Are Antique Cribs Safe to Use for Babies

Are Antique Cribs Safe to Use for Babies

Cribs are one of the most important pieces of furniture that must be present in a baby’s room. For this necessary crib, you must buy the best product especially when certain products can cause damage to your baby. Antique cribs, also known as drop-side cribs, are a type of furniture that was very popular in the late 1800s and early 1900s. They are unsafe to use because they have been proven unsafe for children. Antique cribs were originally designed with a drop side rail that would allow parents to easily access their babies. Unfortunately, these rails can be dangerously loose or even fall off completely. This has led to many serious injuries and deaths of babies who were placed in antique cribs.

Why Antique cribs are dangerous to use?

Antique cribs have been found to have sharp edges and other hazardous features that make them dangerous for children. For example, the slats on the side of an antique crib can come loose or break off completely due to wear and tear over time. This leaves an open space where a child could become trapped and suffocate on the mattress or get their head stuck between a slat and the frame of the bed. Antique cribs are usually made of wood and can be a hazard to babies because they can have lead paint. Furthermore, the wood may not be treated properly and could contain dangerous chemicals.

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Safety Standards of Antique Cribs

We should consider our children’s safety when we buy a crib for them. Antique cribs are not safe for babies. The wood is not treated with chemicals and can lead to splinters and mold. Furthermore, antique cribs do not have the same safety standards as new cribs, which means they could collapse if a baby begins to climb out of the crib. In the 1800s, cribs were often made of wood and covered with a fabric wrap. The most common safety hazard was that infants could asphyxiate in the fabric wrapping.

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US Safety Standards

The standards for a safe crib are not set in stone. They vary from country to country and from year to year. In the United States, there are certain safety standards that must be met: 

  • The standard is stability. The crib must be sturdy enough so it doesn’t tip over when an infant tries to climb out of it or when an adult pushes on one side of it. This usually means the crib should only have three points of contact with the ground – two feet and one end crib bumper – instead of four or five points like many antique cribs do.
  • Another standard is entrapment hazards, which means that any parts that stick out from the sides or ends should be low enough so they don’t pose a risk for entrapment or strangulation

Cribs have come a long way in the past few decades. Nowadays, they are much safer than they used to be. In the past, cribs were made of metal and wood which would make them more dangerous for babies. However, now metal and wooden materials are not used at all; instead, we see cribs made out of plastic or other safe materials.

Basic Safety Standards of a Safe and Secure Crib

The safety standards of a safe crib include:

  • The crib must not have sharp edges or projections that could harm the baby.
  • The mattress should fit snugly inside the space provided for it in the crib.
  • The slats should be no more than 2 3/8 inches apart to prevent a child from getting caught between them and suffocating on any small objects accidentally left within reach of the child’s mouth or nose

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Alternative to Antique Cribs

Cribs are not just for babies. Cribs are a staple in the nursery and can be found in many different styles. You may have an old-fashioned crib that has been passed down to you or you may be looking for a modern crib with all the bells and whistles. Regardless of your style, there is an alternative to antique cribs that will work for you. Fisher-Price makes many different types of baby furniture including a convertible crib that can grow with your child from infancy to toddlerhood. This is perfect if you have more than one child because it will allow you to use the same crib through all of their stages of development.

Bellport Dream on Me

There is a Bellport Dream on Me crib that has won hearts of parents because it is made of good materials. It is also convertible and has a nontoxic finishing.


Product details

  • Colour White
  • Brand Dream on m
  • Item weight 35 pounds
  • Style Modren
  • Material New Zealand Pinewood
  • Maximum weight 50 pounds

Delta Children Birkley

This is another alternative that is convertible and a safe option. It is famous for the convenience it provides to parents with its changing table and sleeps design.


Product details

  • Colour Bianca white
  • Brand Delta children
  • Target unisex
  • Finish wood
  • Style crib + mattress

Dream on Me Jayden Crib

This crib is another alternative that is better than antique cribs. Cribs in espresso color are the most desirable color choice for most the parents.


Product Details

  • Color                               Espresso
  • Brand                              Dream on Me
  • Material                           Vinyl
  • Finish                              Espresso
  • Style                                Crib & Mattress

Dream on Me Violet Convertible Crib

This is another dream on me crib which is famous for its beautiful and elegant design. It is also safe, unlike antique cribs.


Product Details

  • Color                           Espresso
  • Brand                          Dream on Me
  • Special Feature          Convertible, Mini
  • Product Dimensions   40”L x 25”W x 36”H
  • Style                            Crib+ Mattress

Expert’s Opinion

Rachel Zack, a writer, and a mother believe that it’s a parent’s duty to ensure which cribs are best for their children or not. Antique cribs might look aesthetically pleasing but they are not safe which is why she does not recommend it. Aabhas Vijay, CEO, and father does not recommend antique cribs as well and the reason behind are the dangers these cribs have caused to many children.


In the market, there are a lot of baby cribs ranging from traditional to modern cribs. Certain cribs come with technological and modern features. On the other hand, there are also antique cribs that we have extensively mentioned in this article. Antique cribs are not safe products and should not be preferred by the parents of a newborn baby. We have made sure to address all the possible things regarding these cribs so it is easier for you to understand why these cribs are not recommended. Keep in mind that the child’s safety comes first so you must research before buying any baby products.


Are cribs from 30 years ago safe?

Antique cribs are drop side cribs. The safety of antique cribs is a subject that has been debated for a long time. The debate is fueled by the fact that there are no regulations about cribs from 30 years ago. The antique cribs were made in different ways, some with slats and some without. Those who say that antique cribs are safe to say that the slats keep the baby from getting their limbs or head stuck between them and they have no sharp edges to hurt the child. Those who say that antique cribs are not safely say that they have no modern safety features and can be easily damaged, making them unsafe for babies.

Why can’t you use an old crib?

Parents are always looking for the best cribs for their babies. However, some people find it difficult to find a new or used crib that is affordable. This article will discuss why you should not use an old crib, and how to find the best one for your baby. Cribs are made from different materials, some are toxic and some are safer than others. Antique cribs may not be safe because they may have lead paint or splinters that can injure your child. You should not use an old crib because it could be unsafe for your child and you don’t know what kind of material is in it. If you want to buy a new crib, make sure that it has been tested by the Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC), which will ensure that it is safe for your baby.

Are antique bassinets safe?

Antique bassinets are not safe for babies because they do not meet the current safety standards. They are also dangerous because they can’t be recalled and parents cannot tell if the bassinet is an antique or not. There are no safety standards for antique bassinets, which makes them unsafe for babies. The old cribs cannot be recalled, so parents have no way of knowing if it is an antique or not.

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