Best Non Toxic Pacifiers: Everything You Need to Know About the Best Natural Pacifiers for your Baby

Best Non Toxic Pacifiers: Everything You Need to Know About the Best Natural Pacifiers for your Baby

Parents want to stay away from toxic elements, they look for non-toxic pacifiers, bassinets, cribs clothes everything. Baby’s health is the priority of all parents and they always remain conscious about the products for their child. So, organic products are always the most demanding choice for their babies.

The baby has two major tasks to perform one sleeping and the other eating, if the baby does these tasks well it means that the child is healthy. so too for example Organic cribs, organic sheets, non-toxic mattresses, and nontoxic fabric for their babies. Meanwhile, a pacifier is one of the most used items by a child and there are plenty of options to choose from. So, how can you select the best non toxic pacifiers for your child? Are you confused?

In this article, you’ll learn almost every aspect that you need to consider for buying a pacifier. I’m also providing you with a list of the most dependable non toxic pacifiers for your baby. Further, you can explore the benefits and details that will help you choose the correct pacifier for your child. Let’s start with the basics to give you a clear idea of this item.

What is a Pacifier?

The best organic pacifier is a substitute made of rubber, silicone nipple or plastic for a baby. It helps the babies in suckle discomfort while not feeding them. They can suck when they do not need to eat. Most organic pacifiers are of three parts, a handle, a mouth shield, and an elongated nipple.

Put your baby in a rocking baby bassinet and give pacifier and complete your all tasks

Flat Pacifier vs Round Pacifier

A common question from parents is whether to use a flat pacifier or a round one.

  • The most significant difference between a round and a flat pacifier is the shape.
  • A round pacifier will fit better in a baby’s mouth, and it mimics the shape of a mother’s breast.
  • It will encourage your child to use the same sucking technique as you would with a round pacifier.
  • The one-piece design is very convenient for you. This also makes it easier to sterilize, and your baby can chew the whole pacifier without any difficulty.
  • A flat pacifier is easier for your baby to grasp. It’s easier to take and clean than a round one, which can be messy if you’re not careful.

In a summary, the flat nipple is the most traditional and common type of pacifier and is generally the best option for babies who cannot chew on a pacifier. The round pacifier is soft and pliable and resembles a mother’s breast. In addition to being easy to use, a flat nipple is also easier to clean

What Makes the Non-Toxic Pacifiers Best for Your baby?

Since a pacifier is a primary substitute for your baby, it will be directly connected to your baby’s mouth. So, it is essential to make sure that the pacifier is your kid’s sucking is not hygienic and well designed. When you need the best non-toxic pacifiers, there are different components to think about while buying a pacifier for your kid.

To keep your baby healthy don’t only use non toxic pacifiers for your baby but also non toxic- sheets

Manufacturing Material Used For Pacifiers?

There are two common types of material for pacifiers that are considerable for your babies:

1-    Silicone

Since silicone pacifiers aren’t 100% organic, they are a good choice for your kid. First, make sure that the silicone used in pacifiers has medical or food grade. At the same time, all the high standards products follow this protocol.

Having these grades can make those companies’ products safe and trust-able. The silicone tested and has grades aren’t toxic, and they don’t have any harmful material such as BPA, PVC, and Phthalates.

Pacifiers made with silicone are a bit harder as compared to rubber. Still, they can be a good choice for your kid. Silicone pacifiers keep their shape constant and last for a long time compared to natural rubber.

2-    Natural Rubber

Pacifiers made with natural rubber are only organic pacifiers. Natural latex rubber is the best choice among all the rubber choices. Latex rubber is made from a Malaysian-based tree called Hevea Brasiliensis.

Pacifiers made with natural rubber are 100% organic and ecological. When it comes to softness, natural rubber is exceptional. Still, silicone pacifiers remain strong, long-lasting, and shape maintaining.

Tip: “Don’t use rubber pacifiers in any condition If your kid is allergic to Latex rubber.”


It’s an essential factor to consider. You have to choose a best pacifier design that your kid is going to suck. Size and nipple are significant factors to be decided. Pacifier sizes are different for different ages, for example, O-3, 0-6, 3-6, 6-12 months.

Flexibility, softness, and size of the nipple will be different in all age groups mentioned above. Pacifiers made for older kids will be significant, strong, a bit hard, and less flexible. And pacifier made for kids aged 0-3 will be small, soft, and flexible.

Pacifiers nipples have round shapes and flat shapes. Round-shaped nipples are the same as a mother’s nipples, and flat nipples can help kids improve oral development.


The handle, shield, and nipple are the main parts of the pacifier. The nipple is to suck, the shield is to protect the pacifier, and a handle holds the pacifier. Some pacifiers have 3 pieces, 2 pieces, and a few have a one-piece construction. One-piece construction is preferable as compared to the other two types.

Benefits of Using the Best Natural Pacifiers

There are multiple benefits of using natural pacifiers. Few are mentioned here.

Pacifiers help you calm your baby in public places.

It is difficult to calm a baby while at a public place, such as the market, on a bus, church, or hospital. A pacifier could be an excellent source to keep your kid calm. If you don’t have a pacifier at that time, you could probably be the cause of disturbance and have to leave the place.

If you are fond of travelling and want to give your baby peaceful environment then click here.

Pacifiers are good to prevent thumb sucking

Kids indeed like to suck , sometimes it becomes their habit. They can start sucking their thumbs. Thumb sucking can be risky because sometimes it can be unhygienic. The best natural pacifiers will be helpful in this situation, and they will prevent you from the orthodontic bills in the future.

Help mothers with PPD

Using a pacifier is a significant relief for those moms who have just born a baby or born a baby for the first time. At the same time, they are suffering from PPD (Postpartum Depression). They can use it to calm the kid and rest for a while.

Cons of Using Regular Pacifiers

Dental problems

If your kids use pacifiers constantly or after an age limit, then kids can have dental problems such as teeth alignment problems.

Stomach problems

While the pacifier is out of the mouth and is not covered correctly, it can cause stomach problems and other germ infections in the mouth and body.


Make sure to buy a bigger pacifier for your kid. Don’t buy a small one in can stuck in their mouth and throat.

How to choose the best Pacifier| Buying Guide?

Choosing the best pacifier for a baby is very responsible work for all the parents. But there are a few factors to consider before buying a pacifier are.

Shape and size of a pacifier

It should be in good shape, even in 1 or 2 pieces.  The size of a pacifier shouldn’t be big or small compared to a kid’s mouth.

Kid’s age

The age factor is significant in buying a pacifier. If kids are 0-3 months, they need to buy a small and soft one and if they are older, then buy according to their age.


Before buying any pacifier, make sure that is comfortable for your kid or not.

Easy to clean

Buy a pacifier that you can clean easily. Don’t buy those products that need to clean by the microwaved process.

Best non toxic Pacifiers in the Market

After explicit research and reviewing different pacifiers thoroughly, I have devised a list of pacifiers that will help you find the best pacifier for your baby.

1-NUK Cute -as-a-Button Glow-in-The Dark Orthodontic Pacifiers


NUK pacifier is a product that has been accepted by 95% of babies. Nuk pacifier is one of the best non-toxic pacifiers for your baby. It has an orthodontic-shaped nipple that can be fixed easily in the baby’s plate and provides more place for the natural sucking process.

The shape of the NUK pacifier’s nipple is the same as a mom’s nipples while breastfeeding. Since nipples have more place in the mouth, that can help release pressure and prevent misalignment of teeth.

Product details:

  • Brand: NUK
  • Made in: USA
  • Color: Multi-color
  • Material: Silicone
  • Pattern: 0-6 months
  • Pieces: 2


  •  While using NUK pacifiers, children have fewer chances of teeth misalignment.
  • Its nipple shape is the same as a mom’s nipple while breastfeeding. Kids like to suck mo


●      Although the product is great, it’s a bit expensive.

Final verdict: Eco-friendly pacifiers

I have concluded that NUK pacifier is an excellent choice as I have found this product trustworthy, long-lasting, eco-friendly, and very soft for kids.

Product Details

2-Philips Avent SCF190/01 Soothie 0-3mth Green/Green, 2 Count


Philip Avent is a pacifier brand distributed in the hospital nationwide to keep newborn babies calm and make the nursery less noisy. It is BPA-free and highly durable.

The best thing is that its shape and size are perfect for babies’ mouths, and Philip Avent is Latex-free as well.  It is one-piece construction with silicone medical grade. It will be delivered in excellent packaging.

Product details:

  • Brand: Philip Avent
  • Made in:   UK
  • Color:   Green
  • Material:  Silicone (MBA free)
  • Pattern:  Solid
  • Pieces:   2


  • It is latex-free and easy to clean.
  • Durable and medical-grade product.


●  This product isn’t returnable.

Final verdict: Best for breastfeeding a baby

After buying this product, I figured out that Philip Avent pacifiers are a good fit for breastfeeding babies. It is a durable and affordable product.

Product Details

3-Mama Bear Glow-in-the-Dark Baby Pacifier


We’ve got a few little tricks up our sleeve when it comes to design. Simply by putting our pacifiers on the floor, you’ll be able to locate them easily! Our pacifiers are BPA-free, soft and durable for your little one

The device is designed for the baby and for maximum comfort, it is made of soft material so the whole experience is enjoyable and safe. It combines a defined nose bridge with raised cheek pads that provide extra safety.

Pacifiers come in a variety of stages that match your baby’s needs. From hard sponges to silicone pacifiers, there is a type for every stage. They are also dishwasher-friendly so you can put them back together and use them again!

Product details

  • Brand: Mama Bear
  • Made in: Malaysia
  • Color: Assorted
  • Material: Silicone
  • Pattern: Stars


  • Hevea pacifiers are planet-friendly products.
  • Its texture and shape are gorgeous


●  It’s tiny for older kids.

Final verdict: Perfect pacifier for teeth

I have used Mama Bear Glow-in-the-Dark Baby Pacifier , and 100% natural products. It is a piece soft and desirable product delivered in fantastic packing.

Product Details

4-RaZbaby JollyPop Baby Pacifier Plus


The RAZbaby JollyPop Pacifier helps soothe & calm babies by providing a hygienic, chemical-free alternative to traditional pacifiers. Created with American Academy of Pediatrics guidelines in mind, this 1-piece design provides maximum comfort and makes sure your little one stays safe.

Made in the USA! Soothie, made by an American inventor, is our all-natural and safe way to stop teething pain. Gumdrop is our easy-to-chew chewy for busy parents, grandparents, and babysitters

Product details

  • Brand: RAZBABY
  • Made in: China
  • Color: Pink
  • Material: Silicon
  • Pattern: Solid (athletes free)


  • A new supply of NICU & Well-Baby Bottle Holders is now being distributed in hospitals and well-baby units nationwide.
  • The holder made with 100% BPA FREE silicone
  • it’s safe for your child and the holder is a genuine USA product.


●  It has a small nipple; that’s why the baby may struggle to keep it in the mouth.

Final Verdict: Perfect pacifier for Newborn

This is perfect pacifier for you baby. as is totally organic. it is free of harmful material.

Product Details

Brand Comparison

All the products I have listed are from well-reputed brands, but the NUK pacifier is the product I have personally bought for my baby and saw that it has the orthodontic shape of nipples which are soft and proper sized for the baby’s moth.

If we try to find flexibility, softness, and a pure natural product made with 100% rubber, it will be Natursutten Orthodontic Pacifiers. It is a 100% BPA, PVC, and phthalate-free pacifier. It is made from the Hevea Brasiliensis tree. These pacifiers will be flexible solid, and soft.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQS)

What material can be considered best for pacifiers?

Silicone, there are so many pacifiers made of silicone that are considered safe and have a medical-grade. It retains the temperature and keeps it secure for your baby.

When can a baby start an organic pacifier?

The best time to start an organic pacifier is after 3-4 weeks of being born. You can introduce your baby to artificial breastfeeding, such as pacifiers and baby bottles.

When should I stop using pacifiers?

You should stop using pacifiers before age two. Or when your kid’s teeth start misaligned. If you stop your kid from using pacifiers right away, you will fix them quickly.

How do I wash an organic pacifier?

When your kid finished using an organic pacifier, your next job should be to clean it. You need to sanitize it before the subsequent use of it. It will keep your baby healthy and protect him from many different diseases.

What impact do pacifiers have on babies?

There are different kinds of reports for that issue. You should not give it to newborn babies to use immediately. They could have nipple complications while starting breastfeeding to them. There are a few problems; still, pacifiers aren’t that bad, pacifiers can give comfort to you and your baby.

How many pacifiers should someone use?

When you have to clean the pacifier, you need another substitute. In my opinion, you need to have at least 2 or 3 pacifiers that you can use as a spare one while you have to clean the pacifier.


In this article, I have covered almost every aspect regarding the knowledge of pacifiers. You may have checked the list of the most dependable and suitable organic pacifiers for your baby. In addition, I have differentiated the round and flat pacifiers. Furthermore, the brand comparison along with the comprehensive buying guide will make you choose the best one for your baby. So, let’s hope that you have found what you are looking for and you can make a better decision for your baby.


21/09/22 product and prices are updated

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