Are co sleepers safe for your baby?

Are co sleepers safe for your baby?

Decorating your baby’s room is the most pleasurable activity being a parent. But the most prior concern of any parent is ”Are co sleepers safe for baby.” They buy every beautiful thing for the nursery of their little one but the priority must be the baby’s safety and comfort.

It is very hard for new parents to leave their little one down, or separate. They want babies to be near them all the time. So, many parents go for a co-sleeper to keep their baby in front of their eyes and nearby while they sleep. 

Are co-sleepers safe for babies or not, or do you need more info about co-sleeping? You are in the exact place. Here you will find answers to your questions about the safety of co-sleepers  

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One thing you must keep in your mind while answering ” Are co-sleeping safe for babies? co-sleeper and co-sleeping are different from one another.

Co-sleeping means having a baby in your bed either on your mattress or on a separate sleep surface with you while you snooze. Whereas A co-sleeper is a separate small bed for a baby that either attaches to the bed or rests on your mattress. This type of sleeper gives you the best sleeping surface, which is close enough to your parents and even gives them a separate surface.

Why a co-sleeper is attached to the bed

A co-sleeper is a baby bed that is attachable and has different sides. The fourth side is intended by the manufacturer to be placed up against or attached to the caregiver’s bed.

Are co-sleepers safe for babies? Why do parents like the concept of a co-sleeper?

  • Babies often do not like to sleep in their bassinets/ beds. They take a deep sleep in the arms of their parents. Parents want them to take a long and deep sleep, that’s why they like co-sleeper.
  • Another reason for liking the co-sleeper is that many parents do not want to share their bed but they want their babies close by. So, they get double benefits by opting for a co-sleeper, neither to keep their babies away from themselves nor babies not roll away when they fall asleep.
  • In addition, parents like co sleeper because it makes everything easier for them. This makes them worry less about waking up in the middle of the night to check on their kids, who are currently sleeping next to them on a separate bed.
  • Moreover, breastfeeding mothers like the convenience of having a baby close by that’s why they like co-sleeper for their babies. 

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Is a bedside sleeper the same as a bassinet?

Although both are made and marketed for infant sleep, they are not the same

Bassinets have 4 sides with equal height. Co-sleepers only have 3 full-height sides. The fourth side is attached to the bed.

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Are co-sleepers safe with bed attachments?

A co-sleeper bed attachment is safe to prevent suffocation risk in infants. Usually, babies remain unattended in their bassinets. If you fall asleep deeply for many hours, your baby laying in the bassinet is at risk. Moreover, in deep sleep, you are unable to hear and respond to the noise of your baby. So, a co-sleeper provides you with a safe attachment environment nearby to keep your baby. So, it is a safe environment.

Moreover, attached co-sleepers are regulated by the CPSC, and guarantee the safety of the baby. Mention a co-sleeping bassinet separately.

Safety measures before attaching the bed to the co-sleepers

The first safety measure is, what are you going to choose for your baby. Are co sleepers safe?

The answer is that, while choosing any gear for your baby you should make sure that the product meets all the safety standards. 

In the market, there are many co-sleepers for infants but the challenge is to know which one is safe and suitable for your baby.

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Here are some tips to meet this challenge.

  • Make sure co sleeper have not void smash sides where your baby’s head/ foot/ leg/ hand/ arm can stick but the sides must be breathable.
  • Make sure the co-sleeper can attach to your bed closely and there must not be any space.
  • The co-sleeper must have a firm surface to put your baby on his/ her back to sleep
  • Make sure that the mattress of the co-sleeper must be fitted in it without leaving any space.
  • Avoid sleeping with your baby and place him/ her in sleep place 
  • To avoid bed sharing with your baby opt co-sleeper for the safety of your baby.
  • Consider the size of the co-sleeper according to your room space
  • The fabric must be removable and washable if you want to keep your baby healthy and active.
  • The selected co-sleeper should offer a storage pocket to keep accessories of your baby in first-hand reach


The question is are co sleepers safe? It is to be concluded that infants cannot be left unattended in a separate space away from them for sleeping. So, the co-sleeper is the best option for parents for the safety of their loved ones. Because it is attached to your bed and you can take care of your baby without stepping down from your bed. It allows you to share your room with your baby which decreases the risk of sudden infant death (SIDs)


Is a cosleeper attached to a bed safe?

Yes, a co-sleeper attached to an adult bed is completely safe as well as convenient for both parents and child

Is co-sleeping the same as co-sleeper?

No, co-sleeping and co-sleeping are not the same.

Co-sleeping is a bed-sharing but it can also be used instead of room-sharing. It is a specific arrangement of sleeping that keeps the baby in the same room, it might be close to the parents. However, a co-sleeper is different from co-sleeping, it has a separate surface for a baby, that is capable to attach to the bed and permits parents to sleep next to the baby without any fear of crushing the baby, and keeps the baby safe.  

What are the benefits of co-sleeper?

  • Co-sleepers allow you to keep your baby nearby 
  • Decreases the risk of SIDS
  • Convenient for breastfeeding mothers
  • Allows you to quickly check on your baby even at midnight 
  • Enables you to settle and soothe your baby when he wakes up
  • Provides older babies with a sense of security
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