What To Do If Your Baby Won’t Sleep in Bassinet

What To Do If Your Baby Won’t Sleep in Bassinet

When the news of your first baby hits the parents, in full excitement, the first thing they think of is shopping for the best baby products for their precious little ones. Some of the few essentials that parents proceed to buy include strollers, baby clothes, wipes, and bassinets. Bassinets are small beds for babies so they can have their own space where they rest or sleep. There are multiple best modern, small and large, and portable bassinets for your baby. However, do babies love sleeping in bassinets? There are multiple complaints about how the baby sometimes feels uncomfortable sleeping in the bassinet. So what could be the causes, reasons, and solutions for why your baby won’t sleep in the bassinet?

First of all, Babies need to sleep for a lot of their day. It is pretty much all that they do. However, it can be difficult for them to sleep in a bassinet and there can be many reasons for that. The issue with babies not sleeping in the bassinet is that they may be too small and restless, or there may be something else wrong like hunger, gas, or fussiness. It is important to remember that every baby is different so what works for one may not work for another.

Additionally, new parents get confused as they don’t have experience, which can be troublesome. There are many troubleshooting tips that parents can try out before resorting to other methods of help. This is why we are bringing this article for you to address this issue and help you find the best solutions.  There are many reasons a newborn baby won’t sleep in the bassinet. 

Some of the Troubleshooting Tips that you must try first

Babies are not meant to sleep in a bassinet. The bassinet is for the baby to play and sleep in, but not for a long periods of time. Babies should be sleeping in their cribs or the baby’s room. If you are having trouble getting your baby to sleep in their crib or bassinets, try these troubleshooting tips:

  • Make sure that the bedding is comfortable and cozy
  • Put a mobile over the crib so that it can distract your baby
  • Put on some soothing music or white noise
  • Turn off any lights or close any windows

In the market, many modern bassinets come with modern technology, for instance, lights, music, vibration and height adjustments, etc. Your first solution should be using all these features your bassinet comes with. Most of the time these features work and you will be able to get a soothing and peaceful result quickly. However, it does not guarantee the solution especially because all babies are not safe. They can be dealing with another issue besides sleeping. If all these do not help you find a solution to why a newborn baby won’t sleep in the bassinet then you need to read further. 

Main Causes why your baby won’t sleep in the bassinet

The main cause of a baby not sleeping in the bassinet is that they are too cold. Babies need to be at an optimal temperature of around 18 degrees Celsius. If it is too cold, they will simply refuse to sleep in the bassinet and instead prefer to sleep on you or their siblings. Another reason why your baby won’t sleep in the bassinet is that they are too hot. Babies need to be at an optimal temperature of around 18 degrees Celsius. If it is too hot, they will refuse to sleep in the bassinet and instead prefer to sleep on you or their siblings.


A bad environment can cause a lot of issues even for babies. Babies need a peaceful space to lie in or to sleep. Any kind of noise interruption can disturb their sleep and also disturb the peace of parents as well. Hence, a bad environment is one of the factors why your baby won’t sleep in a bassinet

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How to Create a Peaceful Bassinet Environment

The first step is to make sure that the bassinet is at a comfortable temperature. You can do this by placing a blanket or sheet over it and making sure that it’s not too hot or too cold. You should also try to make sure that no noises are coming from the room if possible. This includes not only loud sounds like music, but also any other sounds like traffic, construction, or even talking on the phone. Next, if your baby has trouble sleeping because they are hungry or thirsty then make sure they have access to something they can drink and eat easily while in their bassinet. Finally, try putting your baby’s favorite toy next to them in their bassinet as well. These steps might help ‘my baby won’t sleep in bassinet’ 

Other Factors beside a Bad Environment

Parents should keep in mind that the environment of the bassinet is not the only factor that influences their baby’s sleep. They should also keep in mind the following factors: 

  • The size of the bassinet – Your baby will be more comfortable in a larger space than a smaller one. This is one of the most common reason for why a newborn baby won’t sleep in a bassinet.
  • The height of the bassinet – The height of your bed and your baby’s crib should be similar to make it easier for you to get up and down from them.
  • The temperature of the room – It is important for you to make sure that there are no drafts or cold spots, as these can cause discomfort for your baby. 
  •  Noise levels – It is best if you can find a place where there are no distractions, such as noise or light.

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Steps you must take to solve why ‘my baby won’t sleep in bassinet’ issue

It is important to know how to make your baby sleep better in a bassinet. This way, you can also get some sleep yourself. The first thing you need to do is make sure that the bassinet is at the right height for your baby. If it is too high, they will not be able to fall asleep and if it’s too low, they might wake up when they hit the floor. Height problems with bassinets are also one of the main reasons why newborn babies won’t sleep in the bassinet. They need to feel secure and loved by looking at their parents. Next, make sure that the bassinet has a fitted sheet on it so that your baby doesn’t feel cold or uncomfortable. You should also put a soft blanket on top of them so that they feel cozy and safe. You should always have a pacifier on hand for when your baby falls asleep as well as something for them to suck on like their thumb or a bottle of breast milk or formula.

Additional Steps You Should Consider to Make your Baby Sleep Through Night in Bassinet

The first step to getting your baby to sleep through the night is to establish a regular sleep schedule. Babies thrive on routine and consistency. If you and your baby have consistency then there are fewer chances your little one will wake up at night constantly. The next step is to make sure that you are in the same room as your baby. Make sure that the bassinet is close to you as well. This will help them feel safe and secure, which is key for getting them to sleep through the night. Another reason why your baby won’t sleep in the bassinet is that they get interrupted by people entering and leaving the same room where the bassinet is. This is how children get irritated. You should avoid going into their room when they are awake, or you might startle them and make it hard for them to fall asleep again.


In this article, we have addressed the issue of ‘why my baby won’t sleep in a bassinet’ for parents. We have highlighted the main causes so you can keep a check on what you as a parent doing right or wrong. Secondly, we have listed factors that won’t let your baby sleep peacefully in the bassinet. Thirdly, we have given some of the best solutions that hopefully will help you solve these issues.


What you should not put in a bassinet?

Bumpers, big pillows, and throws should never be placed in the bassinet. These products accelerate the chances of overheating and that can suffocate babies. Make sure your babies have enough space in the bassinet and you should choose bassinets according to the size of your baby.

How long can you use the bassinet attachment?

You can use bassinet attachment approximately to the age of six months old.

How do I know if my bassinet is safe?

You should check that the bassinet has no sharp edges or corners. Make sure it is not made of toxic materials. Moreover, check that it has no gaps where an infant could get its head stuck. Additionally, it should not have any strings or ribbons hanging from it.

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