Are Push Walkers Bad for Babies?

Are Push Walkers Bad for Babies?

Push baby walkers are not bad, in fact, they are a great and safe way to help your baby learn how to walk. Push walkers allow the child to walk without you having to worry about them falling. Push walkers are a must-have for parents with newborns. They can help them to take care of their babies and keep them safe from getting hurt. In this article, we will emphasize the question ‘Are push walkers bad for babies’. We will indulge in this discussion by mentioning reviews, pros, cons, and other details of this popular baby product. 

What are Push Walkers

Baby push walkers are a type of stroller that is designed for babies who are not yet able to walk. It has a seat that can be raised and lowered so the baby can see what is going on around them. A baby push walker is a type of stroller that is designed for babies who are not yet able to walk. It has a seat that can be raised and lowered so the baby can see what is going on around them. They are typically used in places where there are stairs or other obstacles, such as shopping malls or airports.

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Guidelines of Using Baby Push Walkers

In our topic ‘Are push Walkers bad for babies’ we will also look into guidelines for using this product. The guidelines for baby push walkers are helpful in ensuring that the product is used safely and effectively.

Some of the guidelines include:

  • The product should be used on flat surfaces only.
  • The product should not be placed on any surface that is wet, slippery, or uneven.
  • The product should not be used near stairs or obstacles.
  • The product should not be used near water or other liquids.

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Parents’ Views

Some parents have found these push walkers baby products quite helpful because they have helped their children in maintaining balance, thus walking. It has also increased the babies’ walking habits and has given them a good support system. However, there is another view, there are parents who have had accidents with push walkers. Babies sometimes trip over them while they are learning to walk which has led to parents rejecting this product.

Benefits of Push Walkers

Push walkers are a safe and easy way for parents to take their babies for a walk. They provide a lot of benefits for the parents, the baby, and the environment. Push walkers are a safe and easy way for parents to take their babies for a walk. They provide a lot of benefits for the parents, the baby, and the environment. Push walkers can help with mobility issues that may arise as children grow older. They can also be used to help with motor skill development in toddlers or infants who are too young to stand on their own yet.

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Push walkers are a safe and practical way to help your child learn to walk. They are also a convenient way for parents to be able to take their children out without the hassle of carrying them. Push Walkers have been proven to be beneficial for children with different levels of mobility, from babies learning to walk, toddlers who need more support, and even children with special needs. Push walkers can also be used as a source of entertainment for kids as well as a bonding experience for parents and kids.

Safest Push Walkers 

Fisher Price Laugh and Learn Baby Walker


Product Details

  • Age          36 months
  • Color        Multicolor
  • Education Hand-Eye coordination
  • Sturdy.
  • Easy grip handle.
  • 4 wheel base.
  • It grows with the baby.
  • Easy assembly.
  • 75 songs and entertaining activities.
  • Not recommended for Children under 18 months.

Product Reviews

Fisher Price Lion Walker


Product Details

  • Age            6 months and up
  • Brand         Fisher Price
  • Theme       Baby Toys
  • Color          Lion
  • Affordable.
  • Different size options.
  • Colorful lights.
  • Entertaining. 

Product Reviews

V-Tech Sit to Stand Baby Walker


Product Details

  • Material              Plastic
  • Brand                 V-Tech
  • Age                    Toddler
  • Frustration free packaging.
  • Perfect for children who are suffering from cerebral palsy or spina bifida. 
  • It has an instructional DVD to ease the unpacking. It also teaches parents how to use this product safely for their babies.
  • It offers a wide base.
  • It does not provide much entertainment but is as good as any traditional walker.

Product Reviews

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Skip Hop Baby Walker

  • Removable toy panel.
  • Aids in balance and mobility.
  • 3 adjustable handle heights.
  • Helps in fine motor skills.
  • Over-expensive.

LeapFrog Scout Baby Walker


Product Details

  • Color            Green
  • Material        Plastic
  • Age              Toddler
  • Three modes, play melodies, great entertainment.
  • It grows with your child.
  • Offers lights that can change in 6 different colors and that can enhance learning.
  • Wheels have different speeds.
  • Expensive.

Product Reviews

Expert’s Opinion

Push Walkers are actually great for babies because they aid them in learning to walk. They are like a tool that gives them balance and teaches them about maintaining their feet on the ground. According to our expert, Dr. Alka (A gynecologist) believes that push walkers are safe and can help in muscle development along with coordination and balance. Yes, products can be dangerous but only if not taken care of properly. As parents, you must also check age recommendations for push walkers. 


In this article ‘are push walkers bad for babies’, we have talked about one of the most famous baby devices, push walkers. We have mentioned the best and worst sides of this toy. Additionally, we have talked about parents who have loved it and parents who hate it so you can have an unbiased view. We have also mentioned the 5 best safe push walkers for you to look into. 


Why are push walkers good for babies?

Push walkers are good for babies because they help them to develop motor skills. The walkers with big wheels help them to be able to balance themselves as they grow older. Push walkers allow babies to learn how to balance themselves and strengthen their muscles. They also give parents the opportunity to have a break while the baby is walking.

Baby push walkers are recommended by doctors because they help the baby to learn how to move and explore their world. They also help the baby develop muscles and balance. However, experts recommend that parents should only use them when their babies are able to sit up unassisted and hold their head up. Make sure to keep the baby’s age in mind.

Do baby push walkers help babies walk?

Push walkers are a popular choice for parents who want to help their babies learn to walk. The baby push walker helps the baby learn how to balance and use their legs in a variety of ways. However, not all experts agree that push walkers are beneficial for babies. In fact, some experts believe that the device could actually hurt the child by causing them to be more reliant on their parents and not learn how to balance on their own.

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