Best Non-Toxic Cribs – Eco-Friendly Cribs For Your Baby

The best part of parenthood is always looking for comforting things for your little one. Every parent wants a crib for their baby to sleep peacefully. If you’re going to know about cribs, it is a baby coat with rails on all four sides. You can put your baby to sleep in the crib, which is always secure. In addition to sleeping peacefully, you can also look for a non-toxic crib for your baby. These are organic and natural cribs which are made of natural wood and promote your baby’s good health.

Why Do You Need Nontoxic Cribs for Babies? 

Many parents do not know about eco-friendly crib systems. Nontoxic cribs are organic and nontoxic baby furniture. It promotes good health, and the air is free of chemicals. In addition, cribs are 100% made of wood material, making them naturalistic and free from harsh chemicals. 

There are remarkable eco-friendly cribs 2022 that you can look into while opting for a crib for your little one, and let us discuss why there is a need for non-toxic cribs.

  • Nontoxic cribs are environmentally friendly and last longer than those products that have gone through the chemical industry process. In addition, many of them are green guard gold certified cribs. 
  • It means that they are eco-friendly and according to these standards of industrial processes.
  • Most cribs are natural wood cribs which makes them healthy for the environment.
  •  Another benefit of organic and natural cribs is that it promotes good health for the baby and does not affect growth.
  • These cribs are suitable for your Baby’s best upbringing as they are green guard certified cribs. These are breathable and remarkable health-promoting cribs for your baby.

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Greenguard Gold Certified Cribs are All You Need for Your Baby.

There are many baby cribs available online. You may have seen a mark of green guard certification on the baby cribs, Organic mattresses, and other furniture products of the baby care. These marks mean that the product is 100% safe for the baby. We can describe green guard certification in the following ways:

1-Low chemical emissions

  • Many new products fall prey to emissions. Green guard certification tries to eliminate many chemical emissions from their products. Green guard certification is proven to be tested and scientifically run low on chemical emissions. If your infant is exposed to harsh chemicals, they can develop breathing and lung problems. Mostly the babies lead to lung infections due to high emissions.
  •  The main goal of green guard-certified cribs is to promote good indoor air and stop the emissions in new furniture.
  • Green guard certification means that the products have gone through specific processes to eliminate emissions and volatile organic compounds. This process makes organic and natural cribs.

2- Testing and Standardization

  • Green guard-certified cribs are made in stainless steel compartments known as dynamic environmental chambers. These compartments are temperature and humidity-controlled.
  • In these compartments, the testing of items takes place. For instance, they try to make products free from emissions. 
  • There is no background level of volatile organic compounds or VOCs.
  • Baby furniture and other building products stay in the chamber for two weeks—this process gas off most of the chemicals. After a few weeks of the process, they reach a steady rate of emission gasses.

3-Elimination of VOCs

  • VOCs Stand for volatile organic compounds. They are carbon-based chemicals that are transformed into vapors or gasses. Green guard certification is the process of removing these gasses from the products.
  • According to research, indoor air can be 2 to 5% more polluted than outdoor air. Therefore, the green guard tries to eliminate the population. 
  • According to the Environmental Protection Agency, there are hundreds of chemicals floating in the air, and we breathe in these chemicals every day. Therefore, the function of green guard-certified cribs is to make sure that the products and baby furniture are free from VOCs and other emissions. 

Green guard certified cribs are organic and natural cribs that promote good air indoors as they are low on emissions. In addition, they have fewer VOCs.

4-Free from Harmful Chemicals

Buying eco-friendly cribs can help to create an environment that will be free from chemicals. Therefore, it cannot be harmful to your baby’s growth. In addition, it makes them organic and natural. As the world is becoming polluted, you can opt for more sustainable methods for your baby.


Eco-friendly cribs 2022 assure you of its sustainability. Buying eco-friendly furniture brings you the highest quality baby furniture safe for the baby. In addition, it can also be passed down to generations. 


Buying natural wood cribs will help you to save up money. For instance, they are inexpensive while they can be reliable. In addition, your little one is not exposed to harsh chemicals anymore as your furniture is natural and organic.

7-Creating a New and Clean Environment

As the world is converting into a global village, there is much dirt and emissions around us. To overcome this harsh reality, everyone can take a little step towards neutrality and good health.

Therefore, you can buy eco-friendly cribs 2022 that are perfect for your baby and the environment.

Amazingly Environmental Friendly Cribs for Your Baby, Online

Nontoxic cribs are trendy in the modern era as they promote healthy air circulation indoors and protect the child from any harsh chemicals. You can find many remarkable environmentally friendly cribs for your baby because your little one’s health matters more.

You can look for a fantastic eco-friendly crib for your baby on Amazon. Some of them are as follows:

1- Babyletto Hudson 3-in-1 Convertible Crib with Toddler Bed Conversion Kit, Greenguard Gold Certified

Product Details

  • Color– Espresso and White
  • Brand– Babyletto
  • Style– 3-in-1 Crib
  • Material– Pine Wood
  • Finish– Espresso; White


  • Baby Letto Hudson is a fantastic crib for your baby that is non-toxic and free from any chemicals.
  •  It is finished with a nontoxic multistep painting and staining process. Therefore, it is according to the safety standards of ASTM international and CPSC.
  •  It is also a versatile modern design that has a round spindle design.
  •  It is made from a sustainable source of New Zealand Pinewood. It is 100% free from toxic and harmful chemicals. Therefore this crib is perfect for your baby.
  • This crib is green guard certified, which means that it has been tested for over 10,000 chemical emissions and VOCs. Therefore, this crib is safe for your baby.


  •  It does not hold more than 30 pounds.

Final Verdict

 If you want a nontoxic and happy environment for your Baby’s nursery, you can opt for Baby Letto Hudson’s crib. It exceeds the security and safety standards of the government and ASTM. Therefore, you can enjoy the healthy environment of this nontoxic crib.

2-Dream On Me, Edgewood 4-in-1 Convertible Mini Crib

Product Details

  • Color– Olive
  • Brand– Dream on Me
  • Style– Contemporary
  • Material– Pine Wood
  • Furniture Finish– Pine


  • This crib has a mattress that is green guard gold certified. Therefore, it is nontoxic and according to these standards of government.
  • The mattress has 2-3 positions that are adjustable according to your adaptability.
  • You can choose the convertibility option by transforming the crib into a mini crib, day bed, and end day size bed.
  •  It prioritizes safety as it is JPMA certified and according to ASTM safety standards.
  •  It has a compact design that boosts modern design. You can design your baby’s nursery with this nontoxic crib and promote good air circulation with low emissions.


  • The convertible is sold separately, such as the bed rails.

 Final verdict

You can choose a Dream Edgewood convertible crib for your little one as it has a green guard gold certified mattress and is according to the standards of ASTM. In addition, it also exceeds the safety standards of the government and CPSC.

3-Dream On Me Jayden 4-in-1 Mini Convertible Crib And Changer, Greenguard Gold Certified

Product Details

  • Color– Mini Crib
  • Brand– Dream on Me
  • Style– Espresso
  • Material– Pine Wood
  • Finish– Espresso


  • This crib is one of the best nontoxic cribs that you can choose for your child. As the mattress is green guard gold certified.
  • This crib also prioritizes the safety of your little one as it is ASTM and CPSC certified and according to the standards of government.
  • Another best feature of Dream on me, Jayden, is that it has a convertibility option. For instance, it can be transformed into a twin-size bed and mini daybed.
  •  It has a graceful design built by New Zealand Pinewood that boasts minimalist design and smooth arches.
  •  Dream on me Jayden provides you with three drawers and two shelves. In addition, there is a changing area for your baby.


  • The convertibility kit is sold separately, i.e., bed rails are separate that you have to buy.

Final Verdict

It is a fantastic nontoxic crib for your little one. It is green guard gold certified, making it healthy for your baby to sleep in. It has low emissions of chemicals. Therefore, dream on me Jayden is a perfect mini crib for your baby.

4- Dream On Me Chelsea 5-in-1 Convertible Crib

Product Details

  • Color– Steel Gray
  • Brand– Dream on Me
  • Style– Chelsea
  • Material– New Zealand pine wood
  • Finish– Pine


  • Dream on me Chelsea is a stunning crib that can be converted into a day bed, toddler bed, and full-size bed as your child grows.
  • The best part about this crib is that it prioritizes the safety of your little one. For instance, it is CPSC and ASTM safety standardized.
  •  In addition, it is tested by third-party labs and against other harsh and toxic chemicals to make it safely standardized.
  •  It has a very versatile design as it is made of New Zealand Pinewood. In addition, it is low to the floor plan, which gives you ease. It is common to floor design which provides you with easy access to Baby.
  • Dream on me; Chelsea gives you the maximum weight capacity of 50 lbs.


  • It does not have any drawers or shelves.
  •  Dream on me Chelsea is low to the floor design, which can be challenging for some parents.

Final Verdict

 When you want to buy a crib for your little one, it is essential to notice that it is environmentally friendly and non-toxic. In such a case, you can choose dream on me, Chelsea, as it is green guard gold certified and healthy for your baby to play or sleep.

5-Dream On Me Niko 5-in-1 Convertible Crib with Changer, Greenguard Gold Certified

Product Details

  • Color– Espresso
  • Brand– Dream on Me
  • Style– Crib
  • Material–  Solid pine wood
  • Furniture Finish– Express


  • This is a fantastic non-toxic crib which is a green guard gold certified mattress. 
  • It exceeds the security and safety standards of ASTM and CPSC. In addition, it is according to the security of JPMA.
  •  All of these security and safety measures are taken to protect a child from growing in a healthy and nontoxic environment.
  •  It comes with a removable changing table that can be detached.
  •  It can also be converted into a toddler bed, day bed, and full-size bed.


  • The conversion kit is sold separately.

Final Verdict

 When you are running low on space, you can choose the Dream on me Nico convertible crib, which is green guard gold certified for your baby. In addition, it is free from all toxic chemicals, which makes it environment friendly and promotes safe indoor air.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQS)

1. What are the safest types of cribs?

If you are looking for the safest cribs for your baby, all you have to care about is a nontoxic material(Organic Crib mattress, Organic Crib Sheet). Make sure that the crib is made of wood, free from emissions. In addition, many cribs are CPSC and ASTM certified.

2. Are Ikea cribs toxic?

IKEA always looks for the best for their customers. Therefore, IKEA cribs are free from toxic chemicals and finishes. In addition, they use beans and stains that are free from toxicity.

3. Are Babyletto cribs nontoxic?

 The top priority of Babyletto is child security. They make sure that they always use 100% fine quality New Zealand Pinewood for their cribs. In addition, they exceed all ASTM and CPSC safety standards.


To sum up, we can say that organic and natural cribs are of great importance as they promote good health. In addition, they maintain air for the child to breathe. You can also find remarkable green guard-certified cribs that will help you know that your product is low on emissions. Briefly, you can also look for natural wood cribs. This makes sure that they are free from harsh chemicals and stains.

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