Best Baby Crib Accessories – Different Types of Crib Accessories and Where to Buy them Online 

Best Baby Crib Accessories – Different Types of Crib Accessories and Where to Buy them Online 

As a new parent, you must be all excited about shopping for the baby. You have bought the new crib, and now you are looking for baby crib accessories and essentials. It is an exciting time, but only if you know what you buy and need. Crib accessories include small, important items like bedding sets, rail guards, pillows, comforters, toys, baby monitors, etc.  Setting up a crib is fun but, at the same time, also complex. There are a lot of details involved. You have to make conscious efforts about your choices. A crib should be the safest place for a baby. That is why, from essentials to accessories, your selection should be perfect. 

The article below guides you in detail about the best baby crib accessories and where you can buy them. 

What are Crib Accessories?

Crib accessories include items that complete the look and comfort of a crib. These can be quilts, comforters, mattress pads, pillows, toys, and other decorative elements. Crib beddings include all the essentials and accessories. Some of these accessories are designed to improve the protection and comfort of cribs for babies. Others are simply there to distract the baby’s attention or keep them amused for a while. 

Before you search for baby crib accessories, let us help you select the right crib. Without the right crib, the rest of your purchases are of no use. 

A Brief Guide to your Crib Hunt 

The crib market has adapted successfully to parents’ needs. Following are a few types of cribs that have been selected to be the best in the market.

  • A Standard Crib: It can be rectangular or simply plain. Depending on your preference, it can be highly intricate. The boundary has fixed sides, so your baby will be safe until they reach the age where they can climb out of the crib.
  • A Convertible Crib: One of the most popular cribs these days is a convertible crib because it will grow with your baby. You can also convert it into a toddler bed, because of this convertible cribs are expensive, but they are also usable for a long period. 
  • A Mini Crib: As the name shows, it is a small, much lighter crib. So, it can serve as a small home for your baby, and you can take it with you anywhere. They are easy to convert and take part in. 
  • A Portable Crib: This is a better option than a mini crib. Being portable, it can just be packed quickly and moved around without any trouble. This feature makes it a go-to choice for parents. It comes with wheels and can be moved and lifted around easily. 
  • A Combo Crib: The ultimate, perfect choice for small bedrooms, having built-in drawers. You can stash all the necessities and crib accessories in them. 

Getting to Know About Different Types of Crib Accessories 

Now that you have selected the crib, it’s time for the necessities and accessories that go into it. First, you must realize that these crib accessories are much more than just tools for a better appearance. Crib beddings and accessories play a very important role in the safety and comfort of your child. They also set up the whole tone and style of the baby’s room. 

Before adding any accessories to your baby’s crib, do thorough research on their safety levels. We cannot put your baby at risk just for the sake of some cute Instagram pictures. Here are some types of accessories needed for your baby’s crib.

A Mattress Pad 

You have the best organic sheets and mattresses for your baby’s crib. Now it’s time for a mattress pad. It is a mattress defender. They usually improve or prolong the lifetime of a mattress. They are essential to provide extra firmness and softness to the mattress. They give a cozier environment.  A baby’s body needs extra comfort, and mattress pads are designed to provide adequate warmth. They also aid in hygiene by preventing any spill or leakage from reaching the mattress. 

A Cozy Quilt 

Baby quilts are also one important crib accessory. They are gentle, warm, and allergen-free, perfect for a baby’s sensitive skin. However, the quilts should not be just left loose in the baby’s crib. Make sure to be cautious around putting a quilt over your baby. 

Baby Sleep Sacks 

Right temperature means better sleep for babies. Sleep sacks are basically like sleeping bags for newborns. These wearable blankets cover your baby correctly and keep them warm and comfortable. They provide an ideal temperature for sleeping and ensure their safety in the crib. 

Crib Rail Covers 

Crib rail covers promote the safety of both your baby and the crib. They go on either side of the railings. Often your baby might try to bite the bars and hurt their gums. The purpose of crib rail cover safety is to guard your baby during the teething phase. Rail covers prevent babies from ingesting the crib coatings or even stains. If you have chosen a wooden crib for your baby, these crib rail covers will prevent the chances of any splinters reaching your baby’s skin or gums. 


Bumpers are another sleep accessory of the crib. If your baby moves a lot unconsciously, bumpers can keep their body and head safe from the railings. However, they can sometimes increase the risk of suffocation, so think carefully before buying. Overall, crib bumpers have been ruled unsafe, and it is better to avoid them. 

Crib Cam and Baby Monitors  

You can’t constantly peek inside the room or nursery to ensure your baby is okay. To keep an extra eye on your baby, you need baby monitors. With their help, you will know about your baby’s sleep patterns and the room’s atmosphere. 

Here are some features you should look for when you are buying a crib cam:

  • Access from the smartphone
  • Night vision 
  • Sound alert 
  • Temperature or air quality change alert 
  • Zoom-in option 
  • Communication with baby


Yes, toys are fun. But they are not an essential part of crib accessories for newborns. Babies spend most of their time in cribs, and toys can help entertain them. They can also boost a baby’s learning experience. Meanwhile, you must choose the toys wisely. Only use the recommended and safe toys. Remove them from the crib before putting your baby to sleep. The risk of suffocation increases otherwise. 

Crib Mobiles 

Mobiles are a great source of entertainment for your newborn. They do not have any detachable or loose parts. They hang over the crib at almost 16 inches above the crib mattress. Make sure that its strings are around 7inches long or even shorter. Once your baby can push himself up on his own, it’s time to remove the mobile. 


Swaddles are also a part of a baby’s bedding accessories. These are snuggly blankets wrapped around your baby to provide them with cozy and calm sleep. Swaddles are designed to give the feel of a mother’s womb to a baby and so promote sleep. They also leave a little room for babies to stretch their legs and kick. Once your baby is old enough to roll over, you can stop using swaddles. 

Importance of Crib Accessories for Newborn

Proper beddings and crib accessories for newborns accessories are helpful for both the child and the parent. Here are a few points that justify their importance.

Quality Sleep 

Accessories like quilts and sleep sacks keep your baby lying on their back. A good sleeping position means better sleep. The warmth and comfort provided by quilts and mattress pads keep them asleep for longer hours and ultimately make them better sleepers. You will also see your baby adopting independent sleeping in cribs once they are entirely comfortable. 

Staying Safe in the Crib 

A crib is designed after keeping your baby’s safety in mind. Accessories like crib rail covers improve this safety level. 

Monitoring the Baby

Another essential accessory is the baby monitor. Suppose you are attending work in some other room, you aren’t aware of your baby’s situation. A baby monitor alerts you whenever your baby cries or wakes up. The camera helps you keep an eye on them, so they don’t hurt themselves. Ensure the monitor camera is synced to your smartphone and has night vision and zoom-in options. 

A Firm Sleep Surface 

A firm surface is crucial for the sleeping baby. If the surface is not firm, your child may feel unable to breathe and even suffocate. A firm, fitted mattress with mattress pads provides the right sleep surface for the baby.  In short, the crib can be the safest place to bathe with the help of these crib accessories to help the baby sleep. 

Buying Baby Crib Accessories Online/Amazon 

1- Wildwest Cowboy Crib Rail Guard

Product Description:

  • Brand-SweetJojoDesigns
  • Material-Microfiber, Microsuede
  • Item Dimensions-LxWxH (20 x 0.7 x 13 inches)
  • Item Weight-0.5 Pounds
  • Care instructions-Machine washable


  • Imported with the best quality brushed microfiber.
  • The cowboy print fabric is attractive for babies and it reverses to a red bandana print.
  • You can have several options of accessories for this design including wall decor, crib sheets, window treatment, and more. 


  • The ties can wear down with drying.

Final Verdict

A perfect teething cover protector made of excellent microsuede material. Find the product here at Wildwest cowboy rail guard.

2- Cribwrap Narrow Rail Guard Cover 

Product Description:

  • Brand– Wayfair 
  • Width– side-to-side: 6”
  • Length– head-to-toe: 27”
  • Overall Product Weight – 1 lb
  • Product Type – Crib Rail Guard Cover
  • Material – Cotton Blend
  • Textured/Embroidered – Yes
  • Machine Washable -Yes
  • Crib Type – Standard Crib


  • Crib rail cover for narrow rails, designed to protect your teething baby and crib. 
  • The cover has a super soft Sherpa fleece on the top.
  • The Middle has light padding and a waterproof backing.
  • Can be washed in a machine, cold, with like colors.
  • Comes in various design patterns too.


  • Color and fiber will be affected by bleach. 
  • No option for dry cleaning, the quality will be compromised otherwise. 

Final Verdict 

Perfect crib railing for the narrow rails of your baby’s crib. You can find the product here at CribWrap Rail covers

3- Tiny Love Take-along Crib Mobile

Product Description:

  • Color -Magical Tales
  • Brand-Tiny Love
  • Material-Plastic
  • Mounting Type-Crib Mount


  • Amazon’s top bestseller.
  • Has a 3-in-1 development mobile design based on visual stimulation.
  • Includes various contrasts of black and white colors to enhance the baby’s vision.
  • Has calming music and features 5 different tones.
  • The design is charming and adorable.


  • The connector arm can be problematic sometimes. 

Final Verdict 

Best crib mobile with a variety of calm and soothing tunes for your baby.

4- Amazon’s Mighty Jungle Crib Bedding Set 

Product Description:

  • Size– 3 Piece Set
  • Included Components– Quilt, Crib Skirt, Crib Sheet
  • Color– Multicolor
  • Brand – Bedtime Originals
  • Them -Animals


  • 3-piece bedding set with a quilt, fitted crib sheet, and crib skirt. 
  • Popular animal-themed, suitable for both boys and girls. 
  • The three accessories are under one set, available at an affordable price.


  • The bedding set is suitable only for a themed nursery or room.

Final Verdict 

Excellent product and Amazon’s bestseller.

5- Disney Winnie the Pooh Bedding Set 

Product Description: 

  • Size – 3 Count (Pack of 1)
  • Included Components – Comforter, Sheet
  • Color – Aqua, White, Yellow, Orange
  • Brand – Disney
  • Theme – Clouds, Cartoon


  • Has a whole theme of Winnie the Pooh, with a comforter and two fitted mini-crib sheets.
  • Available in a variety of colors.
  • The sheets are fully elastic, perfect for a good snug and safe for the baby. 
  • One of the best-sellers on Amazon.


  • Sheets fit only the mini-crib mattress with dimensions of 24x38inches.

Final Verdict 

A perfect bedding set featuring your little one’s favorite Disney characters.

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions) 

What are the crib accessories called?

Crib accessories, along with crib necessities, are called bedding sets. These sets contain all the essential things you need to provide excellent and comfortable sleep for your baby. 

What crib accessories do I need? 

You do not need all the accessories mentioned over the internet. The main accessories that are actually helpful include mattress pads, monitors and crib cams, some warm quilts, sleep sacks, and organic crib sheets.

How do I keep my baby entertained in the crib?

One of the accessories for the cribs of the newborn is crib toys. These can include soothing musical crib toys, stuff toys, teething toys, and baby crib mobile with some relaxing music. Baby cribs with storage underneath are useful to keep cribs accessories there.


From rail covers to quilts and monitors, the crib accessories are designed to provide a comfortable space for your baby. They are helpful for both the parents and the kids. Being a careful parent, you can utilize these accessories to provide the right environment for your baby in the crib. The baby will also be much more comfortable and away from any trouble. 

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