft and warm sheets. Moreover, this bassinet has an easy and soft handle. The handle, furthermore, has a style of its own. Overall, it can be stated that the bassinet looks aesthetically pleasing.


Specifications of this product are down below:

  • Color                  White
  • Brand                  Baby Doll
  • Material              Cotton
  • Form factor         bumper

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Tadpoles Cable Knit Moses Basket

The tadpoles cable knit Moses bassinet is one of the most loved bassinets because of its features. It is not a modern basket with lights and music etc however it does not mean that it should be ignored. The best thing about this wicker bassinet is that it will stand the test of time. You will be investing in this product when you decide to buy it. When your baby outgrows this bassinet guess who will have a storage basket? Yes, you can easily turn this product around when you won’t be needing it for your baby. Its sleek design will let you do this. This basket is made from palm leaf and the work on it is done by hand.


Specifications of this product are down below:

  • Color                             Grey
  • Product Dimensions     33” L x 14” W x 10” H
  • Material                         Cotton
  • Maximum Weight         15 Pounds
  • Machine Washable        Yes

Nature’s Bassinet

This wicker bassinet has a serene design that just reminds me of old and sweet times. It has the finishing of elephant grass and rattan. It is the best size but is suitable for babies not more than 18 lbs. This bassinet also has a handle but it is made of leather thus providing a smooth and strong grip. Moreover, for traveling parents, this again is just a blessing. You can move this product with you wherever you desire.


Specifications of this wicker bassinet are stated down:

  • Brand                               Generic
  • Product Dimensions         30”L x 17”W x 13”H
  • Maximum Weight             18 Pounds
  • Material                             Elephant Grass


Wicker bassinets hold the beauty of their own in homes as well as in the hearts of parents. Their alluring design has attracted many customers and their comfort has made parents happy. We have made a list of the best wicker bassinets for you above so you can make a good choice. Not every parent loves wicker bassinets for the ones who do, we have written this article for you. Sometimes it is hard to find a bassinet that checks the boxes of comfortability, durability, and design. That is why you need to do thorough research and then make a final decision. It is a matter of your little one coming so you must pay attention and make the best choice. Happy Shopping!

Product Review


Are old wicker bassinets safe?

Yes, old wicker bassinets are safe. All the bassinets are safe for your little one if you follow instructions carefully and notice when your child starts to roll over. When your baby starts moving in the bassinet that is when you need to stop utilizing it. 

Can I use a wicker bassinet?

Yes, you can use a wicker bassinet. If you are a parent or not you can use a wicker bassinet. If you are a parent then yes there are multiple wicker bassinets in the market that you can utilize for your little one. They come with different features and specifications but the one that offers portability and comfort at the same time is best.

Should a bassinet be all mesh?

Yes, it is ideal that the bassinet you buy for your baby is made of mesh sides and non-toxic materials. Mesh sides offer breathability and visibility. In this way, your little one stays safe and secure.

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