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11 Best Baby Walkers For Hardwood Floors in 2022 – Reviews & Buying Guide

Baby Walkers have always been a baby’s favorite thing to explore on foot. Are they safe? Yes, they are but if used under the guidance and proper safety measures. On hardwood floors, the task is comparatively easier. So if you are looking for a baby walker for hardwood floors then you are at the right place. Here in this article we are gonna discuss the top 11 Baby walkers for hardwood floors that will definitely blow your mind.


  • there are some features that make the walker perfect for babies. The baby walkers should be of proper size and shape because if the walker is too big then it will be very difficult for the baby to handle that and surely will hurt the baby.
  • Baby walker should not be lighter, again with the light walker there is a high risk of falling.
  • Tyres of the walker should be the rubber ones for better grip.
  • The handle of the walker should be comfortable enough for the baby to hold.
  • The wheels of the walker should be in proper condition because in the long term.


Hardwood floors are always in trend. Always look beautiful but they can be harmful sometimes as they are slippery.

Do baby walkers scratch hardwood floors?

Not really because their tyres are made up of rubber which gives better grip and doesn’t scratch the wooden floors.

Keeping the above in mind let’s explore the world of walkers. Here is the most awaited list of the Best Baby walker for hardwood floors in 2021-22.

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  • Cosco Simple Steps Walker, Monster Shelley
  • Kolcraft Tiny Steps 2-in-1 Infant & Baby Activity Walker
  • Melissa & Doug Deluxe Chomp and Clack Alligator Wooden Push Toy and Activity Walker
  • VTech Sit-to-Stand Learning Walker
  • Joovy Spoon Walker, Adjustable Baby Walker, Activity Center, Charcoal
  • Safety 1st Dino Sounds ‘n Lights Discovery Baby Walker with Activity Tray
  • Fisher-Price Bright Beginnings Activity Walker

It’s very difficult to choose the most reliable baby walker among the thousands of brands. We here can help you, there are the top reviewed baby walkers that work well on hardwood floors, by the parents themselves.

Best baby walkers with rubber wheels are the most difficult to find in the big market. The brands with rubber wheels are as  follows:

Best baby walker for hardwood floors based on Parental Reviews

  1.  Joovy spoon walker
  2. Prince Lionheart Wheely 
  3. Baby joy sit to stand walker   
  4. Kids embrace batman baby walker
  5. Pewi walking ride On
  6. VTech sit-to-stand
  7. KolaCraft tiny steps
  8. HABA Walker Wagon
  9. Bright Stars shop and cook
  10. Cossy Wooden learning walker
  11. Safety 1st ready set walk
  12. Labebe plush rocking horse

Let’s find out one by one:

Joovy spoon walker

Joovy spoon walker is the most simple and reliable walker in the market. It is adjustable according to the height of the baby, one can easily open it up for the growing baby. The tires of the joovy spoon are surface friendly, which means it can bowl on any surface including hardwood floors.

Easy to wash, its dish is easy to remove and fit again. 

Most importantly it’s safe for babies. Baby walker with a joovy spoon is not too expensive. Parents who don’t want any toy formality and who are looking for a simple and safe walker can buy this.

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Easy to useWe cannot lock the tyres
The tray can be easily removedWheels are not easily rotatable
Bowl on every floor

Prince Lionhearted wheely- best baby push walker for hardwood floors

Prince Lionhearted wheely provides an amazing baby bug push walker is best for hardwood floors. It’s specially designed while keeping in mind the baby’s preference. Its comfortable back and handle will definitely make the baby relaxed. Baby walker controls the baby’s movement and makes them more confident. 

Walker’s look is awesome and attractive. It comes in different designs like elephant, tiger, cow, ladybug, pig etc. Easy to handle and can easily bowl on the wooden floors. Since it is narrower than other walkers it is perfect for small spaces as well. You can also read our guide on best narrow baby walkers for small spaces if you have a small house and are worried about the space.

Wheels are so strong and made from rubber. You don’t need to always keep an eye on the baby. This baby walker is safe for every age.

Baby Push walker for a hardwood floor is non-toxic. Sometimes the baby likes to take things into its mouth so it will not harm the baby. The corners of the walker are smooth and shaped so that it will not hurt the baby.

Soft and easy to handleRequired guidance
Rounded cornersWider seat
Rubber oriented tyres

Baby Joy sit-to-stand walker


Baby joy walker is one of the best-reviewed walkers. It’s a combination of all kinds of walkers as it has a comfortable handle with grip holding.

Tyres are made up of rubber and the size of the tyre is bigger in comparison to the other walkers. Easy to move on hardwood floors and never scratches the floor. Strong tyres and handle. It has toys included in the front tray. The tray contains a panel of different colours that helps the baby to explore the world of colours. Bulging out toys improves the hand movement of the baby. Its broader front handles the direction. The Colour of the walker is light so that it doesn’t hurt the baby’s vision.

High QualityNon- adjustable
Beautiful colours
Easy to wash
Comfortable handle and tyres

Kids Embrace Batman

Kids Embrace Batman just like the walker’s name; it’s as interesting as its name. It is totally a fun walker for the baby. Its fashionable design makes it a very unique piece. It looks like a hanging racing car with bold colours. Its beautiful colour is so attractive. Wheels are strong and floor-friendly without leaving any scratches behind.  A black base will make the baby’s movement so visible that each step will make the baby stronger. The seat is very comfortable and very importantly adjustable too. This walker fits every age baby. Easy to clean and can be washed in the machine easily. It has a sound and light system too on a chargeable basis.

 It is foldable and easy to set up and pack. 

FoldableRequired batteries
Light and sound system
Stronger wheels
Easy to clean
Car themed

Pewi Walking Ride On

If you are looking for a ride-on walker, then it can be the best choice among the other brands. Best suited for hardwood floors.

The seat is comfortable and reliable. Its v-shaped seat makes it more comfortable and adjustable. “Pewi walking ride on” consists of 4 legs which makes it stronger. The Colour is light which relaxes the baby’s mind. It also consists of a holder in front to hold the walker. The holder is soft and has a grip. Walker is simple and comfortable. Piwe Walker has space between each pair of tyres so that it doesn’t hurt the legs of the baby.

360° rotationNeed supervision
Comfortable seatNo toys included
Easy to use and clean

VTech Sit-to-stand Walker:

VTech Sit-to-stand walker is an all-rounder walker. Babies can walk, jump, run and push the walker. Walker is surface-friendly, that is, a bowl on every kind of floor. This push walker for a hardwood floor is the best option for your kid.

Toys attached to it make it more attractive for a baby to play with those toys like a toy phone when they feel bored. It consists of a music system with a piano key.

It consists of three colours orange, green, and yellow. Tyres are big and made up of rubber which didn’t scratch the wood floors. It increases the baby’s concentration skills and improves motor skills. It keeps the baby engaging 24*7 without much concentration. 

Kolcraft Tiny Steps 2-in-2 Activity Toddler and Baby Walker

Kolcraft Tiny Steps 2-in-2 Activity Toddler and Baby Walker is a designer walker with very different shapes and sizes.  It consists of 3 feet which makes the toddler very strong. Tyres are small and made up of a rubber base which helps the wooden floor from scratches.

The toddler is made up of high-quality and is non-toxic. Different colours make the walker attractive and consist of many toys that will improve the baby’s concentration and hand movements. It can be used as a walker and jumper as well.

These toddlers are adjustable. It can be adjusted according to the baby’s height. The seat is so comfortable and you don’t need to buy the toddlers again and again.

Easy to useHeavy in weight
Fashionable toysNon-foldable
Easy to pack and unpack
Can be used as a jumper and toddler

Bright Starts Giggling Gourmet 4-in-1 Shop ‘n Cook Walker

This walker is very different from any other casual walker.  It has 4 wheels that control the walker balance as well as the baby’s balance very well. It is rectangular and made up as a basket shape. Holes in the walker help the baby to determine the basket material. Baby can carry all other toys of her/his in the stroller. The handle is soft and durable and the grip is very strong.

Storage facilityNon-rotatable
Easy to pack and unpack
Cooking theme

Cossy wooden baby Learning Walker

The Cossy wooden baby Learning Walker is totally made up of wood which makes it non-toxic. It consists of many toys attached like a cube, Sorters etc in the front. It also has images of clowns, lions and crocodiles.

Wheels are totally made up of rubber and are so colourful. In the front of the walker, there are 3 cookie-like toys that look exciting. Easy to use and the baby can play with the toys attached anytime. You don’t need to concentrate much on them. They will be so engaged with their walker.

Easy to pack and unpackUncomfortable handle
Lots of Toys attachedNon-foldable
Rubbered tyres

Safety 1st Ready-Set-Walk

Safety 1st Ready-Set-Walker is a multi-tasker walker; it can act as a walker, or as a jumper. It contains 4 tyres which make the walker more modern and good-looking. Its beautiful and bold colours make it attractive. It consists of toys in the tray. There is a wheel in the tray which helps to improve the baby’s concentration and hand movement. It doesn’t scratch the wooden floor. 

Toxic-freeCannot handle much weight
Easy to clean
Comfortable seat

Labebe – Plush Rocking Horse, Wooden Ride-on Toy

Labebe toys are very interesting and unique as they are horse theme toys with special unique features. Its base is made up of hardwood which makes it strong. The toy is very soft and beautiful. The Colour is very light so that baby feels relaxed. It has handles on both of the sides near the horse’s ear.

Babies can easily adjust themselves on the seat. 

Breathable cotton coverNeed support
Comfortable seat
Light Weight
Consumes less space


Baby walkers for toddlers are always in demand and there are varieties of walkers. It’s very difficult for parents to choose anyone from hundreds of choices. The above-listed walkers can help you in getting the best one especially if you have a hardwood floor in your home.

Another problem faced by most of the parents is that are they safe for wooden surfaces?

All these walkers consist of rubber wheels that definitely don’t do any harm to your floor. 

Hope this article will help you to get your best choice and will make your life easy and comfortable.


How to protect wood floors from walkers scratch?

If you have wood floors, then you should buy walkers that have rubber wheels because they are soft and provide great friction which prevents your baby from falling out of the walker, or you can use rugs or carpets on the floor to prevent any scratches on the wooden floor.

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