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Littlelittlesteps is the place that can guide you best in making the most important decisions about your newborn.

Being a first-time parent can be a roller-coaster ride filled up with emotions, confusion, and excitement but we are here for you to guide you through this beautiful journey of parenthood.

Here, we have penned down detailed posts about all the things your baby needs and have curated the best options for your baby from around the globe.

Littlelittlesteps is a go-to place for all mamas before making any decision for their baby’s nursery as we provide them with the most in-depth and honest details.

Our Team


Aabhas Vijay

Littlelittlesteps.com is very close to me as I thought of starting it when my wife and I were expecting our first child. When we came to know that we are going to be parents soon, we were immensely happy and as excited parents-to-be, we started searching for baby and nursing products online. During my search, I found this gap that there are far fewer sites which are providing detailed information on baby and maternity products. Becoming a first-time father, my mind was filled with several questions and safety concerns for my baby, and I hardly found a platform that could cater to my concerns.  That’s when I decided to overcome this gap by launching Little Little Steps so that parents-to-be are given all available best choices for their baby and they can clear their all concerns in just one place!

Dr. Alka


I am a senior IVF Consultant with experience in 15000+ IVF cycles. I have helped many couples in achieving their dream of parenthood. In 7 years of my experience in this field, I have seen countless couples struggling and seeking help. I have trained more than 100 gynecologists into Infertility Specialists and I continue to spread awareness of IVF and burst off the myths related to gynae. I am on board with littlelittlsteps to guide them with my expert medical opinions as they are right for the child and mother’s physical health and needs.

Maida Saoud Baig

Mental Health Expert

I am a mental health expert and have a great love for my profession as it allows me to be a part of the healing process of my clients. Besides that, I am taking along my childhood passion with me of writing and reading, soaking in books related to science, culture, and psychology is my favorite thing to date. I occasionally write on mental health, its awareness, and the taboos stuck to it. At littlelittlesteps, I am the expert who deals with any related query and topic to a mother and child’s mental health. 


Rachel Zack

A mom and a writer, Rachel has been writing for the parenting niche for the last three years. She shares her journey as, “I started writing about parenting after the birth of my first son three years back and since then every day has been a new experience and learning moment for me as a mom and there is nothing more I enjoy more than spending time with my boys and then guiding other moms and moms-to-be with my experience. Here at Little Little Steps, I write to guide you through the confusing, exciting, and most beautiful journey of parenthood!”

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