Complete Guide To 5 Best Baby Walkers For Tall Babies & How They Can Increase Your Child’s Development

best walkers for tall babies

Baby walkers are devices that help babies take their first steps. They can be used indoors or outdoors, and help your child learn how to balance on their feet. In this article, we will discuss everything there is to know about buying a walker for your tall baby.

Baby walkers were introduced in the early 1980s as a way to nurture children’s development by giving them more mobility. These days, parents use baby walkers for various reasons like keeping the baby entertained, allowing them to explore new places around the house or yard, or assisting with potty training. However, safety and choosing the right baby walker (especially if your baby is taller than other toddlers) remain one of the most important aspects of using the best baby walkers for tall babies – therefore parents should ensure they are choosing the best baby walker that is a safe and perfect fit for their little ones to use.

Here are some of the points that you need to keep in mind while buying a walker for your tall baby for its own safety – Parents should always ensure that the best baby walker for tall babies must have a non-slip base on the flooring it is positioned on. This will help avoid accidents with slips or falls while using it.

– Parents should also make sure the base of their baby’s walker is at least 12 inches from any furniture or windows so that their child does not accidentally bump into them and fall over.

The Walkers To Avoid With Tall Children

Baby walkers are made for use in two different ways. One is for when your little one is still very young, and the other style is for when your little one has mastered walking.

The walkers that are too low to the ground are for when your little one is still very young.

The walkers that are too high to the ground, on the other hand, are designed for when your tall little ones have mastered walking.

I assume you are new to this I will help you out in determining which is the relevant one according to the height of your toddler.

Safe development through tall baby walkers

tall baby walkers are uniquely designed for babies who are taller compared to other babies of their age. Tall baby walkers provide extra support and comfort to the baby so he can play and learn to walk up to 32 to 33 inches, these baby walkers for tall babies can handle extra height and weight which makes them a perfect choice for tall babies.

Determining how tall is your baby? Whether you should go for a walker for tall babies?

You must have had doubts that how tall is a baby?, in this section you will find all the answers you are looking for. A baby is considered tall if they are more than 2 inches above the average height-for-age of children who are the same age. This means that more than 98 percent of all children will be shorter than your baby.

It is also possible that your baby is tall depending on its age (as shown in the image below) but still you find that an average 33″-35″ inch walker does not fit right. That might be one reason why you need a height-adjustable walker.

As per research and product reviews we suggest tha the best walker for tall baby is Joovy Spoon Walker

So the best way to determine if your baby is tall or not and if it needs a tall walker is by measuring your baby yourself, making sure to measure its inseam. This is the distance from the bottom of their groin to their toes. When this measurement is shorter than listed on a product, it likely won’t be suitable for your baby.

For example – If your baby has an inseam of 8 inches, a walker with a seat height of 6 inches will be too low. Their knees will not be able to fully extend and their toes won’t touch the ground. Furthermore, the hips and legs are contorted into awkward positions that could leave them with future risks for injuries

Best Baby Walkers for Tall Babies

Safety 1st Ready, Set, Walk Dx Developmental Walker


Safety 1st manufactures these walkers to provide parents with peace of mind when it comes to their children’s safety. It is our choice for a tall walker for a baby. Safety 1st has many different products, but they all have one thing in common – they are safe, reliable, and affordable!

One of the great things about this walker is that it has extra-long safety handles – making them easy to grip and well-balanced. These handles also help taller kids use them better to keep their balance.

One baby’s measurements may be different from another, even though they are the same height. It’s all about the inseam when it comes to finding a walker for your taller baby. As I have mentioned above.

Safety 1st has an option for both boys and girls with seat heights up to 10.5″. If you are looking for some good musical walkers you can check out our guide.

Product Review

Disney Baby Ready, Set, Walk! DX Developmental Walker,


Initially, I was a little put off by the Disney toys on the food tray, thinking they were a permanent fixture. Imagine trying to feed an 11-month-old with a spinning ball and Minnie Mouse in the way.

These toys are fixed to the tray, but the tray can be easily removed for cleaning and feeding.

With 12 tunes and a flashing light for when it’s time to boogie, these little Disney characters are ready for an adventure. Like Safety 1st’s Dino Discovery walker, the Ready Set Walk 2.0 by Disney also has a removable machine-washable cover.

As far as walkers go, this is probably the best one on the market. The good thing about it is that most of the wheels are able to swivel – with just 2 of them fixed for easy handling.

Especially if the height of your toddler is bigger than other babies then, I would really prefer 4 swivel wheels as it helps bubs to navigate in all directions easily.

Taking into account the height of the walker and how it’s a practical solution for taller babies, I think it’s worth your consideration.

Product Review

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The Dino Discovery


Whether you are looking for a sweet dino-themed walker, the Dino Walker is the perfect option. The dino collection includes 5 different incredible animations to stimulate your child’s mind! Well, not quite scary dinosaurs but still great fun.

What I like about the tray on the Dino Walker is that it can be used both as an activity tray and a food tray. Once dinosaurs sense food nearby they will head into the jungle, but you can swing the side activity trays away to create space for activities too!

Not only is the seat cover machine washable, but it also stains less and is easy to clean. That way when you do make a mess, it’s not as much of a hassle to clean up.

This walker is much higher than others, so it makes the most sense for bigger babies. It’s also worth mentioning that reviews mention it’s not suitable for shorter babies. Many parents state that this is for long-legged babies and to stay away if their babies are not tall.

Product Review

Chicco baby walker for tall kids


Another great walking aid from Chicco is the Walky Talky walker. This baby walker for your tall baby is height adjustable and can accommodate babies and toddlers up to 33 inches, making it a versatile option for kids of different ages. This is the best walker for tall babies.

There are different features according to which you can decide which baby walker is perfect for your baby. Once you see the features of this walker, you’ll be delighted. There are rear brakes and the wheels work quite well. This is perfect for those stairs!

This does of course mean the back wheels are not swiveling wheels, so it may not be the ideal thick carpet walker. However, it is more than suitable for use around stairs.

The Walky Talky might be too ambitious of an idea for some parents. The only standout feature is the interactive activity tray, which is cool but can be a hindrance during a time when the baby’s balance and grip aren’t as strong.

The buttons on the walker are a little stiff. So a 6-month-old won’t be able to easily press the buttons to make sounds, which can be played in multiple languages. Once they get a bit older, they can start playing with other activities on the walker.

The bumpers on the base of the walker are great for protecting walls and furniture from dings, but if they annoy you or hinder your mobility then they can be removed. I would recommend leaving them on because if the baby comes racing over to you, it will save you from injury.

I found that the walker has a more erect seating position compared to many baby seats that have your babysitting down. This walker is perfect for taller babies that find it difficult to be seated for too long. However, with its size, this tall baby walker may not be suitable for children smaller in height.

Product Review

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Joovy Spoon Walker


With this tall walker for baby , you’ll know for sure what size inseam measurement is required to use it. And just in case, be sure your baby’s inseam is between 6.5″ and 8.5″.

Joovy Spoon also says that this walker is appropriate for kids up to 33 inches tall. It’s important to note, though, that inseam measurements are much more critical than the max length. Joovy spoon walker is the tallest baby walker in the industry. There is a very positive response from customers click here to know more about the customer reviews on spoon walker.

Every baby is unique- from height to shape, from muscle development to skin tone. It’s a delicate balancing act that allows your baby to sit comfortably and play or sleep safely. For example, a bub maybe 33 inches tall with a 15-inch bum and skinny legs of 9.5 inches inseam, which would create some level of discomfort when trying to walk.

The Joovy Spoon Is The Best Height Adjustable Walker For Tall Kids

The Joovy Spoon is a 3-height adjustable walker. This makes it much more practical as your baby grows from a newborn to a toddler.

The Joovy Spoon Walker has a few other great features you might enjoy. For example, it is perfect for taller babies and has a few adjustable positions. I wish we had one when my youngest was just starting to take steps!

Product Review

Is your baby old enough for a walker?

There are many opinions on baby walkers, but they all agree that it is up to you to decide if or when to use them. Some say they pose health risks so be sure to do your research before making any decision.

When to use a baby walker is a difficult question. It’s related to various other sleep-related decisions. Figuring out what to do with the crib once the baby is big enough or whether or not to get a toddler bed is all-important consideration, and deciding when your child is ready for a walker is too.

The signs that your baby is ready to start walking include:

  1. The best way for your baby to start moving is by crawling. This will give them an early sense of control over their legs that will help them learn to walk later on. Having a walker at home is the perfect way for them to start this process!
  2. The best sign of crawling is when baby has good head control and can sit unassisted. However, this doesn’t mean they can crawl yet- like when they were still using the couch as support for walking.
  3. With the help of furniture, many parents are introduced to walkers for babies. Baby may be able to pull themselves up, so as a safety precaution it’s important for parents to use one when they are out of the house.


Keeping your baby safe is important so it is important to buy the best walkers for a tall baby. This will keep them from getting injured and allow them to move around and explore without getting hurt.


What are the best tall walkers for baby with seats?

  • Safety 1st baby walkers (For tall kids) – $44.99 (3 child developmental toys, 12 charming songs & flashing light, 3 different height levels)
  • Disney Ready Set Walk 2.0 – $59.99 – BEST FOR GIRL BABY (Machine Washable padded seat, plenty of room for snacks, Disney toys)
  • The Dino Discovery (Removable toy bar with toys, Large surround tray for food or toys, 3 position height adjustable, 15 melodies & light, walk behind bar)
  • Chicco baby walker for tall kids – $89.99 (Brake pads help stop the walker, 3 height positions, tray can be removed and used as stand-alone toy)
  • Joovy Spoon walker – $109.99 (Folds flat for easy storage, 3 height positions, non slip stair pads,machine washable)

Which is the tallest baby walker?

According to our experts and after evaluating many baby walkers we have come to the conclusion that Joovy Spoon Walker is the tallest baby walker. You can read the complete review of Joovy Spoon Walker here.

Do baby walkers for tall babies come in different heights?

Much of the baby walker market has height settings. But, if you are looking for a baby walker with adjustable heights, this is one feature you should pay attention to.

What age is best for a baby walker?

The best time for the baby to use the walker is up to them. This might be when they are able to sit upright with help or when they can stand with support. For using pushback walkers, your baby should be able to stand without any support.

They allow the toddler to move without falling, quickly and effortlessly. To summarize: It can be used between six and 15 months, and in any case not after 18 months. If you decide to buy a walker for your baby, keep in mind that it should be used starting at 6 months and it should not be used past 18 months of age.

What height should a baby walker be?

The baby seat must be height adjustable so that the baby’s feet can reach the ground and walk naturally. The width of the seat should also be adequate to avoid collisions with doorframes or walls while walking. Finally, I recommend this type of seat because it is ergonomic, fashionable and has many more features for your enjoyment.

If you have any stairs or uneven surfaces in your home, I recommend choosing a model with automatic blocking before the stairs to prevent falls. Additionally, when picking out a walker for your toddler, keep in mind that they will be able to access areas and heights that were previously not possible with their mobility device.

Are baby walkers good for infants?

The walk also aids in the development of motor skills; it is usually equipped with a safety catch. The idea was to give children the freedom to advance, while still holding onto it. The thought was for them to take their first steps using the walker.

Is it ok to put a 6-month-old baby in a walker?

You can use a walker to support your baby when he or she is learning to stand and take a few steps. Just be sure to read the age requirements—don’t buy something designed for an older kid if your baby is very young.

Generally, push walkers are not recommended for babies until they’re old enough to stand on their own. They take quite a bit of practice to use effectively and because of this, they may inhibit your child’s development.

Therefore, the child must be able to hold their head still and place their feet on the ground to use a walker.

Which is better, walker or ride-on?

It can’t be denied that infants grow faster when they have been given the opportunity to use walkers – this is because they have been shown to aid in muscle development, which assists in an infant’s ability to maintain their upright position.

Is it advisable to buy a walker and activity center?

Today, most walkers come with an activity center and can be used for a variety of purposes. They’re also multifunctional and work for both adults and children.

The use of walkers for children is a controversial topic. While some parents prefer to have their children start using them as early as possible, others don’t want to give them a chance or just want them for a limited time. The best thing about walkers is that they can be used as an activity center to engage your child with other activities and toys.

How long to use the baby walker?

A walker can be great for distracting your toddler and promoting their leg development – but you need to know when it’s time to put them away. The best idea is to start transitioning towards other forms of distraction around the time they’re learning how to walk, but there are no set rules.

It is not recommended to use the stroller after your little one has learned how to walk or when their weight prevents them from using it for longer periods of time

When to buy a baby walker for a big baby?

A taller baby usually means that it’s carrying more weight with it than a shorter one. That’s why you should buy a walker for tall height kids as soon as they can sit upright with their neck supported. The next big step is gaining stability and eventually walking on their own.

That’s why it’s crucial to move on to an adjustable model of the walker as soon as the baby moves out of the newborn phase. Once they grow taller, adjustments are made on their own pace vs. babies who will grow faster at a given time frame.


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