Are Crib Bumpers Safe? – Detailed Review 

Are Crib Bumpers Safe? – Detailed Review 

”Are crib bumpers safe” is the most frequently asked question from parents. Safety is the first and foremost concern of parents when buying any product. They ask questions about the safety of the product. Through the years baby products got advanced and brought to help parents in protecting their newborns from getting hurt. These accessories can be very beneficial especially if dad and mom are at work or doing house chores as a result. Such products could encompass baby cribs and crib bumpers.

Those pre-infant weeks are a blur of frantic selections about what you want to make your child safe in your home and, at first look, bumpers for crib appear to suit the bill. The gentle pads promise to protect your infant from some risks lurking in the back of the difficult surfaces and gaps of crib bars. But the real question raised here is are mesh cribs safe for your baby?

To clear out the confusion we are going to cover every aspect related to crib bumpers in this article.

What is Crib Bumper

When you first hear the term, you would possibly assume that “crib bumpers” are something designed to guard an out-of-managed crib from a collision. That might be an interesting product concept, however, it’s not what we’re talking about right here.

Baby Crib bumpers are pads that line the inner of a crib, beginning at bed level and growing much less than a foot. They’re kind of like drywall for infants, though very smooth. Crib bumpers guard toddlers from accidents, both with the aid of stopping them from getting stuck within the crib bars or from rolling on the baby mattress, or falling in opposition to the hard floor. As with many infant products, they may be sold individually and in bundles with other cribs and are intended to create a comfy, nest-like appearance, which can be appealing. However, you ought to no longer confuse a crib bumper with a crib liner though they are quite comparable.

How crib bumpers are safe?

A crib bumper for child safety usually comes with the crib, or sometimes you have to buy it separately, and it gives a protective barrier so that your child does not get caught or touch the slats. except, a crib bumper is greater fluffy than a crib liner. However, a crib liner comes with thinner cloth, and you could attach it to the outside crib using a string or cot braided.

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Advantages of Baby Crib Bumper

Let’s discuss some basic advantages of crib bumpers, as some may say that parents can no longer decide to use these bumpers, however right here is the list of why bumpers for cribs are beneficial for your baby.

  • It can save your infant from having head concussions specifically if she or he falls at once to the sides of the crib. While you operate a bumper, you can supply your toddler better protection no longer simplest to his or her head, but also to different elements of your infant’s frame. Aside from that, you can always have peace of mind, particularly when you can not defend him or her 24/7.
  • It may additionally assist your infant in stopping his or her top and decrease extremities from being caught using the crib, especially in case your toddler’s crib has a huge railing. In this manner, your child may be prevented from having accidents inclusive of bone fractures.

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Disadvantages of Baby Crib Bumper:

Right here are a few essential reasons why some parents opt no longer to use them.

  • Some say that because a crib bumper is notably thick, it’s far riskier if your infant sticks his or her face without delay into it. In this situation, your infant gets suffocated, so this you have to be more cautious while putting on a crib bumper 

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         Understanding most of this may also come up with options on whether or not to shop for crib bumpers for your toddler or not. Whatever your reason, maybe getting or not getting a crib bumper is continually your preference. simply make sure even though that whenever you decide on doing something to your toddler, his or her protection has to constantly be your precedence.

We have answered some of the questions which are frequently asked by parents about crib bumpers.

What can I use instead of a crib bumper?

There can be multiple options from which two of which are below:

  • Mesh Crib Liner (without a doubt designed to keep the child from becoming stuck inside the rails and the mesh fabric is breathable to permit oxygen to get via).
  • Vertical crib bumper pads (Bumper pads to attach to every person’s rail at the crib, they also paint to save your infant from getting injured on the rails and make it always much less possible for them to get stuck within the rails).

Are mesh bumpers safe in cribs?

Yes, mesh crib bumpers are more secure for your child than everyday solid crib liners. The mesh layout allows air to float and this appreciably reduces the danger of suffocation. this is a handy product to apply and maintain your infant safely.

Are crib bumpers Safe for babies?

Yes, Baby crib bumpers are secure for infants. As they’re cotton pads that lie around the threshold of a crib. They had been originally designed to prevent infants’ heads from falling between crib slats, which were farther apart than they’re these days. Bumpers have been also supposed to create a soft cushion surrounding the child, preventing infants from bumping against the difficult wooden aspects of a crib.


Everything has its pros and cons . Crib bumpers do protect the hard rail of cribs, but as we have discussed in this article some parents have issues while using them. The solution to this problem is that you should put rail covers or crib bumpers in such a way that they don’t move from their position, even baby tries to pull them. Fix them on in a position where it fits better and put your baby in the crib, in this way your baby can enjoy his/her time in the crib . We have tried as much to clear your doubt about the crib bumpers, if you still have any queries or you want to add your point of view to this, please comment down.


Can you still buy crib bumpers?

Yes, you can still buy baby crib bumpers because they are cotton pads, specifically designed to lie around the interior sides. It provides peace of mind because crib bumpers can prevent head concussions if your baby falls to the crib side. It can protect not only your baby’s head but also other body parts. So you can still buy them.

Are braided crib bumpers safe?

Braided crib bumpers are a popular type of crib bumpers for parents of babies. They are safe and look great in the nursery. The problem is that they are not always made from safe materials.


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