Best Baby Cribs with Wheels-Available Online 

Best Baby Cribs with Wheels-Available Online 

A crib is defined as a bed that is specifically made for children that have high enclosing and mostly have slatted sides.

Baby cribs are a safe option for keeping babies in their beds. And while they come in a variety of styles, shapes, and sizes like cribs with wheels. It is the most suitable option for parents to have a crib with wheels that help parents move it to different places when needed.

A crib with wheels is the best option as it has many features like it is portable you can move it anywhere in the whole home and also keeps the baby happy by moving it back and forth. Not only this it is used when your baby grows. Babies mostly grow outside the bassinet and then just transition from the bassinet to the crib. 

A crib with wheels is perfect for those who intend to co-sleep with their baby and move cribs to the nursery later because they are lightweight and easily movable.

Experts Opinion

According to our expert, Dr. Maida, you can get a lot of benefits from cribs with wheels, as

It helps reduce the risk of suffocation because you can move it to open places like gardens or lawns at any time. So that baby feels comfortable and also enjoys fresh air.

According to another of our experts, Dr. Alka,

The ability to move cribs from one room to another without disassembling them is a handy advantage for parents. So Dr. Alka suggests a crib with wheels to every parent.

Safety Concerns for Cribs with Wheels

Cribs with wheels are a safe option for parents because

  • Rigorous testing has been done before cribs are approved to sell.
  • Moreover, on this type of crib, further tests on wheels, looking mechanism, and folding mechanism are made.
  • Besides all cribs with wheels are safe as they are suggested by our experts as they want your baby to be safe and secure.

What to look for while buying cribs with wheels?

During buying a crib following things should be focused on:

Firm, tight-fitting mattress.

While buying a crib first make sure that it has a firm mattress to support the baby. And the mattress also fits in the crib, otherwise, any accident can occur. 

No missing or broken hardware or slats.

Broken hardware can cause injury to your baby and missing hardware can imbalance your baby’s crib. 

No cutouts on the head or footboard.

Cutouts in the head or footboard are very dangerous for the baby and anyone moving around the crib. It can cause serious injuries. 

No more salt.

More salt can damage the kidneys of babies, as babies’ organs are not fully developed. And babies often chew the bars which can cause serious damage. 

Stationary sides.

Sides should be stationary as drop-side cribs are banned by APP. So, you should make sure that all sides are stationary. 

Best Cribs With Wheels Available on Amazon 

Mika Micky Baby Bedside Crib

Mika Micky bassinet provides you best option to remain close to your child and also ensures the baby a safe and safe environment. 


Product Details

  • Colour Grey
  • Brand Mika Micky 
  • Maximum weight 33 Pounds
  • Product care Washable
  • Item weight 20 Pounds
  • It is bigger than the pictures are showing.
  • It has excellent wheels that make movement easy.
  • All four wheels are lockable.
  • It has drop-down sides which you can easily drop only by unzipping.
  • It has also a big carrying bag.
  • You can only use Mika Micky accessories with this crib.

Product Reviews 

Final Verdict

Micka Micky cribs are good for babies as this crib gives baby a comfortable space and also gives mom convenience by drop side feature. Choosing this crib makes mom and baby both happy.

Dream On Me 3-in-1 Portable Folding

This brand is best for parents who live busy lives and is also more popular among those. This brand actually gives user-friendly products. And also multipurpose furniture that can be changed into different categories


Product Details

  • Colour Steel Grey
  • Brand Dream on me
  • Maximum weight 35 pounds
  • Product care Only hand wash
  • Item weight 32 pounds
  • Finish Pine
  • Style Crib
  • It is small enough and the wheels move around easily.
  • Its size is the same as pack-n-play and is good enough for sleeping.
  • It easily converts to the playpen.
  • It also comes with a crib mattress.
  • It comes with a strong birchwood frame.
  • It cannot be used for elder babies. 

Product Reviews

Final Verdict

This product takes place in 3 different positions. It is green guard gold certified. The mattress has also 3 height positions which makes it more suitable than others. 

Dream On Me Side Crib

Dream on me is the name of trust for parents, who just want to get a product and their baby in it without worries. 


Product Details

  • Colour Pebble Grey
  • Brand Dream on me 
  • Maximum weight 35 Pounds
  • Product care Wipe with a dry cloth
  • Item weight 30.5 pounds
  • It can be used for dual purposes i.e as a crib and as a playpen. 
  • It has an easily compact design and comes with storage. 
  • It is lightweight, and its wheels make it easily portable. 
  • Locking wheels make it a more secure product.
  • It is convertible.
  • Has no extra storage space.

Product Reviews

Final Verdict

Dream on me is the best option for cribs with wheels to choose from, it can be used for dual purposes which makes it a more useful and reasonable option for parents.

Delta Children Baby Crib

Delta children is a renowned company, that claims nontoxic products for babies. That is eco-friendly. It makes products that have different categories. As mini cribs for small spaces and products that are good for traveling. 


Product details

  • Color Grey
  • Target Unisex
  • Brand Delta Children
  • Material Wood
  • Finish Cherry
  • Style Crib
  • It is best for small spaces.
  • It is best for storage. 
  • The mattress has 2 different positions of height.
  • Not for short naps only, baby can sleep for a long time. 
  • It meets all the safety standards of JPMA. 
  • The castors on the crib do not lock.

Product Reviews

Final Verdict 

Delta children’s baby crib is specified for small spaces, if you have less space in your room or want to adjust your baby crib in a small crib too often, then this product is best for you. 

Bedside Sleeper Bedside Crib

Bedside sleeper and bedside crib is the unique crib that provides co-sleeping benefits as well as the solely sleeping crib. It has an extra mosquito net that prevents your baby from being bitten by mosquitos. 


Product Details

  • Colour Deep Grey
  • Brand Nordimex
  • Maximum weight 33 Pounds
  • Style Sleeper
  • Product care        Hand wash only
  • Item weight 22.9 pounds
  • You can adjust the height from one side and prevent your baby from splitting milk.
  • It has a large capacity and saves space room.
  • It has an extra mosquito net, that prevents your baby from the mosquito.
  • It can easily be converted into a bedside crib. 
  • It can also be converted into a playpen by removing the mosquito net. 
  • Wheels are unable to move on hard floors.

Product Reviews

Final Verdict

This product is safe and secure to sleep and play with. Further, its easy installation keeps it out of competing for the line.  


From all the above we conclude that cribs with wheels are the best option for parents who are in search of cribs. Wheels can make easy portability and make parents more comfortable. 


Why are drop-side rail cribs no longer in use?

Unfortunately, the same mechanism that allows the drop-side rail in the crib can create a gap between the crib mattress and parts of the drop side. As a result, babies could become trapped and suffocate so that is why these cribs are no longer in use.

Are drop cribs illegal in the US?

In 2011 the US (CPSC) drop-side cribs has been banned, after the cases reported of accidents in the crib, strict safety standards has been implemented. So, all cribs should be tested before selling. 

What can I use if I don’t have a crib?

A pack-n-play is used instead of a crib,  but make sure that only a firm mattress is used and never thrust pillows or blankets in it.  Don’t use other crib accessories either. A cardboard box with a thin mattress can be used for sleep space. Set the box on a dry floor, remove the lid, and do not close it when your baby is in the box.

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