Best walkers according to the age group of the baby – Complete guide

The feeling of watching your kids grow and change is truly nostalgic, especially the first steps they take. Their first steps are the most important as they indicate the start of their development. To ensure the proper development of your baby’s locomotor, a baby walker plays a vital role. A baby walker encourages and aids babies to walk. It not only promotes mobility but also stimulates mental growth with the help of toys attached to a walker. 

Different age groups of babies have different requirements for walkers. For example, 0-6-month-old babies just require basic support for learning how to balance their body weight on their two feet and a food tray to eat. Whereas, 6 plus-month-old babies require various toys as well to stimulate their senses and aid mental growth.

Few walkers for each age group are listed below:

Best walkers for infants of 0-6 months

1. Joovy Spoon Walker

The walker has a super-sized tray that is removable and is dishwasher-safe. The walker also folds flat for convenient compact storage and travel. The seat pad is supportive and comfortable, machine washable. Here is a detailed review of joovy spoon walker.

The walker has three height positions that can be adjusted according to the height of the baby. The walker has swivel front wheels attached to it. It also has non-slip stair pads. Keep in mind the maximum weight capacity is 30 lbs. It is JPMA certified and is safety tested.

2. LANGYI – a new foldable baby walker

The walker is an eco-friendly original raw material PP plastic, high-quality PU cushion, baby mobile dining table with safer and stronger, non-toxic, and easy for baby to eat sitting in a walker. The walker has a breathable & wearable cushion that is comfortable for babies. If you are looking for non-plastic walkers I recommend you read our guide on best wooden baby walkers.

There are 5 walker heights installed in the walker that is suitable for baby of different heights. It grows with your baby to ensure your child’s safety in use. This walker is recommended for babies aged 6-18 months.

Keep in mind the maximum weight capacity is 12 kg. The baby Walker can be folded down and folded flat. It is easy to store and transportable. It is a round design with 6 universal wheels that work on well on carpets for easy moving. It brings full convenience to your life.

Best walkers for infants of 6-12 months

1. Baybee Twirly Baby Walker Cum Rocker Kids Walker

It’s an EN 71 certified walker which is that the most stringent certification defined by European standards for walkers for the security of your baby. Be it the color, design, or mechanical strength all are measured and authorized to be the simplest walker for your baby boy.

The walker is meant to show into a rocker and provides your baby a replacement experience while learning to steer. It has a rocking function which is enjoyed by babies. It also consists of toys and music. The padded seat is mechanically cleanable, making it simple to stay clean when messes happen. The ample padding within the seat pad allows gives your child a cushy ride and seat. The seat pad is straightforward to require off and is mechanically cleanable.

With U shape design, your baby’s feet are never hurt while learning to steer or play. A push bar is attached to the walker for parents’ control. Keep in mind that the walker requires self-assembling. It’s available in various colors. The utmost weight capacity is 20 kgs

2. Safety 1st walker

The walker consists of three interactive toys that provide sensory and tactile stimulation, and help develop gross motor skills and problem-solving. The padded seat is mechanically cleanable. This feature-rich child walker provides multiple developmental activities and 12 different songs designed to amuse and delight the baby while stimulating the baby’s visual and auditory senses

. The walker has a large tray attached to it which can be used by the baby for eating food and playing with toys. The activity walker adjusts to three different heights that can be changed according to the comfort of your child’s height.

The extra-wide base of the walker is designed for superior stability. The walker is convenient for traveling and storing as it is easily foldable. It is available in various colors. Keep in mind that the maximum weight capacity is 30 pounds.

3. Delta Children First Exploration 2-in-1 Activity Walker

The walker is multi-purpose, it transitions from an activity walker to a walk-behind walker. It is recommended for children up to 25 pounds; less than 30 inches tall and it is advised to only use the walk-behind feature when your child is able to walk on their own.

The walker folds flat for easy transport or storage. It provides entertainment to the baby with fun developmental toys and music. The baby can activate the lights and sounds all on their own by spinning the wheel, turning the key, or pushing the dashboard buttons.

The toy tray is easily removed to provide clear space to eat. The chair cover is removable and machine washable for easy cleanup. The walker has a Three-position height adjustment that offers the right height as the baby grows.

Best walkers for infants of 12-18 months

1.Kolcraft Tiny Steps 2 in 1 baby walker

The tiny steps 2-in-1 activity walker convert from a seated walker to a walk-behind walker as the baby grows and is able to balance themselves better. The walker consists of various toys for engaging the baby. The play tray provides toys for developmental activities and endless enjoyment from infancy through toddlerhood.

Toys include upright flower mirrors with crinkle petals and textured stems, spinning balls for batting play, and a bead bar for motor skill development. It also has a child tray that can be easily cleaned. The walker also consists of a plush seat that provides a high back for comfort and support. The seat is height adjustable that can be adjusted as the baby grows.

The seat pad of the walk is machine washable. The walker has independent front wheels that can be set to swivel or locked. The walker folds easily which makes it convenient for storage and travel.  Keep in mind the weight capacity is 26lbs and self-assembly is required. The walker is JPMA certified.

2. Delta Children Lil’ Play Station 4-in-1 Activity Walker

The walker can easily convert in four ways- from baby walker to rocker, stationary activity center, or bouncer. There are so many interactive features to foster a baby’s developing sense of curiosity, stimulate learning, and aid in different parts of their development. The music and lights on the walker can be activated with a button on the front toy tray. The various toys attached to the walker include:

  • A flower mirror that develop child’s sense of vision.
  • Crinkle petals that entertain and soothe.
  • A spinning ball and bead bar that provides to build coordination.

 The bouncing/jumping action and 360-degree spin keep the baby engaged and entertained while toys encourage reaching, stretching, and sitting up. A three-position height adjustment allows this walker to grow with your baby. The walker has a machine-washable seat pad and a convenient quick-release toy tray. It is recommended for children weighing up to 25 pounds and up to 30 Inches.

3.Baby Einstein Sky Explorers Walker

This walker is the best walker for your baby. It has a removable toy station that also includes attractive lights, melodies, and fun sounds which increases the creativity and stimulates the senses of the baby.

The walker includes 3 adjustable height positions that can be adjusted as the baby is growing. There are 2 additional link loops for the baby’s favorite toys. The walker has a comfortable seat pad that provides comfort and back support and is easy to clean.

4.Safety 1st Dino Sounds ‘n Lights Discovery Baby Walker

This walker is very attractive as it features playful sounds, lights, and 5 dinosaur-themed toys that spin, crinkle, rattle and promote fine motor control development. The walker also consists of activity trays that can swing to the side revealing a large tray that’s perfect for snack time or a favorite toy. The walker has four sturdy wheels which help the baby to move equally well on either carpeted or Wardwood floors.

A grip strip on either side of each wheel prevents the wheels from catching on uneven surfaces. The padded seat of the walker is machine washable, making it simple to keep clean when messes happen. The walker features 3 different height positions that allow you to easily keep your child at the right height as they grow. It is able to fold down and nest inside the outer frame and hence is easier to store away when not in use.

Best walkers for infants of 18-24 months

1.WWUIUIWW Foldable Activity Baby Walker

The walker is eco-friendly and is made of original raw material PP plastic. It has a high-quality PU cushion. The tray is non-toxic and easy for the baby to eat sitting in a walker. The walker also includes a breathable & wearable cushion that is comfortable for Baby.

It has 5 walker heights that can be adjusted according to the baby’s height. The baby Walker can be folded down and folded flat and it is has a small size which makes it easy to carry and store. The walker has 8 universal wheels attached to it that work on hardwood floors or carpets for easy moving. It also consists of 4 strong stainless steel legs that bring full convenience to your baby’s life.

2.UBRAVOO Baby Walkers

This walker is high-quality and eco-friendly made of original PP plastic. The walker has thickened cushion and heightened backrest that is detachable and easy to care for, wearable, and breathable, which makes it a comfortable design for a baby.

It also consists of adjustable 5 walker heights and 4 seat heights that grow with your baby to ensure your child stays safe as they begin to crawl, stand and explore.

It has 6 universal wheels attached to it that are smart and multidirectional, big but silent, forward and backward as your kid likes, which makes it easy to make narrow and tight turns. It is easy to fold and is convenient for storage and travel. Keep in mind the maximum weight capacity is 20 kg.

3. Zig Zag Zebra Walker

The walker has a safe & sturdy platform for pre-walking babies. The safety is enhanced with rubber feet that act as brakes. The lights and fun sounds are provided on the steering wheels, which can be turned down.

The activity center is removable so the baby can play on the floor as well. The seat pad of the walker is easy to remove for machine-washing. The walker’s extra-high seat supports the baby with 3 height positions.

4. Infantino 3-in-1 Spin & Stand Entertainer

The walker is 3-in-1 Sit, Spin, and Stand Entertainer that grows with the baby. The walker includes 6 engaging and interactive jungle-themed toys that encourage the baby to explore with press and play lights and music including additional sound effects.

It is a space-saving design as it can easily be folded. The walker consists of 3 height positions that can be adjusted as the baby grows. The toys are easily detachable. A base tray is attached to the walker which tops and locks on for pretend play.

The walker has a machine-washable removable seat pad and it is also easy to wipe and clean toys and surfaces. The fun and convenient activity table attached to the walker folds up in seconds. This 2-in-1 entertainer also folds flat to 6.5 inches for convenient transportation and storage.


Each walker that is mentioned above fulfills the need for different age groups. They provide comfortability and fun to babies of all age groups as they grow physically and mentally. They are of good quality and are also affordable and are a must-buy. I have almost saved your time by providing the best walkers in every age group.

These walkers stay in demand the whole year, so it is possible that at some point in time they are out of stock, but don’t worry whenever they are back in stock, you can purchase them for your baby. We wish you happy parenting!

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